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Justin Bieber is recording at The Hit Factory studio in Miami!

Well now that we know Justin isn’t on his way to the Dominican Republic, it’s safe to say that JB is still in Miami recording his new album. To make up for the wrong info I gave earlier, I’m going to answer the question I’ve been getting from several people (so that the stalking may continue lol).

The question was: Which studio is Justin recording at in Miami where he’s been taking pictures with fans?

justin bieber meeting fans 2012 justin bieber miami 2012 meets fans outside studio

If you’re in the Miami area and want to meet Justin then you can find him at The Hit Factory in North Miami Beach. The address is 1996 NE 150 Street. This is the studio where he’s been working with Timbaland, where he was pictured skateboarding, and met with Lil Wayne. Good luck!

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  • camilla

    Ahhhhhh, I wanna meet Justy… But I live in the NetherlNds :'(

    • Anonymous

      hi i think things are going perfectly rite n sweet any way need u to tell me about production of my album n is there anyway i can send u some tract online sher zaman ,, zein,,jag


    Dude i got the phone number for the place i’m gonna try to get ahold of him:)

    • jada

      I was gonna say anyone who gets a number to stalk someone who isn’t always there and possibly won’t be there when they call IS a stalker BUT I saw your name and I figured I’d probs do it to:p


        LOL:) I love him and i seriously would do ANYTHING to try to talk to or see him i’m not a stalker though I’m Just a MAJORRRRRRRRR Belieber lol well maybe sort of a stalker idk hahah i’m just trying to talk to my idol since he’s only came to my area once i gotta figure out some other way for him to notice me so:)

  • Swagg

    Hi can anybody send me a link from google maps?! at Twitter @CanadianSwagg95

  • Johail

    Omg!!!! I live in Miami!

  • Patricia

    I wish i lived in Miami 🙁 He needs to come to Chicago to record. If I was in Miami, I would be stalking him for sure too 🙂

    • i live in michigan he never comes here

  • when does justin bieber leave miami? does anyone know?!?!? please comment!

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss fuck sweetheart hug kiss meet am deaf yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • sher zaman

    hay man come to melbourne let me know i wana share some ideas take care and also reply me about my album n production need some moral help thats all my previous work was stolen i m afraid if i got late this time i will be doing sucide this time coz some people just dont realise any way have idea about a movie if u wana work with let me know bye take care love ur performance