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justin bieber and selena gomez shopping 2012

Justin Bieber new hair color 2012. Dyed or natural?

After coming back from Cabo, Mexico Justin decided to change his hair once again. From his appearance at the CES in Las Vegas it looked like his signature Swoosh/The Bieber Hair Flip style was back but it appears to be a one time thing as pictures taken while he was doing some shopping with Selena yesterday shows that his hair is not only darker, but shows a new and more mature style.

Justin Bieber's new hair color seems darker on Jan 14, 2012 in Encino, California

Whether it’s dyed or not I cannot tell for sure. It could just be that some people’s hair gets darker as they grow older or maybe JB dyed it darker to go with the more mature hairstyle. But the change in color was kinda big for such a short amount of time so I think it is likely dyed.

And Justin, put the alcohol down. #badass lol

What do you think?

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More pictures of Justin and Selena grocery shopping in Encino here.

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  • Muffy

    Definitely dyed. Love it.<3

    • Anonymous

      He probably isnt holding alcohol its probably honey

      • Anonymous

        Lmao or maple syrup….

    • mariam

      me too

  • Beliber

    I dont really care if he dyed it. As long as he is happy πŸ™‚

  • Karla

    He kind of looks sick and i dont really like his hair color there but ill go with it he is justin bieber

    • Anonymous

      yup same here

  • Belieber

    Srry i spelled “Belieber” Wrong

  • melissa

    looks dyed but i still love it…and btw thats honey in his hand not alcohol haha

    • Anonymous

      That’s not honey, it’s maple syrup

      • Anonymous

        i luv that kind of maple syrup. the bottle does kinda look like jack daniels though

      • girlyoudontknow

        thankyou finaly someone gets it i’ve been telling people that its maple sirup but nobody listens btw do u happen to be canadian

      • Tyra Woods

        Exactly Justin is smart enough NOT to buy ALCHAOL in plain sight that is totally maple syrup duh hes canadian he loves that shit

      • kylie

        justin are you on this?!?

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong with it being alcohol anyway? If he was in Britain he’d be legally allowed to drink, so its not really badass

  • Anonymous

    he’s dyed it for his new film!

    • unknown

      what new film

      • John Kerby

        A basketball movie with Mark Wahlberg

        • who is Mark Wahleberg?

        • Mjslickred

          Why dont you search it up DUH πŸ˜›

    • Beilieve

      What new Film Dumbass

  • Anonymous

    Still looks hot as usual. So stoked for his new movie!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    It’s obviously for his new movie. They’re probabLy starting to shoot soon. He tweeted a little while ago that he was with Mark soooo yeah.

    • TrueBieber Belieber

      He will not be shooting his new movie until the summer.

  • mrs.justin bieber

    Whats his new movies name? i love his hair dark like that weather its dyed or not it’s still sexy! lol

    • TrueBieber Belieber

      No name for new movie yet, but he will be starring with Mark Wahlberg and the movie is about basketball.

  • babylieber

    Is that alcohol? i thought it was a mapple syrup bottle. LOL.

    • justinbfan613

      i didnt even recognize him i covered his hair an then saw him lol wow big change

      • i

        he probably died his hair when selena got the blue in hers

        • Beilieve

          Yeah they both did Selena dyed it for SPRING BREAKERS and Justin Fir Hus new film

  • PastryDoll

    I love him either way…..as long as he’s happy im happy! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Thats not alcohol its syrup

  • Brianna

    Aw he looks so cute! I like it <3

  • unknown

    i think is dyed but ur right that was suprieing in such a short amount of time. i wonder my he did it???

  • Cassie

    haha definitely maple syrup. We have the same kind! haha

  • TrueBieber Belieber

    i saw some other pictures of him in the parking lot right after he left the store and the color is his old shade. I believe it is just bad lighing in the store that makes his hair look so dark. Go to the website: everthingbieber.net and see. However, I do believe that Justin does color is hair. Sometimes it is has a red tint to it and other times it does look black. Both his parents have dark hair so I would stand to reason that he has dark hair.

    • kaylyn

      I thought the same thing like I thought it was just the lighting but I have seen a few other pictures and his hair looks darker

    • TrueBieber Belieber

      Yipes, I guess I was wrong. I saw more photos today and his hair is really a darker color. Some now say that the movie with Wahlberg is filming now. That might change the release date for BELIEVE. That is way the release date Justin gives is different from what Scooter has been saying. Scooter says summer and Justin says March. Can we really wait until the summer for BELIEVE?

    • Beilieve

      Just because both of his patents have black HAIR DORS NOT MEAN that Are yuk a bielieber becuz I don’t thinks so he and they have said that he was born a blonde SO IT MEANS HE WAS BORN WJTH BLONDE HAIR

  • Tiffany

    Its kinda like Selena Gomez’s hair colour.

  • Jelena is the BEST couple ever!!!

    Hahaha I actually like it, I just hope he doesn’t ruin his gorgeous locks <3

  • kaylyn

    I like his new hair but i think I like his natural color better but he still looks super sexy and i’m not one of those people who is going to leave Justin Just because he dyed his hair like

    When Justin got his hair cut –> When he started dating Selena –> When Mariah Yeater started rumors –> And when Justin got his hair dyed. I Still BELIEB in him and I always will πŸ™‚

    • kaylyn

      Oh and when his voice changed

  • Belieber

    Definitely dyed. Don’t matter what color his hair is, ill always love & support him <3 He lost 25K followers today on twitter X_X That just shows how many FAKE beliebers are out there.

  • Anonymous

    it could be natural!! cuz picz when he was younger shows him with blonde hair and dark brown roots!! but he looks good!!

    • Beilieve

      I know right people that have like root or like they look like highlight but they are root he has drk brown roots!!!!

  • Anonymous

    its not alchohal its syrup…
    #just sayin
    and lol love his and sel’s new hair;)

  • Anonymous

    who cares if it’s dyed or not he looks fucking sexy.DDDDAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whoatherebabyyoujustneedtostop

    hate sel’s hair.uggh

    • Beilieve

      Everyone hates you I bet cuz you just jeuloes that they are dating an d your not dating HIM

  • whoatherebabyyoujustneedtostop

    why is he at the store

    • Anonymous

      buying stuff for kenny. because kenny is having a surgery.

      • Beilieve

        From what? What kinfmd of surgery

  • MoreBiebs

    I love his hair, it looks great… as usual!
    Ha, he may be in the U.S but the Canuck never leaves you… he’s picking out maple syrup!!

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha i was dying when i realised that!!! Him and his Canadian ways :))

  • Maggie

    It could be natural because, isn’t his eyebrows dark like that? Just stating an opinion.

  • jasmine

    i hate it when people change somebody

  • megan bieber

    i love him the way he is no matter wat he does

  • Natalie

    thats pure canadian maple syrup

  • kristin

    ya he totally died it looks BETTER THEN EVER

  • Ashley

    Looks to me like him and Selena just did it for fun cuz she’s got blue in hers.. It’s most likely not permanent. πŸ™‚

  • Delilah is a hacking awesome name but it's not mine

    he definetly dyed it i mean a true belieber would know… his hair was gold and now it’s dark brown and i am simply loving it! .< πŸ˜€ #belieberforever

  • cookieface

    u know he had to dye hiz hair cuz it’s blond one moment & brown another

  • patricia

    i heard that he dyed his hair bcause of the movie hes goin to do this summer. for me it would be more logical that he dyed his hair because of that i dont think he would dye his hair darker just like that or to look more mature…


    hehe syrup

  • beibsbestbeliber


  • Mia

    I honestly think its dyed but I’m trying not to believe myself because I really love his old hair color so I’m just hopeing…;( but his eyebrows r the same color as his hair so it maybe natural.

  • Bree

    He died his hair for a movie he is starring in!

  • Claudia

    omg this is stupid. its dyed!!

  • TrueBieber Belieber

    I saw more photos today and his hair really colored darker. Maybe he is starting work on the movie and BELIEVE is going to be postponed. Scooter has been saying the release date will be summer and Justin says March/April. I think Scooter knows something Justin doesn’t.

  • TrueBieber Belieber

    This whole thing is beginning to seem so weird. Like it is all planned. We never see Justin and Selena grocery shopping. I would think they have people to do that for them. So, why now? They wanted to get the buzz talking about Justin’s new hair color and new movie. So, don’t just come out and tell us. Make us work for it. It’s the same old Scooter trick. Make them work for it and then they have ownership of it. It’s easier than having a press conference or giving it to the media outlets. Scooter knows that Beliebers want any JB news they can get their hands on. So what is the plan? What are we going to do for music until summer?

    • i think they dont have people to shop for them but then again there both pooring rich?? :/

  • Gabby

    OMG i think it looks really good on him. He cant keep the same hair due forever hes 17 and growing up.

  • cat

    hes not holding alcohol thats maple syrup haha

  • Bella

    it’s not alcohol it’s maple syrup, from Canada.

  • ~Autumn~

    lol thats not alcohol its canadian maple syrup

  • Patricia

    Daisy thats NOT alcohol, thats maple syrup. I know cause I always buy the same bottle.

  • WOW OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT Justin, dying your hair black makes u look even better πŸ™‚ i loveee ittt even tho u would look better without selena in the picture ;0 JK JK BUT I LOVE YOUR HAIR BABE!!!!!!!!!

    • cynthia

      girl i totally agree with you selena is a brat

  • Anonymous

    Its syrup not alcohol

  • Anonymous

    Omg Daisy u agree with me that it’s alcohol!! Everyone on twitter and instagram denied it saying it was olive oil or pancake syrup lol! They are in denial! Not even my best friend believed me haha she said it was prob olive oil like everyone on twitter was saying…


  • Tyra Woods

    Like this comment if you agree……
    Justin and Selena are cute together but I do get jealous.
    Justin can sing very well and he is soo hawt.
    I sometimes have said to guys at school that i dont like him because they dont
    like if u agree thx <3

  • None Yah

    Even Uglier than before Fugly face Justin Ur never gonna look good:\sorry

  • Kascey

    Shut up ass

  • Kascey

    Baer true

  • Frida

    Its like it gets out if he wach it like 9 times, so it was for a movie he is gonna play in , a random belieber said to me

  • megan avery

    SHE BROUGHT TAMPAX IN HER TROLLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love you groetje seleen gomez

  • I like JB hair, but i like light brown hair)))

  • Paola

    omg, he look way hotter! <3 it!

  • i dnt care wat colour it is, he is gorgous ANY! way nd no matter wat i will always love him! he could be bold but still i will i love him nd NEVER!! stop….. I LOVE JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!!! no matter wat he looks like no matter who he is… i will love him! he has the sweeties/cutiest personalitaly ever! he is relly cazring nd nice… nd that all u should care bout in a guy!

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!…. hope yuh will read this!

  • elif

    Yerim ben bunu yaa aşkem πŸ˜€ Gebze’ye gel Nolur! πŸ˜›

  • tesha

    i really dont care if they dyed only if he is hapy<3

  • justin and selena gomez are best if they were my brothers do not exchange for anything in the world that are the best hai … I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

  • Abby

    oh my fucken god that’s maple syrup he’s holding and he does look sick

  • Sofia

    like”’ πŸ™‚

  • I love Justin Bieber’s hair cut….

  • Tay


  • keisha

    good on selena gomez and justin bieber.

  • Anonymous

    omg he is so CUTE

  • Lise

    he is sooo beautiful! i loved it when he dyed it!!<33

  • tiarne bond

    dyed but still loveeee it <3

  • Hamda

    i’d like to be everything you want hey justin let me fuck with you πŸ˜› <3333

  • ThaΓ­s


  • Anonymous

    7758959999955seln popia hbyc

  • gulzat

    i love you justin bieber

  • jannet

    mouaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh je t’aimee justin and i love it but i hate that bitch selly

  • hasly

    fanatica de justin beiber de venezuela

  • manal

    i love selena gomez and justin bieber nic couple manal





  • electra

    I love you justin bieber and your dog ”Sam” is great!!!I live at greece and I believe you will come.



  • Amanda

    iiloved you to death