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justin bieber seventeen magazine 2012

HOT! Justin Bieber’s big bicep muscles!

Someone’s been working out. 🙂 I posted this pic on Facebook and Twitter earlier but since it’s soooooo hot I think it would be best to post it here because everyone should be able to enjoy it.

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  • Dede1017@gmail.com

    He is so fudging sexy!

  • katie

    ummm…YUM!!! BABY, BABY, OHHHHH!!!!

  • You are a jerk bieber!

  • Paola

    OMB! HE IS SO H-O-T, perfect and more

  • Anonymous

    what issue of seventeen is this?!
    he looks amazing 🙂

  • i love your muscles Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!

  • He’s so cute, he is the most wonderful guy in the world!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      u must not respect your dad. my guess is your underage and your dad wouldn’t approve of the things you do.

  • bieberlova

    hes sooooo flippin gorgous! <3 <3

  • whatever

    You keep working out mr. muscles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oliver

    My 9 year old brother has bigger biceps.

  • Emmie

    Wow that’s HOT!!!! Ur so sexy Justin!

  • Vanessa pascua

    Oh my Bieber! You are so cute

  • Paige bieber

    I love u sooooo much I know everything about u and I wish u could see u in person I am 12 yers old my room is full of u I love u this is how much I love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx plus 1000000 more I love u.

  • jessica coulle


  • justin bieber

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  • Stephen

    Call him twiggy.

  • justin bieber

    Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet all happy English Deaf talk Yes like Alejandra Magana

  • ashley