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justin bieber milan italy concert


This has got to be like the millionth interview out of Belgium. Thought you might wanna watch it because it was kinda funny.



I don´t even need to mention that I´m a Belieber before I start to tell you the story about how Justin Bieber struck this little country called Belgium and caused chaos among people of all ages.

Part of my anxiety started last year when I bought my tickets to see Justin Bieber concert. I knew that since the minute I received an e-mail with the confirmations “Congrats your purchase of tickets to Justin Bieber concert at Sportpaleis 30/03/2011 has been confirmed” my mind wouldn´t let me rest thinking about this concert!

It may be hard for the North American and Canadian fans to understand this feeling, because they have Justin all year closer to them, and they can travel to a city close to the place they live where JB will perform eventually and have special contests to win signed CD, posters etc, that we don´t have here. But for us Belgian Beliebers this was the very first time we would see the boy that make girls go crazy, loose they´re minds, cry and get insane. I consider myself a Belieber, but I believe there are many types of Beliebers. The ones who freak out, that wanna marry him, be his girlfriends etc, and the ones like me that simply admire his music, his talent and his personality and somehow just want to have him as a friend.

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Justin is coming to Belgium!!

He’ll be holding a concert at Stadsschouwburg Antwerp het Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium on Wednesday March 30th, 2010. Tickets go on sale starting this coming Friday, December 3.

Other than that I don’t know any else really. If you’re from Belgium and you have more info please leave a comment.

Thanks to Stephanie and Stephan from Belgium for the heads up.