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“Extra” caught the fever with singing sensation Justin Bieber as the screaming masses welcomed him to the London premiere of his movie, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.”

The busy performer is jazzed about his new hit movie and being named International Breakthrough Act at the Brit Awards. “Everything’s been incredible. I couldn’t be happier.”

But what about doing something with Britney Spears, who has said she loved the Biebs’ movie? Bieber smiled, “I think she’s very talented. Hopefully, maybe we will be able to work something out.”


Britney’s video for “Hold It Against Me” just came out yesterday.

Britney Spears thanks Justin Bieber

Talking to WWD during a recent interview, Bieber was asked what type of scent he finds alluring on girls, to which he replied, “I actually like the Britney Spears perfume on girls. It smells good.”

To this, Miss Spears tweeted:

Awwww! Thanks @justinbieber! So glad you like my perfume on the ladies.

Britney Spears

Yesterday afternoon Justin’s twitter account hit a milestone reaching the 4,000,000 followers mark and bumping him up to the 6th most followed account on Twitter. Yay!

Though Britney Spears, who is currently the most followed on Twitter, has 5,419,741 followers, her average number of new followers per day is only about 6,214. That is not even comparable to the number of new followers that Justin gets, a little over 20,000 per day. If things continue at this rate, expected Justin to take over as the King of Twitter in about 4 months, just before we ring in the 2011 new year.

This would make him the undisputed king of the internet (most searched, most viewed video on Youtube, and most followed on Twitter).

Congrats JB!


The simple answer is NO.


Travis Garland’s SEXY TOGETHER (Demo):

This happens all the time in the music industry. When a song is made it gets shopped around. If an artist likes it then they record what’s called a demo to see what they sound like singing the song and whether they want to do the song. If they don’t like it then the people who made the song will try sell it to another artist.

Here is a good example. Lady Gaga started off writing songs for other people before she became famous. One of the people she writes for is Britney Spears. She originally wrote TELEPHONE for Brit but after doing a demo of it, Brit passed on the song. Here is Britney’s very early demo of TELEPHONE.

Since Brit passed on the song, Lady Gaga used it on her album instead and got Beyonce to join her:

The same thing with SOMEBODY TO LOVE. Usher made a demo of it first:

but end up thinking it would be a better song for Justin to do so therefore Justin ended up recording it.

So no, Justin didn’t steal or copy from Travis Garland. Travis just happened to do an early demo of it first.

Justin did a better job on both songs don’t you think?