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Grumpy Old People May Sue Justin Bieber for Phone Prank!

Justin Bieber is a reckless, no good prankster! This according to 2 old people in Texas, who are now threatening legal action against the pop star claiming Bieber encouraged millions of his followers into harassing them over the phone.

In case you’re not one of Bieber’s nearly 19 MILLION followers — the singer randomly Tweeted a phone number earlier this month with the caption, “Call me right now.” But the number was missing the last digit … leading hordes of teen girls to guess what it might be. The tweet was later deleted, but the damage was done.

As a result, two people in Texas — an older woman named Dilcie and a man named Kent — claim their phones have been ringing off the hook non-stop … and now, they’ve lawyered up to force Bieber to pay for his actions.

The lawyer tells TMZ, her clients’ patience “wears thin” after receiving over 1,000 phone calls at all hours of the day — and they want compensation for all the problems Justin caused with his “reckless” behavior.

Suggestions from the legal team include: concert tickets for Ms. Fleming’s grandchildren, a Bieber apology, an endorsement for Kent’s upcoming online project … and lastly … money for any out of pocket expenses.

According to the lawyer, Justin better play ball … or else.


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  • squeekys45

    Ok that’s just stupid, it was a prank. Old people suck these day! Go Justin!!! 😀

    • Anonymous

      You shouldn’t be talking. What if 1,000 people were calling YOUR phone nonstop everyday? You wouldn’t be talking now, right?

    • anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You’re fucking retarded.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you shut the fuck up and stay the fuck out of it bitch

  • Anonymous

    They will be yesterday news in a week. His lawyers will use defense that he never gave a full number or he never told his fans to call their number exactly. He is responsible that his fans assume a last digit and called random numbers.

    • Anonymous

      obviously everyone is oblivious to the fact that he said “call me..” if you were obsessed with the guy, you’d figure out the last digit & call the guy in HOPES of talking to him. It is ridiculous to think that he would post his actual number so his phone would ring NON STOP with pleads. I get upset when I get ONE random call in the middle of the night…seriously, people are sleeping! It’s also poor character for not tweeting or publicly apologizing about the “prank”…deleting the tweet is not a “oops, my bad” gesture. Be a little more considerate.

      • Kaelikincaid


  • Anonymous

    Look at all the free exercize lessons they got.

  • Belieber 4-ever

    Justin, you’re such a bad boy! That’s why I love u, though <3<3<3 xoxo

  • Muffy

    I DID call the number, but all I got was a voice saying that the number doesn’t exist… Something’s wrong here.

  • hmmm...

    I can’t believe they thought that was really his number lol.

    • nicolebelieber

      yeah…i mean he wouldnt REALLY put his real number out there on twitter for all his fans to see :/ but they shouldnt sue him over it!STUPID OLD PEOPLE,GIVE HIM A BREAK!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, they should sue him

      • Anonymous

        Fuck u
        Sue his stupid dum ass

  • Alexis

    I’d like to think that this site is a lot more professional. How would you like it if your phone, the phone that has everything you hold dear on it, just blew up with random phone calls and text messages? Referring to the victims as “Grumpy Old People” is childish.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Justin, but I’m not gonna kiss his ass, bash these people, and justify his actions. He shouldn’t have done it, point blank. Remove the fangirl glasses and hop into reality for a second, hmm?

    This is exactly why people don’t like us (Beliebers).

  • ThatGuy

    Old people..go suck a turtle -.-“

    • Anonymous

      Fuck u ur going to get old soon so u can go suck a turtle

  • ;)

    Lol people are so money hungry. An apology would obviously not be a big thing to ask..but no doubt they are probably going to try and sue him for thousands of dollars. Yeah I’d be pissed, but no need to sue him for money.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t refer to these VICTEMS as old people. What if they had to use the phone in an emergency. They couldn’t get thru because of all the calls. I like Justin and his music but I’m as old as his grandparents. I can’t see why of all the things he loves to do WHY he would post a phone # and leave off the last # and say ” call me”., He knows better than that. He should have had to say he was sorry for the joke. And have his mom or grandparents take away his phon AGAIN.

  • Ray

    Me. Ray. Ray

  • Ray

    Justin b

    M.e. Ray. Ray

  • brianna

    lol it was just a prank