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A daring Justin Bieber fan goes in for a kiss!

[Dec 20,2010 1:31pm] Ahahahahah! Thumbs way up to this girl. If you ever get a chance to meet JB in person don’t waste the opportunity of a lifetime. When he goes in for the hug just kiss him. lol Like she did. Why not right?

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  • gabb

    haha he was like: get off me you crazy girl!

  • JustinBieberChangedMyLife

    First of all what I’m about to say us my opinion. That girl should of not done that cause there was dis other girl that dud that and justin didn’t like it even though that he is like the sexiest guy in the world I would cause that cAn make justin just think bad about u

  • LM

    agreed! he said before that kiss is too personal, and he likes to show how much he loves his fans by hugging, and hugging only! so girls, don’t try to kiss him because that’s what you will get, only kiss when he kiss you in the cheek first, and ask for his permission.

  • BiberAddict

    I agree to respect people’s wishes, but I gotta admit I wish I could’v done that XD

  • Emma

    Yeah she shouldent have done that but I totally get why she tried!!!! XD I think that if I was in her position I would have passed out!

  • I wuld have asked him first.but I don’t blame her who would’nt want to kiss him?lol

  • i love justin

    i cant belive that she tried to kiss him!