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justin bieber selena gomez boca raton 2011

What is going on here?

Earlier today Justin tweeted that he was in Canada. Turns out it was a lie. He was on his way to Boca Raton, Florida to meet Selena Gomez.

I understand that he was trying to trick the paparazzi but honestly I’m kind of upset that he would lie to us like that. He tricked the papz at his own fan’s expense.

After seeing his Canada tweet a fan saw him in Florida and she seemed just as upset.

“Justin Bieber is a liar! He tweeted that he is in Canada and I just saw him in south florida leaving the studio with Selena Gomez.”

Does this upset you or am I being a bit too sensitive over this? What can I believe in the future? Arrrggggh


I had a feeling she was lying when she said she wasn’t going to celebrate her birthday with Justin. Please. Especially when he tweeted that it was “going to be a special day”.

The picture above was taken at a gift shop in Disneyland Anaheim, California yesterday July 22, 2011 after Justin proposed….

"Happy Birthday Baby" - Justin Bieber