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justin bieber black outfit lax feb 2012

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Moshe Benabou punches paparazzi!

Justin Bieber was reportedly trying to leave Los Angeles International Airport today when an aggressive photographer refused to get out of the way.

That’s when Bieber’s bodyguard, Moshe Benabou, did what he does best—protecting the Biebs.

Los Angeles Airport Police told E! News in a statement,

“Today at approximately 2:15 p.m., Los Angeles Airport Police observed what appeared to be a crowd control incident at Terminal 4 on the upper departures level involving Justin Bieber. An investigation revealed an altercation occurred between an unnamed body guard (victim) and a photographer (paparazzi) at the location.”

The photographer was ultimately taken away by police.

“Twenty-one-year-old Alex Portillo, the photographer, a resident of Van Nuys, Calif., was arrested and transported to the Airport Police Station for pre-booking procedures. He was later transported to the LAPD Pacific Division Jail and booked for California Penal Code Section 245—Assault with a Deadly Weapon—a felony.”

The Los Angeles Airport Police clarified that Portillo’s handheld video camera in the incident is being considered as the weapon. Any additional details of the incident are part of the investigation and cannot be released.

Bieber was at the airport picking up his family. He tweeted about meeting up with them, but never mentioned the incident,

“I have my family with me…been a while. BEST FEELING. I love being a BIG BROTHER! #FAMILY,”


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  • Andrea Qr

    Owhite kenny roooocks, he’s protecting our baby <3

  • Anonymous

    no it looks like the paparazzi waz tryin to punch the secutrity guard

  • bielieber_girl

    he became sooo … mean??