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Justin Bieber on Daybreak UK Feb 2011


“I didn’t have a Valentine because I was working all day.” ha!

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  • i love u justinbieber

  • Holly Ennis


  • Holly Ennis

    ILOVEYOU JUSTIN BIEBER! you dont realise how much you mean to me ;O <3 <3 <3

  • Ione Haynes

    Hey, I met Justin Bieber at a meet and greet in London!!! He put his arm round me!!! x
    I <3 you Justin xx

  • Ellieeee

    I love justin so much i went to his concert and i was lucky enough to be the one less lonely girl then met him backstage best time of my lifee xxxx

  • ralf

    hi call mi 71487920 plz cuz selena iz weth mi plz call