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justin bieber hot pic 2012

Justin Bieber’s Michael Jackson speech at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Justin Bieber honors Michael Jackson outside Grauman's Chinese Theater Jan 26, 2012

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris introduced Justin today at Grauman’s Chinese Theater where he honored Michael Jackson by singing MJ’s “Rockin’ Robin”.

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  • gabb

    the king of pop and the prince of pop RULE THE WORLD

    • read

      eh no, Justin is amazing, but only one person runs the music world, Michael Jackson King And Beyonce Queen

      • Monica

        ok thats true… but Justin’s the Prince of POP he’s been named and he deserves it so get it right

        • bob

          justin beiber isnt tha prince of pop he is tha worst an ugliest thing i have seen in mi life

  • yes he was very chartable, but he also liked to touche little boys, pedo. eek jb’s voice wasn’t very good at the beging of that song.

    • read

      WTF, i hope you know “he touched little boys’ was a rumor a kid started since his dad told him to say it to the press to gain money. When Michael died the kid confessed that his dad forced him to say “michael jackson touched me” your all about rumors and you believe them, you look like an asshole at this point

      • Roxanne

        Actually, no one will ever know either way, whether or not the witness recanted. We should just leave the pedo thing out of this comment thread.

      • @read

        lmfao, um there was like 3 other boys that came forward. not to mention his ex wife has said that his fashiontion with little boys was very disterbing and that he was as well. which is why she divourced him. he was a very disturb man, which was because of the horriable things that his father did to him.
        you’re the real asshole at this point, saying i’m all about rumours ( in this cases its true) yet this is the only rumour i have talked about on here that i believe.
        next time try harder if you’r going to insult me, you stuipd ass.

        ps if the boy annouced that he was lying it would have been all over the news because thats a huge crime.

        • Me

          It’s in really poor taste to speak badly of the dead. In other words, YOU. ARE. TACKY. You can stop commenting now 😉

        • Kirstie

          You fail at life roflmfao

        • Roxanne

          How is it tacky or wrong of me to say that no one will actually know 100% sure EITHER way, and that we should leave the pedo comments OUT of this?

        • MJMedia09

          Stop lying on Michael Jackson. If there is a PEDO it’s YOU. Because Pedo keep things like this on their minds 24/7 because they are PEDOS.

        • Roxanne

          What the actual fuck are you talking about? I didn’t state that he was a pedophile. But I didn’t say that he wasn’t. Which is the only stance anyone should take on the matter – that they simply cannot know either way. Calm the fuck down.

          What are you, 5?

    • Christine

      goes to show you how much you watch the new. He was not guilty but its sick mean hearted people like you that spread rumors and hurt the innocent, so in some way Kirstie you are just as evil as a pedifile if not worse abusing people with your judgements and opinions. obviously you don’t have a life and your not very educated.

      • Roxanne

        Says a person who cannot spell pedophile and is not using the correct form of your/you’re. I feel dumb after reading this comment.

      • Kirstie

        Lmfao! Yes I am words then a grown men that have sex with little kids. Just because someone is not proven guilty doesn’t mean it didn’t happen( look at Casey anothly). Yes your right I don’t watch the” new”, I watch the NEWS.
        I didn’t realize going to university to become a nephrology nurse practitioner means I’m uneducated.

  • Roxanne

    Justin has a great stage presence. Always has. Could work a little bit on his speech-giving, but so could everyone. I liked watching this. His voice didn’t have a great start when he began singing, but I think that’s more because him starting so high wasn’t very expected. I think he’s still getting used to his lower voice. The rest of it was good.

    And I gotta say it: he needs to pull up his pants! The walking like he has a wedgie isn’t a good look for anyone.

    • omg i agree! like don’t get me wrong he has a nice butt, but yes he needs those pants to be pulled up. it makes his legs look really short when he wears his pants like that.

      • Roxanne

        Thank you. I don’t understand why people dislike my comments about this. It isn’t like I was hating on Justin. Selena, his girlfriend, doesn’t even like it! Lol

        • Kirstie

          Because you have you own views and they actually make sinse and are true/realistic compared to most on here. That and you’re not a stupid air head,

  • Next time pls get your facts right before saying what u don’t know. Michael was fond of kids. He didn’t really have friends to play with when he was a kid, so he wanted to share what he had with the kids who came to him. Some evil bastards so that has an opportunity to ruin his image and get money from him. If he were a bad man,his daughter, Paris wouldn’t have called him the best Dad in the world. I’m glad Justin looks up to him and paid him tribute. I really miss MJ. He will always be the greatest. Love you, Micheal. Always.

    • lol ok you believe what makes you feel better. lamo you pretty much proofed my point. he liked being alone with little boy’s so he could ‘play’ with them..

      • Em

        Wow….you’re such a BITCH! Get outta here with that shit, it’s obvious that nobody agrees with you.

        • Kirstie

          Ow that hurt…….. NOT! that’s the best you can do. You kids don’t know shit. Stfu twit

    • maria

      what evs hes hella hot

  • Anon

    he looks so HOT and so mature, almost unrecognizable… he should cut his hair again

    • Monica

      i know rite a good haircut will make his new hair color even more nice lol

  • read

    him and paris would be cute, but shes only 14

  • Sheila

    Justin will be an adult soon. If he’s wid a girl 5 years younger than him, who’s NOT an adult, parent organizations could accuse him of pedophilia (minimum age difference betwn the two parties is 5 yrs).

    • Kirstie

      In Calafronia the age is 18, so if he was to date anyone younger then 18 he would be charged and be labeled a sex offender. But he wouldn’t go for Paris, she’s not his type. He likes really pretty girlie girl’s and she’s a Tom boy and kind of ugly. She’s creepy too.

    • Roxanne

      They might be kind of cute together. But I think he and Selena are cute together too.

  • Lilly

    Paris and Justin look so cute together. Selena Gomez just dates people in the height of the career’s and spits them out like they were yesterdays new. I feel bad for Justin, because If his album flops it’s bye bye from Selena and Def Jam.

    • Kirstie

      Lol def jam can’t drop him because of his contract, his album won’t flop come on be realistic now. I don’t understand why you so called “fans” hate on Selena. It’s so fucking stupid and extremely immature! When I met Justin I met her too. She is so freaking nice and you can tell how nervous she is because she doesn’t know if his fans will flip a switch. I love how everyone wants to end this bully shut, well guess what you little shit’s are the worst kind. If I was her I’d start contacting the cops when you threaten her life. Not to mention your’ll all a bunch of little f ing pansy’s because you’d never say it to her face. So grow the hell up because as I and Justin see it you’re not a true fan.

      Ps no I’m not a fan of her music, her acting is ok. But I don’t hate on the girl.

  • ery sweet and very very very very very much want to see you I’m a big fan wonder Descending JUSTİN<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Lolly_Bieber

    To be honest.I don’t really like that hair…

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