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Justin Bieber interview with TMZ Feb 2011

Justin called into TMZ today and was asked about how Common tripped him in the Celebrity NBA All-Star game, the CSI editing mistake (which Natasha pointed out to us before), his new haircut, the new music video for “That Should Be Me”, his possible new apartment in LA for his 17th birthday, and the fact that TMZ found out he sent truck loads of flowers to Selena Gomez on Valentine’s Day! But of course he denied it.

Great interview by TMZ. They know so much about him, probably even more than Justin knows himself.

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  • justin bieber msn

    • mahnoor

      hi whats up?

    • destiny

      i lluv justin bieber he is awsome and i wish i could meet him in real life but he dosent no me and my mom wont let me find his number on youtube but i found his fan one then he haad to change it i wish he didint alwase change it the i would have a chance to talk to him

      • destiny

        hes so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who agrees i do

        • Anonymous

          what is his phone#

        • Anonymous

          hey chris brown your cute
          call me when i gt my phone soon

    • Anonymous

      he hot

      • mrs bieber (lol)

        Justin bieber is soooooo!!!!!!!! Hot OMG I love u Justin, your just the best!!!!! Love u LOADS! I will always love the biebs NO stopping me!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 wow! I just adore u JB AHHHHH!!!! Love u I really really really do.

  • lao

    your awsome from lao richard

  • ii love justin bieber and he was my boyfriend before.

    • Anonymous

      No I was not

      • andy

        how would you know that

  • justin gosto muito de vc quero saber quando vc vem ao BRASIL??
    bjoosss te adorooooooooo

  • Justin Bieber eu adoro vc não pelo motivo de vc ser muito famoso mais sim por vc não ter desistido dos seus sonhos de ter confiado em si vc acreditou teve muita fé em DEUS e conseguiu chegar no seu objetivo continue sempre assim sendo a pessoa que vc é, te desejo muitos sucessos e muita paz, saúde pra vc e pra sua família.

  • mahnoor

    u looks too nice in your all pics.

  • Anonymous

    Hey I luv Justin bieber 2

  • Erica Nicole

    hi justin i love you so much and i hope to come to your concert

    • destiny

      i love him to justin when can u go to fargo i miss u im grounded from u so ya plz go to fargo

  • Yanelli

    U r so stupid for dating Selena Gomez she is such a slut and a bitch she’s just like Miley Cyrus a whore!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but the truth hurts like a bitch

    • ciara

      Why would you ppost something like that on INTERNET

  • Serina

    Im a big fan nd I love u nd selena u guys r.a really cute couple good luckk

  • 4ever

  • hi is it t that u and g because my friends dont like u but i do lol

  • destiny

    ya kitty i agrree

  • yasmine matar

    justin please tell me your new msn e mail ok please ok bye love u JB

  • yasmine matar

    i love u jb cant wait to go to your concert someday in la never say never

  • gmgmg

    wow i love u justin!!!! did any of u guy here that hes punched selena in the face i dont think he could ever do that and really i dont know why he has haters hes AMAZING!!!! and plus who couldnt love him lolz i love justin ,maria

    I love u JB i got your wallpager and my room and i on all your sing i love u JB.

  • justin this is my first time diong this i never every get to come to your concerts and i wish we can get to talk eith each and your gave a wonderful son that bacamed talented and she is so proud you just put a smile on her face hit me on twitter or call me at 7377728 or come vist me at tucalloosa we were in the april 27 tornado so please get in touch with me

  • to Justinbieber can i hath your phone number Im a fan of you my best signer is Justinbieber love from Hannah squire xxxxxxx

  • ciara

    i love you more than anything in the world if you would just do a free concert somewhere in mississippi

  • Ada reynolds

    some people see justin and scream why i love justin but you do t have to scream in his face what if somebody did it to you you would be pissed off i want tk be a singer one day and if i become one IF i do i wouldnt want people screaming in my face some people need to settle down…..luv ya jb