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justin bieber meeting fans in miami 2012

Angry Old Man wants screaming Justin Bieber fans arrested!

For the last week Justin Bieber has been recording his new album Believe at a Miami recording studio called The Hit Factory. Fans have been camping out there hoping to see Justin as he’s been doing that earlier this week (shirtless skateboarding bonanza). Well it’s been reported that the owner of that recording studio called the police on the girls camped outside for creating a ruckus.

Monday night, Feb 6, the owner was afraid of another crazy Bieber-obsessed mob … and in a hilarious overreaction, he called the cops and demanded all the young girls be arrested claiming they have already caused him $10,000 in damages earlier in the week.

The girls pled their case, trying to explain why it was absolutely imperative they be allowed to stay — as one explained,

“Justin is amazing! He’s everything!I touched his hand! He smells like cotton candy!!!”

The cop accepted his complaint and instructed the girls to keep out of the street and stay quiet.

Promising to be good, another girl replied,

“We’re not gonna scream. We’re gonna scream low.”


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  • Anonymous

    No offence Beliebers, but some of you guys are REALLY stupid.
    Stay out of trouble, please.

  • MishelleBieber

    dont really blame them for screaming so loud, but really daming someones house? (Sorry for my mistakes)

  • Sparkaiii

    Wohoo I think I’m either 1st or one of the 1st to comment. I don’t really know who’s side to be on but those beliebers do have a point :). But the old man does need some sleep and so do they. I think he could of done it in a more reasonable way and comfront them and if they choose to ignore him THEN I think that it would be ok to call the police.