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justin kissing selena gomez birthday party 2012

Justin Bieber drunk kissing Selena Gomez at his 18th Birthday Party

Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez at his 18th birthday party! Umm is he drunk? I think so. He seems to be really really into her. And she seems to be into him. Well sorta. And who is that creepy guy on the left?

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  • Yu Lee

    Twitter has exploded with comments because u “suggested” Justin maybe DRUNK. However i think he just closed his eyes to ignore the guy on the right who seems to be making fun of them?

    • Ashley

      Woah people would have “suggested” he was drunk anyway I mean look at him. So don’t complain about what people post on their OWN site. && why would a guy be making fun of Justin at his own birthday party ? The guy is just plain creepy !!

      • Nora

        he looks a little tipsy. lol. idc if he gets drunk or not, i agree with selina down there VV answering to Amy. but i dont think hes drunk, hes probably buzzed.

        • Regina George

          yeah.. or hes just having a good time at his own party with his gf…

        • tess

          EVERYONE GO VOTE FOR JUSTIN AT … nick.com/kca for best male singer ! and vote for selena too for best female singer & best actress & show ! justin would be so happppy ! lets show him that hiis beliebers will always be with him even when hes growing up!

        • Anonymous

          i did

        • u is such a cheater justin i hope u and your biotch selena is looking at this cause i hope u are you guys are the ugliest couple i ever saw and justin u are a cheater trying to go out with rhiana and selena u is a rapist for going out with justin cause your 19 and justin is 17 wow i never heard that u dumb biotch ugly azz hore bag go suck a fhuckin hairy disk biotch and i hope you dont have a grammy award biotch cause u cant sing broking record disc u just got famous by usher

        • Sammie

          Lmfao are you retarded? He’s been dating selena for like 2 years.. Rihanna is like 6 years older than him dumbass.. Were you born on Saturn?

        • Ariana

          ur saying dont be a bully and yet ur being one urself u should keep ur mouth shut like u said if u have nothing nice to say dont say it!! and i CAN say this bc thats not my motto:) have a great life “J.B.’s cousin” plz u wish!!!

        • Anonymous

          Wat r u saying?! Selena can sing and she is 19 and jb is18 get ur facts right! U really think u can swear at celebraties! I bet ur just jealous of them because u have no talent and u r prob hidios! I like both of them and I think ther so cute together and a great couple. Justin is so hottttttt and I would do any thing to meet him and you are prob just jealous and big bully and I think you should watch your mouth and if you don’t have any thing nice to say don’t say it at allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. In fact I’m possibly related to jb! So don’t talk bout my cousin like tht! Now good bye I think we set u straight if not u shood really get som help……..fast! Toots

        • The person who wrote the anonomys comment

          This is to Lilly

        • I love justin but ohhhhhh

        • LaZaria

          I loveeeeeeeee J D B i have a book adout him i tink he is so so so so hot i have to 2 pics of him but he needs to stop dating selena that bich

        • Justin Bieber i love you just to tell you i live in Emily street door number 24 bye see ya there i mite even go out with you

        • Anonymous

          now i hate jb!

        • Anonymous

          Why I love him and i will never stop no matter what

        • Anonymous

          I think..

          I think he just wusnt paying atenson to how much he was drinking

        • Donna m fairclough

          Justin bieber talk break up Selena Gomez for love
          My name Donna m fairclough Say good ,s
          This one donna bieber help me say Selena Gomez
          New girls friend Donna m fairclough

        • he’s not drunk so go make of some other guy not justin bieber because he is so sexy.


        • amanda

          i love you ashley

        • madalynn

          justin beiber is not cute hot or sexy

    • Anonymous

      That’s Selena’s dad lol

      • Anonymous

        it is ????

      • avvaru manideep

        hi realy i like u both a lot justin bieber and selana

    • Anonymous

      Idc how much he drinks he is still going to be the sexiest man on earth

    • Anonymous

      so freaken true like suiriousle why is selena gomez so ugg

      • Anonymous

        She’s not ugly 😮

      • indi

        she is so not ugly she is voted the 100 most prettyist females in the world soo shut your pie hole

      • indi

        she is so not ugly she is voted the 100 most prettyist females in the world soo shut your pie hole

      • Belieber 4ever

        Shes not ugly you jealous bitch!!

    • one love

      I think justinber iskind of cute but i will change my mind because he is cheating on selena gomez i am not lying this is the truth i saw him with my own eyes he is stupid lying boy!!!

      • indi

        shut your fucken mouth

      • Belieber 4ever

        Shut the hell up!! What he does doesnt make him any less sexier, or awesome!! Just learn to control what you say in front of us beliebers!! You will get your ass kicked!!

    • Fuckk YHu

      Fuck Life Yolo Bitch Yhu Only Live Once Or Yolo Yhur only Loved dOnce Shiattt Selena + Bieber = Hmu I dunnoe Shiatt
      I Thiank Selena Pretty And JB Asz Well Buhhh I Hate Demmm !!

      • JS belieber

        ha ha u are joking??? justin would not do that and like u saw that??/

    • Anonymous

      Even though it might look like it you can not tell if he was or not by just looking at the picture. Only the person knows if they were

    • Belieber 4ever

      Damn!! She is sooooo lucky!!!!! One thing though, there is no way i would be just standing there!! Id try to make it go farther, if you know what i mean!! Hes soooo fucking sexy!!

  • amy

    He isnt drunk his mom wouldnt allow it !

    • Selina

      omg, hes 18 ! his mommmy doesnt need to allow it. you guys this is like miley cyrus situation all over again now poor justins gonna go through it. MILEY CYRUS IS FRIKEN 20 SHES NOT LITTLE HANNAH MONTANA ANYMORE AND SHE GOT HATE FOR GROWING UP, NOW UR GONNA PUT JUSTIN THROUGH HER SITUATUON? HES NOT LITTLE KID ANYMORE THAT SINGS BABY. HES 18 HES GONNA PARTY HES GONNA GET DRUNK AND HE WILL HAVE SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH SELENA. get over it. its life. every teen does it even before the age of 18.. 16 year olds are getting pregnant and ur here fucking going crazy because an 18 year old was drinking at his own party. how pathetic! let the guy live his life… YOLO. i hate how you guys think celebrities cant do shit, just cuz theyre famous.

      • Belieber 4ever


    • Kirstie

      Miley’s not 20 she’s 19 she won’t be 20 till novemeber. And he doesn’t look drunk, not that I care because it’s completely normal for a 18 year old to drink… Lmao and his Mom wouldn’t care you obv don’t know what his mom use to when she was a teen. But no he’s probably not drunk because it’s at a resterant and if they don’t want to get shut down for serving alcohol to someone who is underage then no he’s not

    • nikki

      what do u mean . i hate selena gomez to.

      • bullshit

        Bullshit !.
        Wtf , why do you have to hate ? I mean its okay if u dont like her but if u hate thats just cruel .

        • Anonymous

          Bitch on the top stop sayin that hate is a strong word and ya

        • dani that really wishes people could just be real for once

          Guys….i mean honestly..this is pathetic. he’s a normal teen with an ok voice. like you’ve never drank before. i mean come on. get real.

  • Anonymous

    Let him have fun, like he would stay sober his entire life… He is human and just wants a normal 18th bday party, you cant say u have never been drunk b4 (unless your like 12)

    • Anonymous

      i’m 18 and i was never drunk!

      • Anonymous

        Well I’ll be 18 soon and I was drunk last night. Stupid belibers, him getting drunk is not the end of the world. My fucking goodness.

        • Belieber 4ever

          Thank you!! People are making such a big deal out of it!! Seriously get over it! If you were a true belieber you wouldnt care what hes does!! Ya you dont want him to ruin his life but drinking is not going to kill him!!

    • Anonymous

      he is only 18! he cant even drink yet! he is not drunk yet

      • Selina

        do u actually believe people start drinking at 21? LMFAAAO. bro im 14 and ive dranken before even with family my dad always asks me if i wont some, well im armenian and were the life of the party so yeah armenian parents are party animals so, were known for patrying and drinking. but anaways its not big deal hes human he wants to drink and have a good time.

        • TRUTH

          No shit people don’t start drinking at 21, little girl. However, you have to be LEGALLY 21 to start drinking and no one gives a shit if the police don’t see it but these are pictures of him that were released for the public viewing, so it could be viewed as underaged drinking.

          Also, you my friend, regardless of the fact that you are Armenian, are very stupid for trashing your liver with alcohol at a young age.

          And, you don’t need to drink to have a good time and anyone who thinks so is just ignorant and hopping on the bandwagon. JS.

        • Selina

          ive only drank once at friken new years every year and easter so calm down, i havent gotten drunk in my life, im saying i have dranken at special occasions so its no big deal if he drinks at his birthday, my liiver isnt trashed with alcohal.. i dont drink at frends parties either. and im aware that 21 is the legal drinking age.

        • aa

          In some parts of Canada the drinking age is 17 or 18 but I. Ontario it 21, but not where Jeremy
          (his dad) lives

        • Tegan

          you guys in america r unlucky im aloud to drink when im 18! Leace justin alone! I dont care if he is drunk or not every kid is going to get drunk b4 the legal age!

        • jefferson

          your rite man

      • nikki

        i know right.

    • nikki

      u look like it .

  • Anonymous

    So what if he’s drunk, get over it Lol.

    • TRUTH

      Yep, so Justin is drunk at age 18 and when Miley Cyrus is caught smoking, everyone makes a big deal out of it. I’m guessing Beliebers will still have the “idgaf” attitude when you see Justin with a cigarette in his mouth too, huh?

      So typical of you guys. All bunch of hypocrites.

  • amy

    gonna say ive never been drunk lol 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Gosh! Why-oh-why is it such a big deal for Justin Bieber to drink!? He’s JUSTIN BIEBER. Let him do his thing with Selena!

  • anonymous

    Wheres your proof that he was drunk?? I cant believe you would post this without knowing 100% if he was or not! You are just another gossip site, just like the paparazzi are!! I mean, maynbe they are drunk, im not saying thats not a possibilty,, but im the type that needs actual proof,, if Justin tweeted he was drunk, then i would definitely believe it.. Until then, im not going to judge him or even Selena!

    • Grow Up

      Calm down !! My god no one said he was drunk ever. It was a comment made jokingly. Obviously you know nothing about this site, so don’t judge it !

    • christina m.

      everybody forms opinions of biases based off of things like this. its normal. there won’t be proof if he was drunk last night. he is not going to tweet it! and honestly, i think theres a very high chance that he is drunk. its his friggen 18th birthday!? i can see how people would not believe it because he’s trying to keep in image, but notice the word trying….doesnt that suggest he has slip-ups? let him be and don’t hate! its not illegal or anything now, and its not as if the younger fans would understand the context of this photo anyway. i think its completely fine and they do look like they’re having a hella good time.

  • anonymous

    umm, when the title says “Justin Bieber drunk kissing Selena” that kind of says that they are assuming he is drunk!! Or am i the only one who knows how to read?? I sadi, maybe he is, maybe he isnt.. But how can we judge when none of us were there to witness it or not?? I honestly dont care if they were drunk or not.. Alot of people there age drink already, but im just tired of people posting things when they dont know if its actual fact or not!

    • Anonymous

      holy f**k this is a gossip site guys. and it is about a celebrity-were not gonna know every single thing about him, not matter how hard we try. YOU need to chill! everything out there is pretty much false! you know, maybe daisy heard this from somewhere, and thought she should share it with us to gain some opinions rather than just get pounded with hate. you guys are ridiculous….i mean, i can understand why it might feel weird to think of justin doing something like this, but he is EIGHTEEN now! maybe you need to let go and be okay with him doing more mature activities!

      • Megan

        You need to shut your mouth. 18 year olds dont need to be drinking.

  • JustinBieberChangedMyLife


  • stine

    i hate selena, justin is ours not her´s..

    • Selina

      you’re pathetic. justin doesnt even know you exist, stfu.

      • TRUTH

        Justin doesn’t know you exist either, so why are you defending him? O___O

        • christina m.

          he doesn’t know any of his beliebers exist but he knows they’re there for him..hence willing to defend him..both of you, stfu.

    • selenagmzfan

      stop hating selena,and im not saying it to every1 just to nikki and stine

  • Anonymous

    CALM DOWN!!! HAHAHAHAHAA BUT no he’s not drunk Selena’s holding the drink.

    • Anonymous

      And what? Just because she’s holding a drink in that picture, it means he didn’t drink. Wow, this is pathetic…

      • Megan

        well dont get on this site if your gonna say that you hate justin or selina. Thats the WHOLE POINT.

  • stine

    selena is ugly

    • Kay-kay015

      and your EVERY rude does that mean we can judge you………..if only you people knew how bad everyone judges each other i bet u guys wouldnt judge anyone at all….. i have a friend on watch out so she wont hurt herself cause ppl judge her knock the crap off like really u dont see anyone jusging you do they…………….THEN DONT FREAKIN JUDGE HER

  • I don’t want him to be drunk! i just don’t like him like that! 🙁 i wish hes not.

  • Anonymous

    just beacuse hes kissing a girl and enjoying it doesnt make him drunk..like seriously.

  • LeonaLoveJelena

    he’s really drunk?

    • bullshit

      ofcourse not ! . Justin bieber dont drink…This is just couple of pictures like this,, there are other pictures where they look fine . P

      • Ass

        hey in my country you are a people who would dirnk any ***** you have each day

        • Migueele

          OmGG.. what is this stupid mushi doing there…she is a slut and kisses an old daddy and a chick..!! hahaha so weird … :PP

  • random Person

    Stop judging! It doesnt look like they’re drunk, he seems to be posing for the pics! Do you really think hed drink in a party full of people when he knows it wouldnt be good for his reputation? He doesnt even look drunk…

  • Anonymous


  • EMMA

    You ppl need to chill the eff out. Who cares if they’re drunk? Their mommy’s can’t do anything about it because they’re legally adults. The legal drinking age in the USA is 21, but millions of teens do it anyways. Just because he’s making that face and she’s laughing does NOT mean they’re drunk. It’s called having a good time.

  • Lily

    No hate or nothing, don’t get me wrong… but DANG that top photo of Selena is straight up AWFUL!
    She is a very beautiful girl, but holy cow, that is possibly the worst angled/timed photo of her EVER.

    P.S. So what if Justin was drunk? He’s 18 now, an adult, and if you can’t get drunk on your 18th birthday, then when can you?! We’re all like “Oh Justin’s grown up now, he’s a man, he’s no longer baby kidrauhl” but when he does something grown up, like drink, it’s as if the entire universe goes crazy! Chill out, this is what teenagers do! You can’t expect him to be a child forever. It was his big night, and whatever he chose to do for it, then good on him! And as for “Pattie wouldn’t let him drink” – she can’t stop him doing anything anymore. And I doubt she really could before. He is an ADULT now. Whatever path he chooses, and how he chooses to live his life, his real Beliebers, the ones that support him NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES, will always stand by him… intoxicated or otherwise!

    Rant over. Peace out.

    • TRUTH

      Hey you know what?

      Why don’t you guys start accepting Miley for who she is instead of defending Justin because he’s growing up?

      • tess

        DUDE, WTH ARE U SAYING?! youre honestly annoying who ever you are posting ur bs on every post. what does miley have to do with this, this is a belieber site we support justin yourre a fan of mileys? then wtf are you doing here leave. you dont just come on this site and say ummm accept miley instead of defending justin.. yeah no.

        • TRUTH

          No hun, I don’t post BS, I post the truth.
          I never said anything about being a fan of Miley, I’m just trying to show you guys what big ass hypocrites you guys are for trashing Miley Cyrus when she was caught smoking and now that Justin is supposedly drunk, you guys are making it seem like it’s okay.

          Get real bitch. Stop defending Justin for his wrongdoings, he’s human, he makes the wrong choices sometimes, stop acting like he’s perfect because he’s not.

        • tess

          bitch please. how the hell do you know we trashed miley cyrus? you dont. so stfu get ur shit staright then come and question everyone with youre miley cyrus crap.

        • tess

          & btw, i know justin makes mistakes.. i know hes not perfect never said he was, which makes you an even more dumbass because this whole drunk situatuon is an opinion, ur opinion is its wrong, and mine is that its not. i think its prefectly okay for him to get drunk at his birthday party. once in a while its okay to have a good time and get drunk, YOLO, thats the motto. if you didint know. let the guy live his life, its not your concern to judge here, and hate.

        • Anonymous

          YOLO my ass, shut the fuck up bitch. You’re both spending all your time defending someone who couldn’t care less about your existance, so shut up and continue living your lives and stop worrying about other people’
          s problems please.

  • christina

    Selena is the one drinking, that is beer, and there was beer at the party, you guys think selena is soooooo “perfect” when she clearly isnt, so isnt justin. You guys just are always up their asses 24/7. “oh my god justin is 18” -.- really, i bet you wont get excited when your older brother or sister turns 18, you will be like “ohhhh, your 18 great” your all excited for some boy that doesnt know you exsist. im not hating im just saying. A LOT of celebrities get away with EVERYTHING. selena isn’t supposed to be drinking until shes 22 i think thats the age, or 21. shes 19. but it could be apple sider? I wasn’t that excited when justin turned 18, i had my attention on my OWN FAMILY.

    • christina m.

      your comments bug me sometimes. sorry.

      • valorie bieber


      • valorie bieber


      • valorie bieber

        SORRY NOT YOURS THE ONE ABOVE U Christina not Cristina.m

    • Anonymous

      ..apple cider..on his 18th birthday..
      wooo. i seriously doubt its apple cider….

    • valorie bieber

      she doesnt drink beer stop making her fans make her look stupid

  • kenzie

    im 16 and get hammered every weekend at parties …. so whos cares but i dont it cause so many ppl were there bad look or him

  • a

    he could be but i doubt it…anyway in america you have to be 21

  • Sorry to say this but Selena was on a movie sent on March 1 and there are photos to show that. She was on the set of Spring Brakers on March 1

    • wanting bieliber

      No, she wasnt on set all day.
      she flew in special for her babys 18th birthday

  • beth

    i don’t think he will drink after what his mom went through when she was his age

    • christina m.

      i think he already has, but because of what his mom went through, he will be more responsible about it.

  • Charlie

    That WEIRD man is the agent they both share called Nick Styne

  • Cheyenne

    I don’t think he’s drunk
    he really needs sleep :/
    But he’s just having fun,
    And he do what he please
    Soon he will go out,
    that’s how it’s suppose to be,
    Living Young, and Wild, and Free

    • Anonymous

      “Living Young, and Wild, and Free”

      Follow that and you’ll be 16 and pregnant, a school dropout, and checked into rehab. All because you decided to follow a STUPID song lyric.


    • valorie bieber

      i dont think he was sleepy he probly blinked when they took the pic


  • beliber417

    there drunk and selena has Rumchata in her hand


  • Who cares

    Who cares if they drank..it was his birthday..woot woot party it up. Shouldn’t you people care more about the music he makes rather than what he does on his own personal time? As long as he doesn’t get all cracked out on drugs and start making weird music then IDGAF. He’s just trying to have fun (yeah yeah you don’t need to be intoxicated to have fun), but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of drinks every once in a while as long as you’re responsible about it.

  • Roxanne

    He always seems really into her, and why does it matter if he drank? The drinking age SHOULD be 18 anyway. In fact, I think it IS 18 in Canada, at least in some places?

    • Anonymous

      its 19 where he lives in canada! he’s so close to being legal anyway. plus, most teenagers that drink are underage anyway, so why would it matter?

      • Hi

        • Anonymous

          U idiot………

  • Belieber

    The drinking age here in the UK is 18, so I didn’t see anything bad by it, but if y’all are saying its 21 in America…. Then idk. He is legally an adult, therefore it’s not really a problem, but If y’all are like ‘he’s a bad role model for drinking what about his younger fans?’ if you mean the 13 & 14 year olds? There drinking and gettIng hammered every weekend anyway, soo Justin drinkIng at 18 isn’t even that bad?! Anyway he was in the care of adults and there is a law in the uk saying that if your having a meal (which Justin did before he went to the party) then you can have a drink if your 14+ So I dont think it’s bad, just my opinion tbh.

    • first, it is a bad thing. if the drinking age is 21, he can get arrested and even go to jail. second, you cannot make a generalization that 13, 14 year old children get ‘hammered’, because they dont. third, that whole law about being in the care of adults, isn’t the case in the U.S, so again, he could get arrested and go to jail. Get your facts straight before making an opinion.

    • vaenssa


  • I love JB!!

    No comment!

  • Karo

    hey whose the weird looking guy eye balling selena in the last picture???

  • Jacqueline

    He is 18!!!! when I was 18 I came home drunken at 6 in the morning.
    Let him. Its his own birthday party. I dont think that he is drunken. He has fun and Selena². They both arent kids anymore. Selena turns 20 in a few months. She is in my age and its normal to have fun. They grow up. They arent the “One Time” and “WoWP” kids anymore and everyone has the right to live the life. Just because they are famous doesnt mean that they are not allowed to make party or say sth. what you dont like.
    You start lovin’ Justin when he was a kid and its okay that you are a little bit shocked about seeing him grow up and thats normal. I know its another topic but I am a Jonas Brothers fan since ages and of cause its weird to see pics from Joe walking from bar to bar in the middle of the nights but thats life. They all grow up and we should accept that cause we grow up either. So let Justin make party, kiss his gf and drink alkohol ig´f he wants cause its his life.

  • Anonymous

    don’t fight please, but i know I’m not the only one whose noticed that 1D’s fans are much more accepting of them then we are of justin. why can’t we just accept justin for what he does and who he goes out with, rather than have massive feuds over everything he does?

    • Anon

      its 16+ if you have a meal. You’re allowed one glass of cider, wine or lager. Not the hardened stuff like screwdriver, vodka and gin we get pissed off at 18. And 13/14 year olds getting pissed every weekend? No. 13/14 year old douchebags thinking they are hard and then finding out they are lightweights before becoming hospitalised then never doing it again, maybe. Are all of bieber’s fans children who pretend they understand life when they clearly show they don’t to the rest of the world? And some people wonder where all the stereotypes come from? As someone who is trying to get off a crave for light spirits I find it offensive.

  • Anon

    Love how he’s 18, but has only barely started puberty and can’t drink in public yet, and has a low bmi so can’t take the heavy stuff when he does drink in house parties. Happy birthday douchebag! All of us in England who are the same age can enjoy our adam’s apples, our vodka and gin and our night clubs. All that money and not the phyisical ability to use it, eh?

  • im going to ask to discard my old and past comments here please , i love to start all over again please my name is david b conway

  • and just with my new comments as well i what thoses comments also to be discard off this web site as well , i love to start all over again just from day 1 as well , love david b conway

  • jasm

    I think his boyfriend song is the one that he said and sang “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” thats only a thought

  • BelieberGirl

    Growing up in the public eye is one of the hardest things because youre not allowed to make mistakes/be a NORMAL teenager. Like Justin is gonna go through what Miley cyrus did and its sad. He’s a normal 18 yr old kid like millions of teens drink everyday not a big deal atall dunno why ppl are displaying their ignorance on here smh

  • dear web site ,hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that , just with this issue about selena gomez , might be drunk with justin bieber , i just made up my mind that i am not voting for them just for the kids choice awards this year any more ,, love david conway

  • JB'S NO.1 FAN

    He’s just soooo awsome;)

  • ALayah

    justin beiber is’nt drunk

  • zachborodin

    he does”int look drunk but i think he has nice hair cuts and music

  • zachborodin

    WOW WHEN IS HIS NEW ALBUM Comeing out and what is called

    • zachborodin

      i do not know but i like his music ttttooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • i know right i love is new album mistletoe

  • i love you i want make you me friend but i cant please if you can make me your friend i wanna tolk with you

  • he’s 18 for goodness sake, he’s now legal to have a drink where i’m from so let him enjoy his birthday party! i’d be drunk too! he’s having a good time, it’s not like he drinks all the time, we know how dedicated he is, it was just a big celebration for his 18th birthday, get over it guys hahaha

  • Mallory


  • Oh My Bieberr

    Chill hes 18 already?!?!? Haha but really hes 18 and most teens drink even before that. Hes 18 Already he should at least be even justtt a lil bit tipsy. Lol. Calm down. Like as someone said, dont put Justin through what Miley did. Thyre both older now. Eventually Justin will drink. And its the perfect time too anyway. PARTYYY!!!

  • beiber


  • who cares if he is drunk or not just get over it people

  • selenagmzfan

    i think we should just drop the subject

  • selenagmzfan

    i love u both jb and selena gomez:]

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  • lindsay

    …….you can see the drink in her hand i have been drunk plenty of times and thats drunk and thats a beer.

  • Nadia King

    i was thinking the same thing and selena looks buzzed too in one pic she actually had a drink but i dont know if it was alcohol. I LOVE SELENA!!!!!

  • ????????????????????????????????????????

    wut wer you thicking

  • Justins Shawty

    Yaaah He’s a little bit wasted 😉 xx Just because he’s famous doesn’t mean he’s not allowed!! It’s his eighteenth bday, people!! xx Luv ya Justin xx <3333

  • jade

    i love u so much

  • sameia j

    Dear Justin Bieber,
    You area inspiration and i hope you are happy with your girlfriend selena .
    I don’t to be disrespectful but I myself as a 13-year-old girl was really like into you. In other words I really love you but, i thought since I am a fan you would say no you do not want to date me.But,I still want you to know I want to be your favorite#1 fan girl .Also, i am looking forward to getting your new album boyfriend i get you and know everything about you.I just hope you still would want me to be your favorite #1 fan girl .
    Always will love you Justin Drew Bieber

  • Ooooooooooo they both are so sweet……i love how justin kiss selana they are angel so sweet i love you selana and justin………..love nora

  • Belieber

    He isn’t even drunk, you shouldn’t find something to talk about, people aren’t going to believe this. Justin would never get drunk, his mom would kill him. xD
    And Selena and Justin are great people. And that man on the left of Selena, is just plain creepy, look at the way he’s looking at them, not even giving them privacy. And justin, again, he isn’t drunk because when he kisses her on the cheek, he’s not going to kiss her with her eyes open, it’s going to be closed, it’s just the paparazzi took the picture at the wrong time. 🙂

  • vicky

    the guy looks like he wants to steal selena lol

  • Livie

    guys does this whole arguement really even matter?? i mean cmon its not like we can go back in time and change whatever happened. maybe he was drunk, maybe not, i mean for all we know, he could have blinked when then took the picture!! i just find it dumb that we’re all STILL arguing over something we can’t do anything about. as for all the people bragging about how they get drunk all the time, how the frick does that make you cool?? seriously?! god guys its not that big of a deal, sheesh!

    okay, im done now. 0-o


  • Anonymous

    Exactly we shouldnt be making this whole big thing about it but i understand why everyune whuld be argueing ovr it becuz if he was drinking that is underage drinking hed gotu jail that nd the papparazzi wuld be all ovr for that so be culd say bye bye to his proactive commercials nd to his “good boy bad boy image” nd then also someune mentioned bout the age… shewas datin him while she was eighteen nd he was 17, nd now she is 19 nd hes eighteen so its legal now, but it wasnt legal. Its weird how ppl think just cuz there celebritys the lawsdont apply to them!!!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly how i feel

  • T-Bone

    Oh heck no

    • Alexandra

      O justin bieber nao é diabo nenhum!
      é o meu namorado!

  • T-Bone

    Omb look at her face in the top pic lol

  • mariah

    hey u

  • even if he did get drunk u guys shouldnt judge him hes gonna do what he fells like he would do

  • people just need to let him live his life chill out

  • Alexandra

    Y love you justin bieber!!!!!
    you love me?
    that silly question of course love!!!!
    selena gomez is a very beautiful but I know I love you more!!
    many will want to give congratulations Selena Gomez to have you as a boyfriend!
    I love you selena gomez, you are very beautiful!!

  • Selena

    Justin bieber, you know, you missed an opportunity to be my!
    I love you too much and I hope you love me too!
    is not my baby!
    You’re not my boyfriend or love?
    I am selena gomez!

  • Selena

    Justin Bieber, love me?
    if yes reply me!
    even know I’m beautiful!
    but do not forget me, I’m suffering a lot!
    the other girls but love you and I? am not anyone?
    They love you very much!
    but I guess I’m more important! is not?

  • Selena

    love you!!!
    Justin my dear!
    love your fans?
    if you love not forget me!
    I love you more than those useless!!
    do not forget me please!
    Will you marry me justin bieber?
    who’s talking about is selena gomez your girlfriend!!
    we have children and everything!

  • Selena

    I love you Justin bieber!
    my baby!

  • samy

    Well the truth is that I don’t like that you’re with Selena but if that makes you happy my too 😀

  • Selma

    We should destroy selena gomez career and post mean comments about her i posted on

    • Selma

      Her website is called selena gomez fansite you will probablly see my comment when you get there

  • Selma

    I just posted something mean on her site who is next

  • Selma

    Does anyone like my comments please click like or not like

  • aurora

    I. Love. You Selena gomez

  • aurora

    Were did yougyse first meet

  • Anonymous

    selena çok seksi birisisin

  • melisa

    me parecen la pareja del año

  • elizabeth

    i think that justin bieber and selena gomez are good together!!!!!

    • elizabeth

      selena gomez love you justin bieber go back to her please

  • lilah


  • Anonymous


  • RJ

    I NEED 2 KNOW WHY????????????????
    U DO THIS 2 ME

  • Dominika

    Hi! I am from Slovaki and I don´t understand !!! 😀 It is Selena´s dad ???

  • JS belieber

    I dont care if he drinks or if he doesnt!!! he maybe is drunk but maybe hes only a bit crazy!!!! guys he can drink alcahol if he wants to…. hes 18 for fuck sakes!!!!

  • C-.reza

    (im sorry im from baja california and my english is not good but y wanna write a few things)

    you’re a grown man-
    you have no shame.
    he is a child.and he is celebrating with his girlfriend
    what are you doing there man,
    i feel shame,
    yeah maybe he have one or two great songs,
    but thats all.
    you shoud be in your hause,
    not celebrating whit teenagers-
    and taking pictures like a pedofile.
    MICHAEL JACKSON was a fucking idol everywere,
    what is this a child singing abaut love and shit.
    who broke his heart BARNEY????

  • Realistic much?

    Good grief, talking about bieber is like discussing religion and politics. just leave the damn boy alone and stop trashing Selena out of jealousy.

  • hailey

    well how justin kissed selena was the dumbs idea yet . why did he have to kiss her when he was drunk. HE IS SO DUMB!!!

  • Mrs Bieber

    shutup all of you! He can do what he likes! Ok maybe he was a little bit drunk! Everyone gets drunk! Leave him B!

  • jacquie


  • jacquie


  • zendeya


  • zendeya

    i u justin bieber ur soong aer awsome

  • NonnaB

    watttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt icbi he drinks wat hole new level for me

  • Casey

    I do not like it when people say bad things at all!

  • Casey

    I love Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber because they seem like nice people and I have also met J.B. and S.G. Their the coolest people on earth!Who ever says J.B. and Selena are bitches I’ll tape their mouths together !

  • Beauty Queen

    I totally agree with Selina. Like you guys have a prob u freak out over the stupidest shit. Justin is a normal teen so what is the point of sitting down in your sofa and write stupid comments. The boy is trying to have fun so what if he drinks. Damn I hate when girls act this damn way. GET OVER IT YOU LOSRES!!!

  • Beauty Queen

    I do not hate them I love selena am not really a big fan of jb like you girls. I just hate when people ytreat celebrities thas way… Ugh

  • Beauty Queen

    I do not hate them I love selena am not really a big fan of jb like you girls. I just hate when people treat celebrities thas way… Ugh

  • Beauty Queen

    I do not hate them I love selena am not really a big fan of jb like you girls. I just hate when people treat celebrities this way… Ugh