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HaHa ha. If the biggest thing that Beliebers don’t know about Justin is that he wears Invisalign then i feel so honored for telling you that JB wears Invisalign to straighten his teeth on February 18, 2011. *bow*


Chance the Rapper has been named Spin Magazine’s “Rapper of the Year”.


This is the clip from yesterday’s interview on Power106 where Justin mentions he’s going to retire from music.

I don’t think we need to take it seriously. We don’t see the full interview and if we did we would probably see that he was just joking. If Justin made a retirement announcement he would have tweeted something about it after the interview. No worries people.

UPDATE: See? He’s just joking.

justin bieber freestyle power106

Justin was on Power106 earlier this morning and they challenged him to bring on Shawty Mane. Never one to back down, Justin impressed the heck out of them when he threw down a freestyle to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis”.