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Justin Bieber’s family are all on Twitter

Justin Bieber's family are all on Twitter

Any true Bielieber knows how super tight Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette are. So step one to getting on Justin’s good side is being nice to his mom, right? How do you even go about getting on Pattie’s radar? Twitter, of course. In fact, we have the Twit facts for warming up to hiswhole family. Both of Justin’s parents have Twitter accounts. His mom is @STUDIOMAMA and his dad Jeremy’s profile is @lordbieber. Don’t forget about his stepmom Erin – her account is @BieberMommy. Check their pages for awesome photos of Justin just hanging out at home with the fam. Moving on to Bieber’s extended family: @tammybieber is the Canadian heartthrob’s aunt, and keep up with his uncles, @/BigDaddyBieber and@rob_bieber

Whew! Feels like the whole family is staying connected to the globetrotting teen through Twitter, but that makes sense for a guy who doesn’t stay in one country for very long.


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  • Kate

    You forgot his Grandma Kate @muse88ca

  • Kate

    You forgot his Grandma Kate @muse88ca

  • hi
    wat are all your family name plz i need it for my homework
    can i have it plz

  • Cindy Foncea

    Hi! my name is Cindy and I like ALL of your songs ILY<3

  • emma

    Correction: Erin’s twitter account is not @BieberMommy

    Its @Mama2JazzNJaxon

  • jada

    hi my name is jada and i love u bieber im the real bieber fan