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justin bieber skateboarding in miami

Justin Bieber Skateboarding in Miami Feb 1, 2012

justin bieber miami 2012 skateboardingJustin Bieber goes skateboarding with some friends in Miami, Florida while taking a break from recording his new album “Believe” on Feb. 1, 2012.

justin bieber miami 2012 skateboarding
justin bieber skateboarding in miami 2012
justin bieber skateboarding miami 2012

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  • Swagg

    NICE!:) So so so so great:)
    Beliebers do u really think that he is fighting with Chaz?!

    • Kirstie

      It’s none of our business I’d he is or isn’t.

      • Swagg

        yes but for such little thing maybe it’s a little bit to hard:D i hope they will forgive each other soon.:)

  • niceee ……….

  • Anon

    What DOESN’T this guy rock at?!!

  • jade

    I was just wondering, who took these pics? o.O

  • Patricia

    Whats that little furry thing hanging off his pants? hahaha Its good that he takes little breaks to recharge in between studio sessions.

  • cookieface

    oh snap,that boy on a skateboard

  • JustinBieber

    that’s the pet 😉

    • Justin,i didnt know you skateboarded you did well

    • Monica cerutti

      Justin,i didnt know you skateboarded,is there anything you cant do





  • justin you are amazing ……you have stolen my heart infact half of the worlds girls heart i really wanna meet ……just wanna hug ONE TIME …..PLEASE ….hey! by the way i live in pakistan and my all couzins are also mad behind you

  • elyse

    Justin is sooooooo cute what is he not good at he is good at singing, dancing skateboarding, and soooooo much more he is sooooo amazing and soooo kind GOD i just love him soooooooo much and he looks soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!! when he skateboards
    i love u Justin never change the way you r
    i can’t say that u changed the world for all your fans because i am not all your other fans but i can say that u Changed my life in a big way before i was just a lonely girl with only 1 friend trying to find my way throw life by myself but when u came along u made my life so much easer and u helped me find my way throw life and u helped me not to be afraid to make new friends and to be ok with who i am and u helped me like music soooooooo much more then i did before
    so thank u Justin for changing my life i would me suffering if u were not in my life right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      fuck off bitch!!!

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  • pratibha

    i love u justin,u are so cool n cute

  • pratibha

    WOWwww !
    justin bieber looks so cool with skateboard

  • Justin bueber

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