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Justin Bieber honors Michael Jackson Jan 26, 2012

Justin Bieber will join Michael Jackson’s kids and the late King of Pop’s brothers for a celebration of the pop superstar’s life on Thursday Jan 26, 2012.

“Honoring the greatest @michaeljackson this week,” the pop star wrote on Monday in response to a message about the ceremony from Jackson’s Twitter account. “He set the bar for all of us. #MJFOREVER.”

Paris, Blanket, and Prince will use one of their late father’s sequined gloves and a pair of his shoes to make impressions in the cement outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard and the event, which will be streamed live via Twitter, will launch a day of Jackson celebrations.

Local schoolchildren will perform Jackson’s hits and the King of Pop’s brothers will also play live, according to reports.


UPDATE: Watch Justin’s speech for Michael Jackson here.

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  • Sweet_Elegant

    Wait a minute, you mean to tell me ‘MJ’ never had his prints outside the theatre before NOW??????????

  • Ellen


  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

    I may not be a fan of Michael Jackson, but I love how Justin cares!

  • belieber

    i love michael jackson. i cried every night for two straight weeks when michael died. i was in year 7 at the time. it was 2009 so justin would have just been getting started but i hadnt heard of him at the time because i live in australia and he wasnt heard of down here that much yet. anyway i love them both so much.

  • Anonymous

    woooo on australia day!

  • mahek

    I love justin bieberr hahahahah!!! Forever I cry for him,!!!!!!xxxxx

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