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justinbieber selenagomez ring

Selena Gomez spotted wearing J ring instead of P ring

Selena Gomez wearing "J" ring

Selena Gomez has been spotted wearing a ring with a J on it. The J stands for January.

Kidding. The J obviously stands for Justin. lol. Probably a gift from JB himself considering how much he loves buying her jewelry. But I guess Justin owes Selena a J ring anyway since she lost her P ring.

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  • Sheila

    She’s been wearing it since they landed in mexico for Shannon’s wedding. It’s the one everyone mistook to be an engagement ring. But it’s obvious that justin gave it to her on the flight. She wasn’t wearing it when they were leaving. But was.when they arrived in mexico. Probably because it was also their one year anniversary. Maybe it’s a promise ring. Cos she was wearing it in her ring finger initially. But ofcourse, i’m assuming too many things. I love them together. Hope they last.

    • herpderp

      haha…haha…haha… my name is shannon XD

    • I don’t think Selena lost her purity ring. She’s had it since she was twelve years old so she probably grew out of it.

      • Anonymous

        I’m with u there!!!

    • Anonymous

      i hope they last too! its not an engagement ring. its on the wrong hand.

  • random person

    Ok, lets connect the dots. 🙂

    Heres what we do know:
    1. It was mistaken for an engagement ring.
    2. It WAS given to her during that flight to Mexico (or at least she put it on during the flight, but the previous idea makes more sense, why would she go like omigosh forgot to put my ring on and then put it on the plane?)
    3. The J stands for Justin. Definetly not January…lol

  • yo

    now justins news are all about freaking selena gomez -.-
    and it’s the same bullshit over and over again
    i hate the fact that its probably going to be the same all through 2012.
    justins career is totally declining as well and im sure being with selena isnt helping! i mean remember that justin lost 2 awards to bruno mars recently plus last year he was at the golden globes presenting and looking like a sexy beast and this year he wasnt even invited! i miss last year! and one of my favorite bieber sites bieberheiress got deleted 🙁

    • random person

      he was invited. he couldnt go because he was in Vegas doing that robot presentation. His career is not declining. He is getting more views on Youtube and hes the king of youtube, top 3 on the billboard social 50, person who trended the most on Twitter on 2011 ( and hees got multiple topics trending everyday now) most googled person in 2011, most searched celebrity on Bing, and most talked about person (third most talked about topic) on Facebook. WORLDWIDE. Hes also cover of V Magazine and a million others. I dont know why that website got deleted. He was the second best selling artist in 2011, with Under the Mistletoe being the 8th best selling album of the year. You call that declining?

      • random person

        oh ya and hes also getting more and more twitter followers EVERYDAY. Remember when Under The Mistletoe came out and he got 14 million followers? Well, its only January and hes got nearly 17 million.

      • yo

        i never said 2011 was bad. it was a good year. but 2012 looks like its not going to be good. a lot of fans have left him and 1d is probs going to snatch his weave. and wtf is he doing touring with selena instead of working on his album? being with selena is all he does. its annoying as fuck… im tired of jelena. its not like we can focus on justins music or other stuff(funny videos for example) cuz it’s all selena selena selena. i bet justin doesnt give a shit about his fans anymore, and it’s scooter tweeting on his account. he was rude to a fan on disney land the other day. so he’s not going to last much longer he’s gonna fade and become an irrelevant hasbeen and i’ll be happy about it cuz thats what he gets for being an asshole.

        • Amanda

          Someone sounds a little jealous. If you were really a fan of jb you would be happy he’s happy and not trash talking him or Selena!

        • dee

          you are right amanda

        • yota123

          stop saying bad words!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • dee

          noo 2011 is the worst yearin my life , and i am lookind forwred in 2012 it will be good year another thing too you selena is a good person ,and they are the cutest couple i have ever saw,and justin is looking for his life to and not his career only he have a life to , and i wish to know the cutest couple

    • I agree with u 100000%

      • dee

        i don`t agree with u 1000000000000000000000000000000 %

    • leyla

      I totally agree with u Yo!!! well being with Selena is the worst thing for Justin :/ but they will break up soon soooo his carrier will return to normal as last year. However, only a separation saves his career because many fans got tired of Justin after his relationship with Selena:/

      • dee

        no why are you saying this the are cutee coupple ,they will not break up and when if they break up his career will end because he love her and can`t live with out her

        • leyla

          of course he can live without her :s omg, i don’t like JB anymore because i don’t like Selena!!!!!

  • herpderp

    thejustinbiebershrine.com STOP SHARING NEWS ABOUT SELENA! PLEASE! WE DONT CARE TO KNOW ABOUT HER! WE WANNA HEAR ABOUT JUSTIN. this isnt theselenagomezshrine.com. i hope thats clear.

    • jelena

      dont say WE.
      most of his fans do care about jelena!! i certainly love the stuff about jelena – its way more juicy.

      • read

        Well go on a fucking jelena account this is about justin not jelena leave!

      • I don’t fucking care either we don’care about her if we did we would I have google her.

        • ummm

          guys stop spazzing why did u clik on selena if u dont wanna hear about her

    • (not in a rude tone :p) whether you like it or not selena is part of justin’s life, and he loves her there for as his fans and hers we should be supporting them, not putting them down. You don’t have to like selena or anything, but you should respect justin’s choices in life. |:\

      • tamarlia

        omg you are so right i am the biggest justin bieber fan in this world and im am just so happy to see justin with a girl he loves im a justin bieber fan but im still happy to see him happy with the girl he loves the picture is just bullshit i think any way i love justin and im just so happy to see justin happy thank love from me i llloooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu jjjjjjjuuuuuussssttttiiinnnn bbbiiieeebbbeeerrrr xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoooxxooxooxxoxoxoxoxxoxxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxooxoxoxoxox millions

  • i think it MIGHT be an engagement ring it depends on the photo really it could be a miror image photo which means it would be her left hand insted of her right hand. but either way its a cute ring and i hope they get married….. one day.
    [don’t get me wrong i love him 2 death]


    • oh please just do,nt say that about the engaement ring on selena gomez finger , she,s not allowed to be engage with justin bieber , it will ruin her career all over and gone , love david b conway

      • well i didn’t some research and results show …. its not an engagement ring, due to the fact its her right hand insted of her left. But i still think they may end up getting married in the next 2-10 years.

        And, david ….. many singers and actors are married and they where all young at one point ….. she also has basic human rights. even if her contract says she shouldn’t or can’t, there could be a loop hole “a way arround it” in there some where.

        but over all he and she and still boyfriend and girlfriend, end of story and thnx for those who gave me thumbs up 🙂

        • tamarlia

          so true i give u thumbs up big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    selena said in a interview she had no plans on marrying justin,..

    • yes i just had to be sure, after all justin once said he want’s to get married at young age, but either way you are right.

  • Anonymous

    Well the ring is on the wrong hand. The ring is on her right hand! I don’t see selena and justin getting married sorry!!

    • I now see that, it is just i had to be sure that it wasn’t a mirror image pic. But it is on her right, so its just a false alarm. 🙂


  • erika :)

    that’s not even a promise ring promise rings go on the left hand is just a ring maybe justin didn’t even buy it.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference which finger you wear an engagement ring on, it’s all a matter of choice. I wear my engagement ring on my left hand which is considered ‘normal’ but my fiancé wears his on his right cuz he’s left handed.

    I personally can’t stand Justin Bieber, I had to google this stupid ring to see how pathetic it really is!! His ego must be huge to give her a ring with his initial on, wow!!

  • leasey

    Oh my god.
    Maybe children don’t understand the concept of a relationship. He’s grown, and doesn’t just talk about loving a girl in his music which you all wish was to you. He went out and got himself a girlfriend. That’s what people do. Did you really believe he was going to stay single and get off on crazy 13 yr Olds screaming for him?
    Him being in a relationship isn’t only healthy for him but I’m sure it will give him plenty of inspiration to write more love songs for you to obsess and cry about in your bedroom. He’s not a child anymore, I’m sure that purity vow will be gone pretty soon too. I think it’s ridiculous the fantasies that you imagine about him. He’s not a Mormon, or a priest. He’s going to get married and have kids someday. Selena in his life doesn’t mean he’s out of the industry, it means he’s going to probably make music more towards an older fan genre. It won’t be based towards preteens anymore.
    And, if anyone of you have a problem with my opinion you can call me and whine. Maybe a wake up call is what y’all need.
    he’s in a big boy relationship with a 19 year old woman, it’s not a fling and of course their will be news about her on here! Get over it or go someplace else for your news!
    5186537897 oh and you can’t call blocked or text. 😉


    Uggh this selena gomez crap is seriusly pussing me of I hate that Ho and I love Justin and I came to read about Justin not fucking gomez its so true that everytime I want to read something about Justin somethin about selena pops up like seriusly I don’t care about u I HATE YOU!!!!

    • Drew

      You people hating on Selena, do you realize how much of his sperm she’s had on her by now? He must be pounding her constantly! He’d kill each of you and have sex with her on your dead body.


  • Alia9917

    I think it’s just a ring.Not a engagment ring, not a promise ring or anything like that.I don’t wanna be rude but I think they’ll broke up soon.To be honest I’m not a big fan of Selena.I just don’t like her.Not because she’s with JB.I think she’s..hmm..fake.And I think she changed Justin:
    1.Because of her he had a fight with his friend-Chaz.
    2.She thinks that Sean, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are bad company to him.
    3.Because of her he is sad(I mean look at his interviews from before Selena and at interviews from now, he’s not the same).