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Showing the most-searched terms typed by people from around the world, Google puts Justin Bieber as the most popular person this year. The 17-year-old singer beats #2 Kim Kardashian, #3 Lady GaGa and #4 Nicki Minaj on the “Most-Searched People” list.

The Canadian singer undoubtedly comes out on top due to the buzzing news of his new albums, “Under the Mistletoe” and “Believe”, his then-ongoing tour, and his baby drama with Mariah Yeater. Even some of the mundane news about him being out and about also seemed to attract online readers.

Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, claims the sixth place behind Casey Anthony. Throughout the year, she repeatedly appeared on the front page of Google due to the release of her album “When the Sun Goes Down”, her tour, and health scare. Her relationship with the “Baby” hitmaker and her hosting gigs at some major events also got wide coverage on the web.



Pictured above is the rumored 2011 MTV Video Music Awards scheduled performances. As you can see Justin is “with special guest” for Chris Brown’s performance of “Next To You” while Selena is set to take part in the Britney Spears tribute with Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Victoria (Justice?).

Again is this the rumored list circulating the internet. Personally I don’t think it’s real. Selena has already confirmed that she isn’t taking part in the Britney tribute and I’ve yet to hear any news that Justin will also be performing this year. Guess we’ll have to wait and see this Sunday night.




justin bieber 2011 bet awards nicki minaj

Justin with Nicki Minaj presenting Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards earlier tonight. I didn’t watch but didn’t Justin perform with Chris Brown?

UPDATE: Well even if he didn’t here’s a picture of them together…

Justin Bieber & Chris Brown at 2011 BET Awards



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