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Listen: Justin Bieber ‘Journals’ (Full Album Playlist + Lyrics)

1. Heartbreaker Lyrics

2. All That Matters Lyrics

3. Hold Tight Lyrics

4. Recovery Lyrics

5. Bad Day Lyrics

6. All Bad Lyrics

7. PYD Lyrics

8. Roller Coaster Lyrics

9. Change Me Lyrics

10. Confident Lyrics

11. One Life Lyrics

12. Backpack feat. Lil Wayne Lyrics

13. What’s Hatnin’ feat. Future Lyrics

14. Swap It Out Lyrics

15. Memphis feat. Big Sean Lyrics

Buy “Journals” on iTunes.

Alone Lyrics

Wait For A Minute Lyrics

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  • Mayur Khan :)

    I love all Songs of Journals <3

    • Khloe

      I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Boss >.

        every one does you’r not the only one

  • sonja

    I’m going buy thsi cd when it’s come out.

    • j money

      me to

      • trinidie

        I’m gonna buy it too.

  • Kirstie

    I won’t be buying it. I only really lied 3 of the new songs. I’m not really liking his new songs. Idk why I just don’t like it. A lot of it sounds like he is whining.

    • j money

      i wont to buy it too

      • Anonymous

        Justin Bieber. Hayley. Fabritz

    • mary

      Justin went 2 jail

    • Nicole

      What the heck is your problem?! He clearly still misses Selena…. and as for whining… atleast it appears that this album is meant toward her… i personally will be buying it I love it!

  • mary

    I will buy #Journals when it comes out next Monday. I love #AllThatMatters, #AllBad, #BadDay, #Alone, #HoldTight, #Heartbreaker, #ChangeMe, #WaitAMinute, The only song I didn’t like was #Recovery. yes, and #Rollercoaster was amazing. Can’t wait to hear the 5 songs he adding new to the album.

    • destiney

      I will buy Justin Bieber journals

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber. Hayley. Fabritz

  • Stalksbieber (tumblr)

    omg, its my cover 😀 😀 😀

    • Stalksbieber (tumblr)

      well, it was before this got updated ^^

  • Bianca

    I love all of them !

  • saqouia

    i love justin bieber he will always be my mine and everybody don’t get mad because his mine it too later

    • destiney

      no he is mine not yours

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


  • Naz20

    I love justin bieber!!! 🙂 I will definitely buy this cd when it comes out!!! Lolz

  • sandy

    nice songs

  • Roxanne

    The new songs are totally perfect!! He’s grown so much since Believe ♥

    • amy

      i totally agree with you!! ♥

      • suraya moose

        i love ur song all that matters to me and i love u

        • thaliyah phiply

          love u so hard cannot stop thinking of u and cannot get u off my mined u so hot u know that

  • TayGee

    omg JUSTIN BIEBER just smashed it with his new tunes……. I LUVVV it

  • safaabelieber


  • mariaji

    his music has grown so much. love them all

  • destiney

    I like your songs

  • Natalie Bieber♥

    I love all that songs..:33
    I love Justin and I’m belieber forever♥
    I want to meet him..:'((

    • shari

      honest ?
      && really ?

  • silina

    i love you justin but stop this action did avallana want for you to do this???

  • bethany

    omg this is so good. and i love the justin bieber mug at Mugshot Mugz

  • Cailynn

    Lol Girls , we all know Justin Bieber is Hot and Charming and we all love him , but really there’s no need to fight over him

  • Britany BIEBER



    I love Justin …i love justin’s songs



  • nhyla

    Justin bieber

    • Dris

      Who said JBs a dog? U? Well,if his dog then ur a bitch

  • 8qywgidhkbjsx

    Justin is a dog. i hate him

    • bridget garcia

      you should get your eyes fixed because justin does not look like a dog maybe thats your reflexion ;()

    • sara is belieber

      fuck you justin is not a dog is a angel a god for the beliebers

  • bridget garcia

    i love you justin i loved u all my life ever since u started singing i love u so much every time someone talks good thing about u heart beats a little but when i talk about u my heart beats hard and when i hear your music i am just dead like i scream so loud when i hear u i love u so much do not for get that

  • bridget garcia

    i do not know how people hate u so much even when they should not they are just to jelous of u you should not listen to them they are dum they have no life

  • bridget garcia

    and by the way i love all your songs even your journals album i hear it all the time when i am alone i hear hold tight it just reminds me of alot of things
    and all bad

  • bridget garcia

    i some times call my self mrs. bieber

  • cindy carvente

    hey justin um i am trying to be a justin beliber and i also think that no one should treat you like that its also a good thing that you dont take girls that have make up because they are not themselves…i want to get to know you more bye justin….

    • bridget garcia

      you don’t even like justin bieber why are you in this websight

    • Dris

      Ur not worth of mrs bieber

  • sara is belieber

    i like this album ! i love bizzle i have the bieber fever !

  • Septi Nadilaa

    You are my perfect!;*

  • bridget garcia

    i love the movie i can not stop watching it

  • Bruna Varandas

    I Love you

  • Idiots.

    Wow. Justin has been trying to get people to buy this album but we can listen to it for FREE here. Good job Believers. You don’t know it but because you posted the entire album for free, no one is buy this album. GOOD JOB. I hate you for doing this to his career. You aren’t fans when you push his music free and illegally.

  • nhyla beaty justin bieber


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • nadia hamdy

    i looooooooooooooooooove it

  • honey

    Dear Justin I love you so you drive crazy

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Love single

  • Anonymous

    Love single

  • Chelsea Toman

    Love single

  • lily green

    When i first heard him sing I fell in love

  • Shade

    If I could have just one thing… *one thing… One thing*
    You’re on my mind babe
    Please don’t hesitate
    Bring it back to the rythym
    We can make a difference

    Lookin atcha 😉

  • Langston

    Hey Day Day

    • dbfbfbf


  • day day

    Hey lingston

    • day day


      • fvdfvdvtdv