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justin bieber dancing rehearsal gq magazine photoshoot

Justin Bieber dancing rehearsal #FOCUSED on Viddy

Justin has been saying he’s been rehearsing hard and if I had to guess I think he’s here rehearsing for his performance for the Billboard Awards coming this weekend. The dance moves look amazing! Reminds me of Michael Jackson a bit. I think he’ll blow everyone away this Sunday night.

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  • worried

    so whats your opiion about the jelena break up tweet? 🙁

    • bea


      • Anonymous

        everyone on twitter is talking about it, i wanna know the truth.

        • Kirstie

          If they broke up oh well and that’s kind of good. I’m not a but they are both young and shouldn’t be tied down to one person. I’m 19 and I wouldn’t want to be.. If they did break up I really really really hope x1000000 that beliebers don’t start hating on Selena and saying nasty, mean and hurt full things to her. She doesn’t deseve that no one does, unless they cheated then all rules and respect go out the window. 😛

        • worried

          i know what you mean. but no one wants to be single.

  • alexandra


  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    can’t wait

  • JS belieber

    omg what happened with Jelena??? and guys our baby is growing so fast that i cant catch up no more … but hes always the Kidrauhl for us 🙂 REPLY about JELENA!!!! love u beliebers and JB <3

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE JELENA! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope he still sing while dancing all the those moves or rap.

    • Natasha

      yeah lets hope he is practicing the sing too, not just the dance, coz his vocal performance at The Voice was kind of a mess!!! =D

      • Anonymous

        ur telling the truth there about the voice. i wonder what happend?

  • jamie-lea


  • gabb

    those arms <3 he's in good shape

  • lexi

    i love justin bieber he is so so so so so so so so so so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT even hotter than taylor laurter

    • Anonymous

      lets not be crazy now. hotter than taylor lautner please.he dosent even have a six pack that is showable. taylor lautner has a 8 pack.

    • Mukta Sawant

      Yes u r ri8 JB is hotter dan Taylor Lauther

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    • ashley

      YOu shouldnt put your # on here anyone can call u now

  • Mukta Sawant

    JB u r the cutest boy in the whole universe.

    • ashley

      sexiest boy in the whole universe

  • Mukta Sawant

    Justin dances very well… 🙂

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  • Kandyce

    OMG . im so in love with him <3 he is so perfect . hes so sexy .

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