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drake and justin bieber believe album

Drake featured on Justin Bieber’s new album “BELIEVE”

For over a year Justin and Drake has said many times that Drake will definitely do a duet with JB on his next album. So it didn’t take much to figure out who Justin was talking about when he tweeted:

“You really wanna know who im going into the studio with tonight??#bigbro #CANADA.”

The news of their collabo was confirmed on yesterday (February 9) by Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun on Twitter:

great night. SOLD OUT SHOW for @thewantedmusic . then studio with @justinbieber and @Drake . then my house for some beers with @asherroth

At the 2010 VMAs, Bieber shared with MTV News that he wanted to get his pal on his next album. Then, in a radio interview late last year, he confirmed that Drake, along with Kanye West, was in talks to work on Believe.

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