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Justin Bieber takes on Billy Bush in Hockey Shootout

Ahahahaha Justin was on Access Hollywood Live today and had a shooting competition with Billy Bush. It’s so funny for them to make the woman the goalie as they take shots on her.

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  • heyy bieber um yah i went to your concert in june at us bank arena with my cuz clara and her friend we had a blast well yah right me back and by the way u r so hot why do u have to be with slena i hate her sorry well right me back love u ps: im like the bigget bieber fan ever love u 🙂


      Wow! justin biebers in love, your never gonna be his wife so why cant u accept that him and selena are together and happy? if your a real Belieber u would support him ._.

  • Belieber 4-ever

    No, I’m a bigger Belieber than u.

    • nooo haha im like upsessed with him haha 😉 but i bet u r hah 🙂


  • Breanna

    You don’t ever challenge Justin Bieber in hockey 🙂 Even though i’m not Canadian GO CANADA

  • @ruthdaiane

    how ru i want to play with him