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justin bieber fisker karma

Justin Bieber having lunch at a Los Angeles Mexican restaurant May 18, 2012

The singer was spotted arriving in style for lunch at a Mexican restaurant with a friend before zooming off in the bright sunshine, which reflected off the striking vehicle.

Despite the highly noticeable car, Justin seemed keen not to be recognised, and spent much of the time with his baseball cap pulled down over his eyes as he returned to the vehicle with a male friend.

The singer wore typically casual clothes, sporting a red and white jacket, black trousers and white trainers.

He later headed to rehearsals for Sunday night’s Billboard awards which will see him perform.

Shy guy: Justin Bieber seemed keen to remain unrecognised today, keeping his baseball cap pulled down over his eyes as he left the restaurant.

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  • Anonymous

    The guy thats getting in the car with him his name is KHALIL he has the song girlfrien ringtone,he is a pretty good artist and he is aalso signed to the same record label as justin.

  • I Love You

    Hi Justin Bieber I Love You Justin Bieber.

    • Anonymous


  • Humi

    I’m a #diehardbielieber but does j.b really have to let his pants sag soo low al the time? I meen like I know its a style and (swaggyy) but honestly I don’t like it so low and showing off the boxers all the time ℓ☺ℓ!!! 🙂 *my fellow biebliebers #plzdontkillme!

  • Bieber is amazing

    I find it so funny that Justin was trying not to be reconsider but drives around the most flashest non blending in car I’ve ever seen!
    Lol funny times…. BIEBER IS Haawut!!!!

  • sha

    nice car jb u got style swagg

  • sarah

    je t’aime bcp justin <3 <3


    t.H.a.T IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH THE RED JEANS