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Justin Bieber The Hollywood Reporter Photo Shoot Pictures 2013

justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-magazine-cover-2013The Hollywood Reporter wrote a huge article on JB. Go here to read it.

These pictures are actually really big. If you want to save the bigger versions of the pictures, right click and “save link as” instead of “save picture as”. 😉

justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-02 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-03 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-04 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-05 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-06 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-07 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-08 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-09 justin-bieber-hollywood-reporter-photoshoot-pictures-10 justin-bieber-the-key-short-film

justin-beiber-camera-hollywood-reporterBeautiful photo shoot pictures of Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun taken by The Hollywood Reporter November 2013

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  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    I concur, I cant wait to add this to my collection. Justin Bieber is the biggest & greatest young man that I as a mother, & woman cant wait until the day I get my M&G with. I know that the day I get it my life will be complete because that is the ultimate & nothing else can compare or meet the phenomenal and astronomical affects that will have on my life from that day forward.

    • Anonymous

      Ilu justin bieber

  • bryy

    lindo che

  • belieber(?

    no se, yo re doy a shastu :*

  • paige

    I Love you

  • Destiny

    I love justin bieber he is hot. And pretty I am on love with him:)

    • Maxi

      I do not like Justin bieber he is guy people say that he kisses with people:(

      • alishba

        atleast he is betterthan you

  • Anaita

    Me and my sister say that he is hot and pretty and beautiful:) 🙂 🙂 :):)

  • Pamela

    You are my love
    I love you
    You are my drem
    I am dreaming for you
    I looooooooooooooooooooooove you

  • saurav

    u r the best

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  • Gaby

    I love justin Bieber he is sooooo cute

  • Tiffany

    Justin u are my hero
    Justin u get me threw the hard times
    Justin I’ll always look up to you
    Justin u are an amazing person inside and out

  • heart broker

    u r the best jb tumahara koi jawaab nhi

  • shajara van navarro

    love <3 ..

  • #beleiber

    ur so fiitt and every pic of you is perf love u lots xxxx <3

  • Beiber's Boyfriend!

    Beiber’s a fuckin’ bird!!!

  • Bieber's Boyfriend!

    Bieber takes it in the ass while in the shitter!!!

  • saima

    I looooooooveeee you so much
    I want to sing like u …<3 <3

  • Christina. Higuera

    Justin. Bieber.
    I. Love. You. Best. Friends
    Christina and justin Bieber love. You
    Baby. Justin. Bieber. And. Christina

  • Thamidu

    Bieber you my hero