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Fake Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Instagram Picture

If you’re looking for the hidden camera video: OOps! There was a hidden camera in Selena & Bieber’s bedroom

Did Selena take this picture, post it on Instagram and then deleted it?

Fake Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Instagram Picture

Not! This picture is another fake. You can already tell by her nose. I don’t usually post fake pictures here but this time I need to clarify this for JB and Sel’s fans because these types of pictures give them a bad name. Justin and Selena would never post a picture of themselves making love for their fans to see.

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  • Rocklenny

    it looks kinda real i mean nobody really knows if its fake i mean it looks real to me..

    • So who took the picture? And do you really think Selena is the type of person to do this? Please! And that’s not even her nose.

      • Anonymous

        what is she doing?!????!!!!

        • mariam

          aj heat jou bieber

      • mariam

        wattttt dit is sow grejzie

      • mariam


      • mariam

        aj wil cam met jou

      • Anonymous

        ohh that funny

        • Anonymous

          answer baby

    • 1234

      i think the same 🙂 you cant asure its fake it looks kind of real to me …

    • Faryna

      They arent necessarly making love.i Mean they can just be kissing.Justin might just be shirtless.But u never know.This Pic might be fake or not.

  • Rocklenny

    hmm your probably right about that but idk i mean nobody was there so

    • Maybe Pattie was there to take the picture for them? lol NOT! it’s fake.

  • Rocklenny


  • Roxanne

    Hmmm … it actually does look a bit like Selena’s nose (just looked up a lot of pictures of Selena’s nose), and it looks like the guy is probably extending his arm to take the picture. And I don’t think it’s a picture of two people making love. Just because the guy has his shirt off, doesn’t mean they’re both completely naked, etc. I wouldn’t completely shoot it down until one of them were to say otherwise. But I’m not going to say it’s not a fake either. The truth is none of us know right now.

  • bea

    i don’t get this photo… i can only see the girls face i can’t make out the rest of it.. someone explain it please!?!

    • erika :)

      right what the hell is this i only see “selena” and a bunch of hair

  • Anonymous

    I can see Justin on this photo? I only see her face. I don’t understand! 😀

  • Kirstie

    By the angle of the girl, weather it’s Selena or not you can tell there not having sex

  • mary

    i dont care if it’s fake, fake or not: it’s romantic.. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Kirstie I totally agree I mean Justin hasn’t and won’t make love until he knows his true love (Selena of course) and until he is married that’s what pattie said and she said she wouldn’t do that to us fans and especially wont let Justin get a girl pregnant until she thinks he is ready to have a grown up life

    • Swagg

      Are you sure they have not already made love?

    • gabb

      of course they already made love… like a 100 times

    • Roxanne

      I am almost 99.9% sure Justin and Selena have had sex. Pattie may be his mother, but she does not control him. And she said that when he was, like, 14 or 15. All mothers say that about their children. But I am confident that if he is having sex, he is taking the precautions to prevent pregnancy.

      And it’s his life, his sex life. If he wants to have sex, it’s his business. Not ours.

  • Patricia

    First of all I can’t even see anything on this picture. I don’t even know whats going on here. And why would Selena post this on her instagram? And how do you know its Justin in the picture?

  • gabb

    GUYS THATS NOT SELENA, look at the nose!!

  • taribiaa

    She dyed her hair you know, and if you see it her,
    it’s not dyed 🙂

  • BiberAddict

    Her jaw… Yeah that’s sooooo fake
    There are some sick people in this world who need to be kicked in the face:l

  • this iz Caitlin Beadles and Tyler Henry.-. SO IT IZ NOT JUSTIN AND SELENA, K?

  • she is not looking selena !

  • I don’t get it but I want to see more


  • Erin

    its pretty obvious that this isn’t selena and justin. That girl looks nothing like selena if you look at her face, and also selena got colored hair extensions. anyway, I don’t think justin and selena would be doing this and then posting it online. NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lila

    I think that the girl is actually caitlin beadles and idk who the guy is…. but its not Jb and Sel

  • That’s not even Selena! That’s Caitlin Beadles :). Caitlin has said that is her herself..

  • Anoush

    this is so fake. 1: her nose. 2. the fact both of their faces happened to be covered in the picture so you couldnt tell it was fake. 3. selena wears a purity ring 4. selena has dyed her hair 5. after all the baby drama thats happened the last thing justin wants is to have this sort of reputation – i hope that helped.

  • That is so totally not Selena, look at the nose!!!! I mean, hello!!

  • Cheyenne

    First, IF THIS WAS REAL, I’m not saying it’s fake either… But how do you know she took it? You can see both her hands. And, for you guys that don’t know what’s going on, I believe she’s covering his mouth, while he’s looking down, while she’s looking at him puckering her lips. You can also see her other hand vaguely on his forehead. So, it’s impossible she had taken this photograph. Maybe he was extending his arm out to take the photo? Maybe.

  • Unknown

    This Picture is real! I saw it on selena’s instagram and then she was getting a bunch of hate for it so she deleted it! just sayin 😛

  • Monica

    hey justin could have taken it with his arm and selena nose is like that cuz shes scrunching it trying to be cute to justin lol its real i dont know if they fucked but they were in bed together for sure lol

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • chadni

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  • Anonymous

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