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Pictures of Justin Bieber & Paris Jackson at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

justin bieber 2012 paris jackson

 Justin Bieber, Paris Jackson, and Michael Jackson’s family at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Jan 26, 2012. (Pictures from Just Jared Jr)

Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 02 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 03 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 04 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 05 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 06 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 07 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 08 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 09 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 10 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 11 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 12 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 13 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 14 Bieber-mj justin bieber mj ceremony 15

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  • TheNorwayGirl

    Cool! Justin is soooooooooo Cute!

    • i know right

      • Anonymous

        justin is cute i am a big fan my sis love justin bieber she have all his thinks he makes

  • Salah mohammed

    Justin you are bad

  • Salah mohammed

    Any one here

  • Lilly

    I think he should dump Selena and get with Paris, they’d make a cute couple.

    • Anonymous

      i totally agree

    • hell no i disgree all the way.

      • Anonymous

        Yay I’m behind her hell no Paris and him would nit look cute at all together gross!!!!! No!!!!! Hell No!!!

        • selea GOMES

          juiloveyou justinyou are my boy AND I NOW HIM

    • Yesss I think they would be so cute. The only problem is Justin’s a couple of years older then her..

      • Lilly

        Selena is 3 years older than Justin. HELLO!

        • cray cray

          Age is nothing but a number, it shouldn’t matter how old you are, it matters how much you love each other. miley cyrus dated a guy 6 years older than her the press didn’t do anything, so im sure they won’t do anything now (: i wouldn’t mind them together cause paris is sweet like her father

        • Robyn

          Michael was a really sweet guy. & He did such a wonderful job in raising them. They are all sweet, kind and caring of the world around them… just like him. They are growing up so well. His children are going to be wonderful individuals when they become adults.

        • jackie


    • Anonymous

      No how can u say that

    • Hell no!!u people don’t know if Selena and Justin really love each other.Paris should follow her heart.not what u guys say.

      • robin

        nobodys tellin her n him to hook up<.< we r sayin that they wud look good together if they did hook up….

    • jackie


  • ?


  • read

    Her eyes are so BEAUTIFUL<3 justin you know they are(;

    • robin

      she got her blue eyes from michael’s side cause his father’s eyes r blue too:)

  • read

    In the 9th picture hes shaking hands with prince, but he’s smiling big right at paris 😉 awww and she’s looking at him too

  • Mrs.Bieber(:

    Just cuz he takes a pic with a girl doesn’t mean anything

    • cray cray

      lol who said it meant anything

  • paris is kind of ugly. not biebs type, he likes tall skinny girlie girls. paris is a tom boy , not to mention she’s kind of a creeper. like she just comes off as creepy

    • cray cray

      Wow, you sound like a bitch, “not biebs type” how do you know his type? you don’t even know him. Tall skinny girlie girls. Selena isn’t that tall neither is cheryl or jasmine villegas. Selena said she wasn’t all girly girl in an interview, so shut up. Paris isn’t ugly she’s beautiful, Her eyes are beautiful she has a beautiful smile. You’re behind a damn computer, you’re probably pretty but you sound ugly on the inside

      • Kirstie

        Lol…. Look at all his past girl friends! Paris isn’t his type. What makes you think I don’t know him?

        • Kirstie

          Yes Selena is a girlie girl. Do you see her wearing guys clothes ( other then justin’s). Do you see her playing hockey, soccer, baseball, football ect? NO.
          Sthu and gtfo

        • ashley

          kirstie your wrong, if you really know justin then you must have his number hang out with him your his friend, yeah i dont think so, yes selena LOVES playing basketball she said that multiple times before. when shes just hanging at home she dress in basketball shorts and plain shirts and hang with her friends

        • Ella

          yes she does wears guys clothes and she can play hockey and she’s good at basketball.shes not that girly.and paris is GORGEOUS.u clearly dont know anything

        • robin

          she just being activa n havin fun…dang.
          maybe u shud try it sometime:D

        • robin

          ur just a hater wishin 2 b her

    • Robyn

      Jealous much? Obviously.

  • justin you are so sexy i really am your totally number one fan i love you so much!!!!!

    go justin >3>3>3>3>3<33

    • Anonymous

      i think every girl is a fan of justin beibers i mean come on get real what are the chances hes going to actually read these messages its just for girls to argue over him

  • bianca

    te amo justin

  • Paris has G O R G E O U S eyes. [: and i have the same exact shirt.<3

    • robin

      she got it from michael’s side

  • Joe

    These pictures of Paris Jackson and Justin Bieber are unacceptable. She should have pictures taken with Blanket.

  • isabella weier

    you guys are all wrong justin has selena now ty make a cute couple

  • Joe

    I meant Paris should’ve had at least one picture of her and Blanket taken, is that too much to ask?


  • brooklyn

    justin is so hot. I love u justin.

    if u like justin like this

  • I LoOve you JB <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • justin bieber has a lot of fans what are the chances that he is going to read all these messages get real people he has a life like everyone else he doesnt care what people think or comment on a freaking computer he probably doesnt read or even know this website exsists

  • Anonymous


  • Anonym

    Je krásnej…miluju ho…!! :*

  • i love him

  • ich mag Justin Bieber SEHR ich hab dich LIEB JUSTIN BIEBER

  • jojojoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • i love you

  • adriana candia

    I love justin te amo demasiado eres lo mejor me encantan tus cancione te amo te amo te amo

  • yessica abigail

    hi justin how are you every time you upload new photos q does not rise to and where your pics albun you really want pallasas

  • ariana

    I just watched the vid and justin was looking at paris all the tym, its like he had known her be4 and has been checkin her out ever since, seriously, he was looking at her nonstop and was all nervous to speak to her but finally got the courage at the end when he hugged her and wanted to continue with a conversation but too bad she didnt notice him at all even when he flipped his haiir in front of her to see , though she was looking at him also a couple of tyms .

  • emila

    I love u

  • ı love you JUSTİN ASKIM

  • nassimosss


  • hey

  • where r u

  • Dinesh Raut

    I Really Like JB For Songs & Style

  • van

    wowwwwwww ilove you gustin <3

  • van

    wow very nice your style gustin

  • Johane Carter

    Hi everybody, i just want to say i adore justin bieber but i don’t like when he put his earrings.
    Please justin stoooop !!! don’t put this earrings !!!
    Thank you, so much ! I adooore you so much ! I can’t live without you…
    So love you!
    And tell to me who is your new girlfriend !

  • phoebe


  • ni

    Are you playng myosik for mony or foun

  • Treysongz

    The are adorable together

  • alysha

    I love yuh justin bieber yuh are my idol

    • alysha

      I wish I cld meet yuh in person bcz iva never met yuh butt I still LOVE yuh no matter watt yuh do I wont ever be able to live without yuh bcz im yur number one fan
      I wld kill myself if yuh were to die or somethin bad happen to yuh





  • John Alex

    Justin Bieber 4 Ever The Best

  • andrea

    paris has somthing speshal inside of her

  • roberta mendissi

    paris voce e linda you are my life

  • Anonymous

    r u stuped she is ugley sleana is a lot more pretyer