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Justin Bieber NOT spotted on plane to the Dominican Republic

justin bieber dominican republic 2012 plane

Justin Bieber on a plane to the Dominican Republic Feb 2, 2012

Justin Bieber was spotted by a stalker on a plane traveling from Miami to the Dominican Republic today. Wonder what he’s gonna do there? UPDATE: He’s going to meet up with Selena!?

UPDATE 2: Oopsies. The source of the picture above said he was heading to the Dominican Republic. That’s wrong. After a few complaints I did some research and found out he isn’t heading to the Dominican Republic. The picture above was taken 7 months ago. Here’s proof:

Justin Bieber spotted on a place to Dominican Republic Feb 2, 2012

Justin Bieber spotted on a plane 7 months ago

Sorry guys. The stalking continues. NEXT!

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  • belieber

    hmm.. lemme guess.. selena?

    • oh ok thanks. i’ll update the post

  • JB_Belieber6

    wooow just an hour ago he was like blowing up facebook and twitter being bored tweeting. How does he just go to the Dominican Republic to see Selena?? I wonder how his schedule goes?? lol

  • kathy

    Justin Bieber just tweeted that he is working with Timbaland tonight, and that he is skateboarding.. Either Justin is lying, so that the paparazzi wont follow him, or you guys are wrong, and hes not on his way the Dominian Republic!

    • jojo

      He is was not lying he was in Florida Miami skateboarding you could see the pictures.

      • Anonymous

        that was last night. he left this morning

    • he never lyies

  • Monica

    if he is in his way to the Dominican Republic he gonna get it in with Selena i think this is the longest ive seen them apart LOL

  • cray cray

    so sad to see justin waste all that money on selena when she barely went to go see him

    • thats what you think. she goes to see him alot more then you think. she just doesn’t post it all over the internet, and she doesn’t really want to get noyiced because of his pycho so called “fans” as yourself. anyway its the guy’s place to be more spontainess

      • Anon

        Everything u said is dumb as fuck

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think hes going there, Selena doesn’t have a show in the Dominican Republic. I think?

    • Anonymous

      she has two days off I heard they were going to meet up there. it’s half way for both of them since Justin is recording in Mami, FL

  • gabb


    • I can’t be sure cuz I wasn’t the one taking the picture but that’s what I’ve been told. time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    Im from Dominican Republic and im literally dying right now… If its not true im gonna hurt somebody ! OMG.

  • GABY


  • camilla


    • Priscilla

      Yeah thats right! Pictures from his twitter and from the fans that saw him yesterday are with dark hair

  • Priscilla

    Justin is still recording in Miami

  • Priscilla

    Im tryin to find out where the studio is tho, since im in Miami for vacation.. Anyone knows ?

  • ashley

    this is an old pic guys, justin has light hair here, he has dark hair and you can tell his hair flip isn’t fully back, kenny is also somewhere else

  • elly

    Februrary 02, 2012: Lima, Peru @ Jockey Club
    Februrary 04, 2012: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @ HSBC Arena
    Februrary 05, 2012: São Paulo, Brazil @ Via Funchal
    Februrary 07, 2012: Cordoba, Argentina @ Orfeo
    Februrary 09, 2012: Buenos Aires, Argentina @ G.E.B.A. Stadium

    Selena has no days off

    • elly

      barely any days off

      • me

        Poor girl, only one day off in between to fly… I’d be so tired!

  • he is the best i wish i was in that airoplane.loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee you justin bieber

  • number one fan

    you are the best JB me and my 3 friends all love you so much xxxx

  • Alex Zoe La.


  • this Empty Space is Filling me UP that I can not Get Enough that i have a Justin Bieber Fever Going on Every Day. I Have a JB poster Now and a JB watch Now and this JB Shrine is a really cool Website Because i Like it that much JB

  • kristin acosta

    man i love justin bieber sooo much i am so happy now that he is having his believe tour i have loved justin for 3 years.. people say im ubsested …. MABY im am … but i love justin he is like family he always supports us and we all love him included me..<3 i have never met justin but i wish i could it would be a life time dream! justin always talks about us because he loves us! i will follow him till the end! support him all the way because thats how much we love him!
    people say are you jelous because he was dating selena? OFCOURSE NOT! i support justin who ever he is with i love selena. i remember when i first saw my first video of jiustin bieber he was singing in the bathroom and his head was shaved. justin is diffrent…. he is not like any other star in teh world he is very supportive to his fans and he helps the world! he is amazing i love justin!!!! and that wont ever end NEVER!

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