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E! Entertainment interview with Ryan Seacrest
NBC interview

A month ago while hanging out in the chat room I received a private message from a visitor of the site. The person asked me if I was the owner of the site and I said yes. We started chatting and she told me that she was a huge Justin Bieber fan and how she loved this site.

After a while she then told me that she had a secret. I asked her what it was and she told me she was Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Yah right!

At that time I have never seen Jersey Shore before but I did know who Snooki was but of course I didn’t believe her. I asked her to prove it by taking a picture with a sign that said “I love Justin Bieber” and send it to me. She said she couldn’t do that because she was afraid that the picture will go around and that people would make fun of her. So I left it at that telling her that I don’t believe her but she assured me she was the real Snooki.

Well guess what happened today? Snooki sent Ryan Seacrest a video of herself lip-syncing to “Somebody To Love” which really has me wondering…..could that really be Snooki??

Snooki if that really was you please email me (jb-shrine[at]hotmail.com) or find me in the chat room next time you visit. Would love to chat with you again because I watch Jersey Shore now and I love you!!