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Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga to make cameos in “Men In Black 3”

The two pop stars will make cameo appearances alongside Hollywood director Tim Burton.

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga will play aliens in the forthcoming movie, Men In Black 3. Director Barry Sonnenfeld said the pair will both make cameos on an alien surveillance board in the film, which will also feature a guest spot from Dark Shadows director Tim Burton.

“In this [film] there are a few people that you’ll see up on the surveillance board including Lady Gaga, Tim Burton, who probably knows more about aliens than I do, and let’s see who else… Justin Bieber,” he told Collider.

Men In Black 3 is in theatres May 25, 2012.

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  • Natasha

    Awwww, finally an explanation, JB is an alien. Coz i was always wondering, no one can be that perfect and still be human!! Thanks a lot Barry for clearing up the facts for us!! lol Don’t think Justin will be so pleased to have his secret reviled…kkkk

  • je t’aime justin i love you babbbbby

  • Brittney

    Awkward. They already finished filming this movie a LONG time ago. I even eas suppose to work on it. So i dont really believe this

  • Anonymous

    I hope its true.

  • Kedbieber

    will be hi5 ratings if its true!!