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justin bieber praying on stage

The Reason I Love Justin Bieber

Time passes by so fast. In less than a month Justin turns 18. He’ll be considered an adult. Remember those kidruahl days? When he danced and sang just for us in our living rooms? I missed those days.

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  • Swagg

    I miss them too BUT:

    but today it goes him much better:) and i mean not only the financial.:)

  • nonono


  • ery55

    i really miss him being a kid we all saw him grow up and i totally hope he stays the same when he turns 18.every time i think about him growing up i feel like crying,i love him so much

  • Gabby

    Miss him. It seemed like when he was younger he was smiling and laughing more and he was more interactive with his fans :/

  • Jasmin Loves You

    I cried so hard over that vid :”( Lets hope I can finally meet Justin in 2012. Its my year I feel it!!!

    • Daisy

      Same Here 😉

  • Patricia

    Unfortunatelly I never had a chance to experience the Kidrauhl days cause I didn’t become a belieber till January 2010. But Im so excited for Justin to turn 18! omg. I’ve been waiting for this day for the last 2 years. Im gonna throw a party that day to celebrate him finally turning into an adult. Now I won’t have to feel awkward about being a belieber 🙂

  • cookieface

    i really don’t remember when became a fan of jb’s music but i think in 2010 i watched baby i loved it and it’s really hard to see him turning 18 he was so clean i don’t like the idea of partying and getting drunk all night long but i was thinking about him doing so to tell the truth i fell the same you aint alone i mean i love 3 things about hiz song they are CLEAN HIS VIOCE AND THE LICRICKS

  • Maria

    yes, i really miss those times. i feel like he was very much closer to us. he made personal and funny videos. he was himself. now i feel like hes hiding behind all that “swag” and trying to impress and convince other people thats hes not a kid. i dont know, i feel like its so important for him who he hangs out with now.. i just miss silly justin. dont get me wrong, i also love the hot justin. but hes giving it all to selena. i hate bringing up selena, its not her fault. but im excited for that hilarious youtube clip or interview when he is just having a blast. and i catch myself laughing alone.. haha.

  • cookieface

    spread the words i’m typing to justin bieber yes tell justin bieber

    please stay clean do it for your fans and be a great role model 4 us u i really take this seriously u can be grown like u want when your 18 but i’m 12 it’s really hard to see someone you can look up to then become some guy thats so wrong 4 young fan (hey u got 3 year old crying 4 u,boy) tell’n this message is from cookieface(very unknown girl)

  • Anonymous

    I was never a great fan of Justin Bieber, but children starting at an early age to sing and generally be exposed in front of millions of people, should be supported until the end and not be mocked. I remember the first time when I saw Justin on television, the first thing I thought was that this child will not withstand much in hollywood, not because he has no talent, but because he is a child. Over the years Justin remained the child he was. We are all proud that a child could remain strong despite pressures that he accepts. Congrats Justin. continue like this, you have the support of all of us.

  • OMB!

    Aww *crying!*

  • 1DandJB

    This made me cry! I love you Justin!

  • babiebs

    I almost cried watching this … I love JB so much !

  • egyptian belieber

    it really made me cry with a big smile on ma face , he grew up so fast =’) , so PROUD of him =)

  • karina

    how i love him, over the years my love for him has grown like no-other!! Belieber… with the Bieber Fever..

  • hiyou