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justin bieber neo photoshoot winter 2013

Justin Bieber Adidas NEO Photoshoot Pictures Winter 2013

This are the full video and pictures from Adidas NEO’s winter campaign photoshoot.


justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-02 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-03 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-04

Justin Bieber Adidas NEO Photoshoot Winter 2013


justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-01 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-07 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-08 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-09 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-10 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-11 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-12 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-13 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-15 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-16 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-17 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-19 justin-bieber-adidas-neo-photoshoot-winter-2013-18

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  • kristinajones


    • Sally Nielsen

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      From sally

  • chelsie Bieber

    That is awesome of yours stuff in stuido and photoshoots…. 😀 i l love you jbieb 😉 <3

  • natavan

    wow.love you justin.from baku.

    • britney fitchwel

      wow wow luv u so much justin…….. i want see u -;*

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    how is he so perfeeecttt mashallaahhh <3

  • Laura

    Justin Bieber I want to see you are so cute

  • Ariella

    Justin Bieber is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!I love the way he looks and he’s amazing.He’s my cuttie and he’s doing a great job on what he’s doing so far. 🙂 I really love him.

    • Ariella

      He’ll always be my cutie and he looks handsome as always 🙂

  • Justin Bieber. Hayley. Fabritz.

    7792150. Justin Bieber.
    Yes. Loue.

    • hotchick

      we should go out justin

      • Ariella

        Justin will always be my cutie.

  • Pamela

    I love you JB

  • Pamela

    You are so cute

  • Stephanie

    U r so hot love the pics 😉

  • Paige

    I love u Justin Bieber

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  • Amir Mohammad

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