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fisker karma justin bieber

What kind of car does Justin Bieber drive? The spaceship kind!!

TMZ has posted the audio from the 911 calls from the paparazzi chase last Friday. Apparently absolutely nobody knows what a Fisker Karma is. And a man even described it as a spaceship! lol

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  • lenaadff

    sexy car for a sexy man

    • chewbacca

      BITCH PLESE!!!!

    • asha

      I feel bad cuz they didn’t know how it is to be famous and he is geting out of the way of paparazzies. yet he didn’t have to go so fast

      • jasmine

        why do u feel bad ??????????????????????????? how old are you sexy

  • Tanja

    Yea man! Wat an awsOme car u have <3

    • asha

      He is my idol. someday i want to be like him NEVER GIVE UP AND YOU WILL BE LIKE HIMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • heemangi

    wat a car dude its just amazing
    perfect car for a perfect guy

  • bieberfevvveerr

    jbshrine is so shit now, hardly any updates

  • paska +alby

    omg the justin car is prfect for his so pretty and i liked so much… jusitn biebre preety adn car is pretty is perfectttttttt w belebears and w justin and selena gomezzzzzzz <3

  • corey

    i had no clue what a fisker karma was until justin bieber got one, so im not suprised the guy on the audio call was unaware of the car model.

  • Kane

    Its a stunning car it’s electric as well JB is amazing

  • Kirstie

    Well to be honest that’s not surprising. There arn’t that mang fiskers around so how would people know what kind of a car it is? I didn’t know about them till my brother was talking about it and that was in December

  • melissa escobar

    hey Justin bieber i love so much because you the best boyfriend ever have my name is Melissa escobar or girls friend Melissa escobar

  • chewbacca


    • cara

      I don’t knw y…you R commenting such crazy ass stuff about JB…its not like he gives a damm about what you’re saying about him…much love JB…I LoVE U…It just comes to Show that You tha tripple L appect (low lifE loser)…JB is perfect Just Tha Way He is…

  • Jakeetra

    Why you hating on Justin why are you even on this site people like you are so dumb Justin didn’t do anything to you oh and if you tried to date the car it would refuse

  • taylor

    beiber can you write can i just can you beiber and did you know me im taylor swift did you know that

  • Xander

    Dude that’s a sick ass car

    • laura

      I love you so much justin bieber

  • Abi Hayes

    Hwy just I love you soooooo much like sooo much!!! I live in Oklahoma!! I love you!! And nice car!! I am 11 years old!! Can I like meat you!!

    • Abi Hayes

      I mean hey

  • ravi

    hay baby

  • emerson

    i like your car i wish i could be a famous singer like you