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Justin Bieber wax figure that doesn’t look like Justin Bieber

The wax figure of Justin Bieber was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino on January 25, 2012. Too bad it doesn’t look like JB. And what’s up with the eyelashes?

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  • Eeeebebbera

    Look like a girl version of Justin. That is not a good thing people!

  • ashley

    wow you guys are late i mean REALLY late like 6 months late

    • Anonymous

      this is the new one in las vegas. she already posted the one in london. jbshrine is never late! haha

  • prefer the one in London looks more like him

  • cher~~ a 40 year old Beiber lover!

    That is so ugly,looks like you need to melt the wax and re-try it again!!

  • Jordy

    No we keep him and call him chucky . Justin is good the way he is not as a waxed doll ! Please stop trying people.

  • cocodutch

    It looks lile him from the nose down his eye lashes are to girly, his hair is to separated and his eyebrows look plucked.

  • No no no… Jazzy could probably do a better job….

  • Patricia

    Something is wrong with his nose ! 0__o xd #LOVETHEBIEBS

  • I think it’s pretty close. If they shortened the neck, fixed up the nose, re-did the eye brows, and added more hair, it would’ve looked exact

  • zrxdcfghv

    i think its cuz the eyebrows and hair are too thin

  • Autumn

    WTF is that?? Seriously on what planet does that look like like him they just cant get it right can they

  • OMB!

    I don’t like it 🙁 too bad!!!

  • MishelleBieber

    i dont like it 🙁

  • sam

    dude!! :O that is not good!!! MELT IT

  • Lala124

    well first of all, it looks like he’s wearing mascara, his nosee is WAY to big his eyebrows have less hair then his real eyebrows, his hair is to light. he dyed his hair and he hass more hair than that. his lips
    look like
    his lips. they should just melt this.

  • ITS LOOK LIKE 50/50 …………