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Justin Bieber confirms Taylor Swift, Drake collaboration on Believe

We all knew this was in the works and today in a telephone interview with Kiss FM Justin confirmed the collab with Taylor Swift in the new album. But he said they wrote a song so that might not mean they are actually doing a duet. And also as expected, Drake will also be on Believe.

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  • Hey thats an old vid!!!!

    • The picture in the video is old but the interview is brand new.

  • reanel

    i love you justin bieber

  • M.antonia

    One thing, when is Justin coming to the UK, I couldn’t understand at the video. At 22 or 23? xx

  • LOVELY $$$$$$$$$$$

  • whatever

    you are so talented Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the way you are doing your hair now! I also love your song “boyriend”

  • whatever

    i wish i could meet you justin bieber