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Justin Bieber really loves Selena Gomez – Says “I Love You”


Selena Gomez couldn't wait to see Justin Bieber backstage at the 2011 Grammy Awards

From strolls in Santa Monica to cuddling in the Caribbean, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship has been nothing short of a whiriwind. And J-14 has exclusively learned that even though they’ve only been dating for three months, they’re already saying, “I love you!” In fact, sources tell J-14 that Justin was the first one to say those three words to Selena!

“Justin’s head over heels for her,” a source tells J-14.

Too bad the comment system is down. Curious to see what you guys think of this news. I think it’s so sweet of him. Boys never like to say those words and especially be the first one to say it. Selena is such a lucky girl.

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  • Marrisa

    Justin bieber is really sweet to say that. He really respects women. They are one of the cutest celebrity couples. Some beliebers don’t like them together but if you really beliebe then you should be happy that Justin is happy. you’re not going to get any closer to him liking you if you send death threats to his girlfriend.

    • Terri

      Amen girlfriend. What’s hating going to get you? True fans want to see him happy no? Of course if she hurts him … then she has us to answer to. Be gentle with our baby Selena …

    • Anonymous

      you are spot on

    • where did you see the real video ?? i know its in YOUTUBE but what did you search ?

    • Anonymous

      I agree tbh he respects Selena and I do think he loves her or he wouldn’t be with her now in 2012 but he also loves his fans but I think his love for all his fans is different to his love for Selena. I do agree they are a cute couple and I do hope they have a happy future together babies ect lol I do think JB would make a cute baby and they would be fab parents. Tell you what their kids won’t want for nothing love ect and my 8 year old wouldn’t mind JB being her daddy and selling be her mom lol x

      • Anonymous

        I ment selina lol not selling lmaoo soz auto spell on my I- phone does my head in lol. I agree too if anyone is a real fan of JB then they wouldn’t mind him having a gf wife ect they would want him being happy. Xxx

      • shannon+singing=famous

        no duh of course his love for his girlfrend is different love for fans

        • Yeah he loves Selena More than his Fans

        • I THNK DIS IS HOTT

        • sandy

          come on shut up they are wonderful witheach other

      • that is so fake to me , how he know about just about selena gomez , in 2007 , she was to young to have boy friend just at that time , love david conway

        • 389

          NO there perfect together and there in LOVE !

    • Haha ; they broke up πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        they havent

    • ChanelDTK

      i’ve always hated her, even before she got with justin

    • Belieber 4 ever and always!

      VERY VERY VERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!

    • candy(yes that is my real name)

      that is so cute i think he really loves her

      … lucky girl!!! <3 <3

  • Briana

    I dnt like dat dey r goin out nd dat dey have been goin out for 3 months wit out tellin the world but if he is happy im happy πŸ™‚

  • Selena Gomez

    I LOVE justin he is so great ,hes cute,funny ,cool !

    • nur firtrisyia

      selena gomez and justin bieber are like sister and brother isn’t it?

    • Bebe

      WOW so cute Selena Gomez

  • Abbey :P

    they had sex :/

    • Anonymous

      How do you know?

      • mandy

        they did nott

    • Anonymous


    • no stupidaSS

    • Anonymous

      So what?

    • they had sex everybody knows this c-mon dahhhhhhhhhhhh they already dating for 1 year and 4 months and i think jelena is a very cute couple i wish i could be in her place but i will be one day i will never give up

    • Anonymous

      For sure! i cant see them being virgins and playing grabass and grabeverything else in public or private without already crossing that line. That would be disrespectful.

  • I love Justin Bieber he is my idol I’ll never stop liking him……..NEVER SAY NEVER was the BEST MOVIE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!:) I wish i could meet him sooooo bad, like him suprising me in my bedroom like he did to the girl on the Ellen Degenerous Show she was soooooo lucky to meet him in person and I think justin bieber and selena gomez are a good couple but i wish he was single so he see his fans more often like me!!!:)

  • Giselle C.

    At first I tought that Selena wasn’t good for him but she is the only Disney channel girl that hasn’t turned out to be a hoe and I actually like her with him gotta admit that I was in a relationship with Justin (in my world xD) but I’m really happy for them (: but my best guy friend on the other hand hates her now xD guys…. Hahaha I would love to meet them both ( not together I think that would be akward for me LOL)

    • obama yo mama

      demi lovato isn’t a hoe :/

      • mandy

        apparently you havent seen her latest pics

      • Thats Right.
        Demi Is not A hoe.

  • Charliann

    I think that you and selena gomez are really cute together and love you two as a couple it great seing you happy
    Love you Justin Bieber..x

  • thats so sweet of justin to say that she is the luckiest girl in the whole world!!!!!!!! 8)

    • I hate Justin beber becase he chety on
      his girl frend for a boy.

      • Anonymous

        what does that even mean???

    • Anonymous

      justin bieber

  • i think the are the best couple in the whole wide world

  • i love you justin so much baby

  • Anonymous

    i would die for u justin .. i absolutley love you soooo sooooo much and always will … u dont need selena… and if i met u i would cry my eyes out .. i LOVE YOU JUSTIN <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • jen

      more for me

    • sasa

      yeah he don’t need selena he must be for me only for meeeeee
      lol just kidding but i hate selena she isn’t da one for him

      • Anonymous

        So you don’t want him to be happy?

        • I only wish the Best for Him

        • what does love have to do with it just by justin bieber,love david conway

  • Kenzie Lanea

    Just bieber im you’re biggest fan(: and I think you two are really cute together ! if you ever read this just wanted you to know that i love all you’re songs i think you’re amazing! and i love how you stay grounded

    You’re biggest fan Kenzie. L. Hatcher

  • Anonymous


  • justin bieber and selena gomez are so cute and so sweet together.

  • JUSTIN ..I WANT TO ASK U A QUESTION when u come to israel in 14/4/2011 do u want to get somebody elss ??

  • Jenni

    I love Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, they are a PERFECT, i hope they be together forever…..

    • jen

      if they will be together and forever
      what will happen to you?????
      justin don’t need you anymore ‘cuz she has selena
      what if selena is just playing justin and wants beliebers to jealous???

  • BiEbErFeVeR

    I love Justin nd Selena they are the perfect couple ever:-)

  • justin bieber is sexy XD

    awww, justin is so sweet.
    i’m a belieber, and i’m happy that he’s happy
    if you’re a TRUE belieber, then you should be happy for him too.

    • Anonymous

      i hate selean gomez so bad πŸ™

      • Kayla


  • Miley

    I love u J.B you are very beautiful;) and you beutiful singing

  • skye

    selena and justin should date they make a good couple πŸ™‚


    selna and justin are really sweet together…………but……………i just dont like them together…….i am happy justin is happy………but……………………idk……….Justin might get to carried away with there relationship……..and just think…….if you get picked for the ‘one less lonely girl’ at his concert or something………………he cant really be all that lovey dovey…………cause he has a gf………idk just my opinion……….but i still think that they are really really really cute together!!

  • matilda.drew-bieber


  • Monica Phillips

    i think that justin is very sweet for sayin ” I love you” to selena

  • maya ~ i

    i luv u justin plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz marry me im 16 plzzzzz i want 2 meet u i hate my life cuz im diabetic and i dont understand my homework plzz read this i want 2 meet u so bad u r the only highlight i have in my life i just want 2 meet u idc if it is even 5 minutes plzzzz i cry everyday cuz i hate my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((( IM CRYING RIGHT NOW I LUV U

    • Anonymous

      That’s a stupid reason to hate your life. Others have gone through worse and stay strong.

  • Aom

    no no no no
    this is fool news
    She is Bicth!!!!
    Justin no way love her

  • Pattie

    I love him is amazing! write gg 34556549 . ; **

  • Terri

    Honestly it’s none of our business whether or not they have “consummated” their relationship but I feel it’s a 50/50 chance they did. Something inside says they did and there’s also a part of me that believes they are scared. Dunno. Don’t know enough about Selena to speculate. I think they are an adorable couple; they seem happy together but she (like most girls) I’m sure can be pouty and possessive – wouldn’t you be jealous if you were his girl and he was touring the world without you and all these girls and women of all ages wanted to sit and make out with him? How do they act so normal when they haven’t seen each other for months? I don’t think I’m made out of that strong of stuff. Kudos to them for being able to … especially when the press keeps saying that she’s going to parties with other guys and showing pics of him and beautiful girls. Think about it. Give her some credit. Until she hurts our boy she’s golden in his eyes and should be in ours. Spewing hate for someone he loves is like walking into the living room of his house and talking trash about a loved one. Is that the way to Justin’s heart? I don’t think so. And I think he deserves fans who spread love and kindness rather than hate and animosity. Jealousy is a really ugly monster and not one of us doesn’t struggle with it. The press gives the Beliebers a bad name already so can we turn that around? Yeah we can!!!!!!! <<<<3

  • paola


  • grace

    i love justin & i think he has amzing songs<3
    him and selena are a cute couple and every girl out there wishes they could be her(including me)


  • DAMN, that selena girl is lucky. haha lol
    JUSTIN WE LOVE YOU β™₯ (mostly me.)

    • caca

      shuthuhpp u peace of shitt nobody fckenn likes u especially himm shuthuhpp he likess me (and only me)

      • Anonymous

        get a life he is mine missy

      • Anonymous

        ar u have mently problem

  • yes they luk perfect toghter n i <3 both of them bt justin mr…….i <3 u u r my ispiration…my desire i wish gud luk in life along with selens….:)<3u both

  • yes they luk perfect toghter n i <3 both of them bt justin mr…….i <3 u u r my ispiration…my desire i wish gud luk in ur life along with selena….:)<3u both

  • nicki

    i love justin he so hot i wish ican mery him because hes my lover n i saw his movie

  • Anonymous

    i love him

  • eyes angel

    its soooo sweeeet ov him… if he is happy i m happy <3 u Justin <3<3<3<3

  • i also love them … yup selena and justin are cutest couple bt in news selena said that justin is like a small bro … and in interview justin said he loves selena as a sis … so m so confuse .. that they r gf ya bro sis ….

  • zeinab

    aww thats soo cute of him to say and its so true most guys wont be the first to say i love u any girl is lucky to have him as a boyfriend…. but right now selena is the luckiest girl im the world.. ily jb πŸ™‚

  • Belieber97

    You know what sucks…They started dating on my birthday.:(

  • Anonymous

    he is great with selena and all of u shuldnt be jealous casue thts dumb… like seriously he is just a normal 17 year old boy who is goin out with a normal 18 year old girl who is just one year older. sooo stop sayin that ur goin to hurt her its sounds so childish and psycho which ovbiously shows either some of u r obessed tweens or just unpopular cant get a guy girls. like come on. hellooo try to go for guys that r actually goodlooking and all out there rite infront of u guys. ik alot of ppl like him but gosh thts just called fan crushes u usually get ovr them when u get older. an remeber since justins a regular guy i doubt he will find it cute tht ur alll asking him to marry u and love u. come guys u dont approach a guy from ur school like tht. thts why he likes selena cause she acts down to earth an not like he is justin beiber famous nope she sees him as justin beiber normal teenage goofy fun cute etc. regular guy. so just support the realtionship or forget about him. see easy resolution.

  • iris rafael

    justen i love you and i’m verry happy for you and for selena gomez and i love her to so have fun bye

  • justin please date me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justinn

    he justi

  • dyla

    gatai nyo -.-

  • heeee! they r so sweet! <3

  • nur firtrisyia


  • Ameliaa

    She is so lucky πŸ™‚ they are such a cute couple i do love Justin πŸ˜› and its nice to see him so happy πŸ™‚ i hope they last <3

  • Yarden

    Oh come on ! Justin is WAY better than Selena Marie Gomez

  • *taajae*

    i luv u justin. ive got to say that when i first herd that him and selena were dating i wasnt that thrilled about it but when u really think about it it is his choice and it is all about his happyness and if hes happy or not and where will u get if u keep sending death threats to selena. nowhere so id suggest u stop trying

  • *taajae*

    oh an btw they are such a cute couple id luv to meet both of them

  • Jessica

    Isn’t it illegal in america for an 18+ women to be with someone younger…hmm….But I’m happy for them (:

  • Chloe

    I think it is adorable, but they broke up. So he’s single now, and the probability of him dating some one unpopular is like, 0%. So we should stop making stupid ideas about marrying him, and stop finding ways to sneak into his room (seriously, give this guy a bit of privacy). He’s just a regular guy thats good looking and has a talented singing voice. So stop wasting your time dreaming about this fuy and find a hottie in your own neighborhood!!!!!

    • Lizzie x

      Dont dare tell anyone to STOP dreaming about him. we love him. & who gives a hairy shit if were never gonna get him? NEVER SAY NEVER.
      Unless you love him like all us bielebers on this page then…… GET YOUR SELF TO FUCK? πŸ˜€

      • Jazsmin M

        Lizzie is you like what 10? Grow up please Stop cussing for one thing please calm you chiz . Get your period and grow up thx πŸ™‚

        • Anonymous

          Big up Chloe and Jazsmin! Seriously Lizzie get a life you’re like 5?

        • Anonymous

          wrong to say online

        • WROG TO SAY WHAT ???????


    • erin austin taylor

      r u saying that justin bieber and selena broke up cuz if they did yaaaaaaa i mean awwwwwww

      • I THANK I GO GOOD WITH JB πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • I HOPE

    • Sandy

      They did not broke up!!!

    • mary

      hahaha i agree

    • Anastasia luvs JB!

      But he is not just any guy!! He is Justin bieber the hottest and best singer in the world he knows how to sing yes and he is good looking yes but he is not just any guy!! Ok so please stop saying that he is because he is not!!!!!

    • Aniestin

      they never broke up

    • :)

      i totally agree with Chloe πŸ™‚ if we act like this the chances of him dating a fan are less and less plus dont send death threats to people its not nice

    • Hannah

      Cloe hes not JUST a guy. hes basically everything a girl wants. you really shouldnt stop believing, ever. Justin said “If you don’t dream big, than whats the use of dreaming, if you don’t have faith, than whats the use of believing” if you guys are real beliebers you would listen to his words and not fight against them. We all want to be married to Justin I MEAN WHO DOESENT?! but we all know thats theres a 1/ 100000000000000000 chance we will. Just let us be happy and dream big, theres nothing wrong with having an imagination.

      • Izzie x

        TOTALLY, he’s so a true dayy8ummnn hot talented speacial guy. i just love him so much! hes an inspirations too! <3 <3

    • Shelly

      You said it πŸ™‚ Dont let that weird bitch underneath get to you!

    • TaraplusJB

      they didnt break up! there in Hawii together!

  • umm… excuse me.. what will i type in the youtube seach to find the video about this.. pls. reply..


  • Marie Ludvarova

    naw yous are so cute toghether!!,, i was just hoping it would be me doing that one day with you!!,, and plz call me on 0450130418!!! πŸ™‚ plzzzzzzz i really need to show you my song about you!! <3

    • I think Selena is a girl who just wants his popularity rise or would like more famous for dating a superstar guy.
      And, in the past, Selena admitted Justin as his brother.Only because he’s still a child.What is it? So unprofessional …

  • olive

    i hope they broke up

    • gomez suks

      ya me too .. hate selena gomez …


      • katelynn

        I agree!!(: i dont like her either(:

    • ME TOO πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • i hope they broke up to

    • Andrea

      I hope too! He doesnt love her …..

    • yasminlovesJB

      mee 2 i LOVE U JB <3 <3

  • selena

    why u all really wants to me and justin broken up!!!!!

    • mrs bieber

      because you’re totally shit ! rasa kacak ! just want his famous ! biatch ! ihateyou!

    • erin austin taylor

      look selena people are just mad that u have justin and we dont i think yall r a sweet couple i was mad at 1st but i had to face it

    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • i want to say i want u 2 broken up because we all liked him first then u came along and now all he cares about is u not his fans thats why

    • sam

      oh common justin is a kid.he can’t sing.
      I want em to broke up and they will broke up and never link up in life again…
      Selena in most of your interview you say that you love your fans and you do everythig for em.just listen to the voices of your fans.
      Your fans dont wanna see you in a relationship until you are 28….

  • i hate u bitch this is selena gomez and thats why i lied bitch thats why thats not yo baby and if it was fuck u

  • gomez suks

    selena gomez suks

    • kawaii justin

      why u guys hate selena very much??

      • TaraplusJB

        because she changed justin! he sayed ‘fans’ not beliebers. Justin missed his little step-sisters 4th birthday party to go to Hawii with Selena. They could have postponed the trip so he could party with his sister. Selena just wants fame, anyway. heres some facts to prove that
        1. Jonas Brothers are popular, Selena dates Nick
        2. Twilights popular, Selena dates Taylor
        3. Glees popular, Selena dates Cody (Fin)
        4. Justins popular, Selena goes out with him.
        Selena wants attention she even said she doesnt see there 5-month relationship lasting. All she wants is attention and everyone is giving her just that!

  • gomez suks

    selena gomez suks and bitch ..

  • hahahaha……poor girls………you think they broke up …..im sorry but they still on the board ……

  • I don’t understand why people are telling us not to believe. So what if we dream about marrying Justin? It’s possible;he’s always telling us that. He made that very clear. And,yes,I do agree. We should let him live his life because right now, he loves Selena. That doesn’t mean that can’t change. He’s only 17, it’s not like they’re getting married or anything. And, I do believe a fan can have a chance with him? Why? Because he loves his fans and he said, “I’ll fall in love with whoever I fall in love with.” Doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not. Let us dream. Maybe,just maybe..it can be possible. β™₯

    • Anonymous

      so true!

      • Anonymous

        Honey, sorry to burst your bubble but Justin says that to sell records. He is marketed as a single guy “just like you” who sings lovesongs to girls on stage. If he would say “noo my fans will never get me” he would be selling half the records he does now. He appreciates the fans as fans, loves the fans because it is THEM that make it possible for him to live his dream, maybe bedded the good looking ones in the past, and now he’s taken. And he will want an equal not someone who fawns over him all the time. He should be honest but he isnt…

  • justin bieber hot love sabrina hi justin bieber el paso texas

  • m a

    why all of u says bad things shut your mouse

  • erin austin taylor


  • justin and selna are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • im not saying babd stuff iam anlly a 11

  • OMG I LOVE ME OMG :):):):):):)

  • Selena suck

    Wow that comment that selena left was pretty rude. I now hate that BITCH.

  • sam

    what???? You all gotta be kidding me.
    Justin beiber is such a big joke.i hate him and most of the people does not give a dam about him.
    He is such a creep.total pathetic.
    He just kill those song he sing.
    If that song would have been sung by someone else it would have been a big hit song.
    And what?justin and selena.
    Oh common,selena is so tallented,cute and beautiful girl.justin wants to be his boyfriend but he will not be able to be her dishwasher.
    It is just an infatuation for selena and she will understand it in few days…

    • Anonymous

      what the fuck are you going on about piss off and ! go and stalk someone elses website just to say you hate he is more rich famous and popular than you will ever be and umm if you havent seen pictures him and selena are dating

  • Shana

    justin and selena are cute together, i hope they didnt break up!

  • olivia

    justin oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh you know you two look little good togetherbut you know ihate her . if it is your one girl than marry her thanif she is not than marry me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love u . i am not just abig fan of your okay?????????????????????????????

  • Justin come to Greece please………!!!!

  • JustCosICan

    man i love justin bieber :’)
    I went to his concerrrrt :’)

  • Sweeet.

    Look at Kenny’s face.!! :)) LOL. :)):))
    Luw yaa Justin.! <333333.

  • D


  • Kayla

    I don’t think they should go out it breaks my heart bc I love Justin and I hate seeing him with another girl like Selena i would die for Justin he is my life I bet Selena lost a bunch if fans bc I bet girls all over the world feel the same way I now refuse to watch her show and even look at a picture if her

  • Liahna

    okaay, so yeah Justin and Selena are going out, but Justin did say that he loves his fans and would do anything for them just like we would for him, and he doesn’t wanna lose us,and we don’t wanna lose him. But have to admit Justin has been spending a lot of time with selena and it feels like he is forgetting about us and moving on, and all though it might not be that case. It just feels like it, because of how much we love him, and we are use to seeing him single and not seeing him with another girl.But we will have to get use to it, because there will be more girls and they won’t be us so it’s understandable that we feel this way and we’re upset, but doesn’t mean we should be hating on selena because whoever is thats whats driving a wedge between you and justin. She is a lucky girl.

  • ana

    waw they are very nice i love them selena and justin i hope see you are marry and make a big party be beautiful more than kates party

  • justin and salena this is how the story starts

    they date and kiss for hours then they fall in love they the get married and then they have sex then they get a baby after a few months then they start hating eachother they get divorrced and then justins all urs girl

  • fu… all of u

    • Pia I Love You Justin!!!!

      What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pia I Love You Justin!!!!

    Awwww.You must love Selena.And I searched in google that Justin and Selena’s relationship is FAKE!!!!!!!!!!….. I dont really beleive that.I think its okay cause his fans still Justin/you but im not sure if its okay

    But I feel bad for you Justin
    I wanna be your girlfriend!!!!!
    jokeing im still 10 but I want to be

  • Pia,I Love You Justin!!!!

    Selena,your a lucky woman/girl
    I want to be like you

  • Brii(:

    no but seriously.. i quess you quys can dream as lonq you know that half those dreams are not qoinq to come true.. at ALLL. so sorry

    • aya and amira

      we want you to sing in the middle est please we love you

  • Dalia :]

    All you haters Shut the fuck up who the hell r u..
    You dont have fame money god Knows u have beauty
    Justin Bieber im sorry i didnt recall u having ur own movie on dvd too..
    Selena Gomez do u have like a record deal and a actress.
    Say Everything you want ok but they dont care because they r better than u

  • Anonymous

    honestly.. i dont like “jelena” even tho i know justin is head over heels in love with her i think its too much :/ ILOVEJUSTINBIEBER just.. justin β™₯

  • Anonymous

    I love justin too, but if you all love him you should be happy for him no matter who he is. So just be happy for him and selena! <3

  • ii think SELENA GOMEZ dosen’t like JUSTIN BIEBER bcuz she should be the ones that should say i love you first….they should break up

    I LOVE U J.B:)

    • anonymous

      I really agree because Selena Gomez does not even like guys like justin she can’t stay with a guy or stay in a relation ship for more than 6 months

  • I can see jaden smiths little head and braids in the background.

  • Sheisafamemonster


    Selena: I haven’t found someone yet that I really love.

  • nadiya

    i hate selena i love only jb :'(

  • youre so LUCKY selena !! :))

  • bieber lover

    awwwwwwwww selena and justin are soooooo cute togethere you guys are cool and i love you justin bieber and selena gomez.

  • i do not really like selena but i hate to admit they look cute together!!!

  • justinlover

    omg people just let the kid live his life if he wants to be with selena let him its not like there going to get married

    • But if they don’t break up soon and if the years go by fast and he’s head over heals for her and they did get married and if that does happen I will scream so loud that hell can hear me then be sad until they get a divorce then be happy so then Justin can be single and ready to mingle


    <333333333333 awww πŸ™ ILYUH JB NEVER SAY NEVER! cant wait till november concert though


  • kawaii justin

    justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i totally love him!!!!!!!!!!

  • kawaii justin

    i go justin bieber concert in malaysia,i want to go backstage!!!!!!!!!!!justin,i want to see you!!!!!!!plz read this

  • Tessa

    Okay wow, if you guys were real fans you would realize that justin loves selena, no matter what you think, and I’m honestly happy for them, if you were a real fan, you would be happy, because he is happy.

  • tayla

    everyone chill selena and justin are going out now but that doesnt mean they will be together their whole life ,i still luv justin but he is a 17 year old boy they date differnt girls through their life and the people that r sayin to stop dreaming and believeing screw u let us be happy we know that we will probally never marry justin but theres allways a chance so get of ur high house and let us dream big

  • kawaii justin

    i agree,if we are justin fans,we should happy far him

  • kawaii justin

    justin,plz come and see me!!!!!!!!!!plz read this justin.

    • Anon

      Get a life

    • Anonymous

      ur fucking lame

      • antonia

        kawaii justin ur fucking lame he doesnt even know u exsist go home lock yourself in your closet and never come out

        • Anonymous

          That’s not nice to say

  • kiera newbon jbs #1 fan

    justin,plzzzzzzzzzzz come back to ireland but this time go to belfast thank you!!! read this jb !!! read this to jb

  • Albina Boulitsidou 1 jb's fan

    Justin PLEASE come to Cyprus and have a concert here….

    With LOVE Albina!!! <3 <3

  • forget all them places justin bieber needa come to jacksonville florida.!(:

  • mila

    Hi justin and selena you guys are so awesome iv loved both of you for as long as i can remember it has always been my dream to meet you i hope you guys have alot of fun.

    • kenya

      i love ur comment u not being a hater about him and selens going out .i also thank the are great together and really cute the are one of my favorit starz

      • Gabriella

        I agree they do make a good couple! I’m very happy for them:)!

    • tim

      i thought u hated jb. btw i am tim

    • Anonymous

      Hi I’m antonia richmond and I would love too meet Justin bieber and selena gomez.

  • mila

    Hi selena i wish i had a sister as nice and prettie as you i have posters of you all over my room you too justin i always wish i could be a star like you guys one day.

    • Anonymous

      I’m antonia Richmond and I wish i can become a singer like Justin bier and Selena gomez.

  • shaWty#drew

    owhhh ,,,, justin, are you love your fans like you really love with your girlfriend, selena ??????

  • fan number#1 justin

    congratulations on your relationship and Selena … you deserve with Selena Gomez πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Cuttieface23#

    Omg! Justin youu have Changed a lot lately since now you’re going out with Selena . . . I’m really happy you’re happy . . but we all wish we had the old you back

    P.S take care lovee me! hope you read this

    • i TOTALLY agree!!!! justin has really changed from singing too ALL girls to just selena and from being a BIG christian to sticking his middle fingeer up at paparozzi!!! WE NEED THE OLD JUSTIN BACK HES A ROMODLE TO A LOT OF PEOPLE…….well he used to be at least!!!!

      • I think Justin has changed also and has not done many songs and in my opinion I think they should not be together he could do so much better and here’s some addvice for Justin try not to kiss girls in public it makes your fans so upset and that’s really low I heard some even cry but still you could do some much better but I still want you to be happy .

      • Bridge

        AMEN camy.Dont u wanna kill her?

    • Anonymous

      Thts true

  • mb11

    heyy justin i waz one of ur fanz but now i follow mb have fun with selena:(

    • Bridge

      I was a fan once.But now I like Mitchell Musso. πŸ™

      • Chelsie Bieber

        just bc hes dating selena doesnt mean you still cant be a fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MeLovesBieber

    justin’s super cute there πŸ˜€

  • kenyetta

    i love u and Selena ur like soo cute together :Di wish me and my bf was like that lol:C!if u and her ever get in a fight its because ur arguing about who’s hotter lol i really love :X u selena and justin i jus wish u would come to florida so i can meet u lol but its cool its cool ;P

  • hey justin i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch pls come to sri lanka and plzzzzzzzzzzz have a concert pls read this justin dont forget im your number1 fan luv u

  • I love that Justin and Selena are going out! They are so cute together! They are both such great people and i am a fan of both of them! I love their music and everything! I hope you guys have an amazing relationship together!
    from your biggest fan,

  • #1Bieber fan in the world

    omg justin i love u soooooo much i was soo surprised when i heard u got a tattoo tattoos are so hott and u R too so justin bieber+tattoo=wildfire lol and selena is really pretty i love yall so much and yea u shld totally do a concert at the centurytel center i bossier,Louisiana love u so much -Tiffiney

  • Sel&Jus

    I wish justin b. could travel all around the world but too bad he’s busy i really wish he could come to Florida , In West palm beach what about Miami? Or Orlando πŸ™‚

  • alina

    hai justin………………………
    u look great with selena….every time……………….
    and best wishesssssssssssss from yours relationship with selena………………
    hai read this”””;plzzzzzzzzzzzz ””””
    take care

  • lala

    nooo u go out wit ugly selena wow

    • Lauren

      so true πŸ˜‰

  • lala

    u can do way better lik me lolz come to ft pierce florida ppppplllzzzzz

  • look im so mad that selena is dating my man……..BUT it looks like they really like each other which works for me cause im a fan of both justin and selena……..so i hope justin and selena have a good relationship!!!!! 1 more thing i hate when justin kisses selena in public because it breaks girls’ hearts everywhere!!!! i just have to say that is low!

  • felicity

    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • I want the old justin back but I still like your hair and abs and start dating girls that are your age or younger and don’t let the fame get to your head and even though I’m not the fan that hit Selena don’t get mad at your fans if they try to hurt Selena it’s just because they loooooovvvvvvve you and want to be with you just saying I have brown hair brown eyes a great smile funny great personality have a lot of friends call me sometime my number is 1516 I aint going to tell you even though I want to

  • hold me to your heart

    I think everyone should just leave them alone, JUSTIN and SELENA are both beautiful and perfect just the way they are.
    LOVE is not jealousy ( by saying come to here come to there )
    he wants you to support him! i will always be on his side even if he gets married. ( to SELENA or someone else ) He will always be there, in the left side of my chest.
    Btw if justin is happy with his new look then i am.
    wuv you selena and my baby ( justin ) perfect couple!!!!

  • A.B.C

    Justin, I understand that you love her, and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. But, you are just too young. Even true love situations dont usually last if you get married too young.

  • Cameryn

    Hey guys I love u guys u two are amazing!!!!
    I am a big fan of both of u and I have always wished to meet u two but I am pretty sure that is not going to happen but NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!

  • bieberlover

    justin bieber come to fort vermillion and have a concert here

  • Anonymous


    • Bridge

      F u you dead rat.

  • Anonymous

    Hei Justin….
    It cout be really great if you and Selena made an interwiev or something becouse there is a lot og fans inclouding me that wanna know the truth i (we) am tired of thinking that it Might be fake couse It really seems Like you and Selena have something good going on and i know you and her Might want to have just a little privacy but please tell us a little enough to mane us believe that your relationship is Real. It is really anoyning to read and hear All that judgement when People actually dont know that much(wrote it om ny iPhone…)

  • Laura Brennan

    Hi justin just wanting to say that your an awesome person and i look up to you!
    <3 Laura

  • as u can see he does not want to hug u sealena

    • Bridge


  • nanda

    I love you justin (^_^)

  • Bridge

    I hate Selena.She’s just using him 4 fame,fortune,and publicity.She doesn’t really love him like his FANS do.Like this if you agree.

  • Chelsie Bieber


  • justin are you in love whth selena

  • missz demi

    JB just married selena and happy ever after

  • Anonymous

    some of you guys are mean. Justin and Selena are an AMAZING couple!!!!!!! let them be, and stop bugging them. they have a big job to do and it’s kind of rude if you guys always try and put them down.

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • i hope SELENA didn’t use JB for her own good πŸ™ JB is obviously IN LOVE WITH HER . .

  • Jamie

    OMG i love my life since i have found this website !!! best thing ever , love you justin bieber ! <3<3<3

  • sarah bieber

    i was told earlier today that justin and selena broke up, apparently she sent him a text saying it was over! πŸ™ i hope not, i was really starting to get used to selena, she really doesnt want to have broken his heart! πŸ™


    hello this Susan
    and i think that justin is greek olive farmer, its so very hot to be a greek olive farmer i mean who needs jocks the olives are just so salty..so hot πŸ˜‰ i wish he would give me some olives by the way his feet are sexy and he should Gstar sexy shirtless person because he is so hot in his olive farming shirtless bikini. aka speedo..by the way im an 85 year old wife of an olive farmer that lives in Greece. Love you justin

  • kristen ford

    justin please come to new york, ive never gotten to see you in concert or anything, i would love to see you in concertt or in person :/ <3


  • justin lisen to me!..u are original idiot!!!!i dont know english!i em from georgia,from tbilisi!i was your super biggest superfan…but i em upset todey…you never will come here…i loved u but why???i cannot see u:)only just a dream…?no thanks:(i em unfortunate:( u are only tv.u has a tour every week u never come here i know…i em a tired!… my tear are everywere…for u:(my super star…my dream…my breath..my own you are for me…my name is elene but for u only eibi e-elene b -bieber:)))oh yes selena:)she is your girlfriend:)(presently:) beautiful princess:)pretty:)nice:) and popular i em peaceful fan:))))hahahaaaaaa:)oh bieber you are my pain:)i em owner…selena is nice,i em beautiful :)u are:)))))………….whoooo?????eibi:)))))

  • I

    Omg,u guys r so right bout jb he used to be a great role model now he does nasty things in public with selena he needs to stop acting like he’s so cool and focus on his career.

  • brittany

    omg u guys r so mean about a guy who doesnt even know u…jst stop okay if it wuz ment to b between u too then u guys would b together…hes in luv n happy…so LET THEM FUCKIN B…goodness….GET A FUCKING LIFE AND LEAVE SELENAS N JUSINS ALONE..DAMN U GUYS ARE SO FUCKING ANOYING

  • hay its selena πŸ™‚ i love you guys! but i love justin more! hehehe πŸ™‚ buy my new album ‘Bang Bang Bang’ on itunes!

  • Lauren

    Go Away this aint even thr real selena?? so go away and get a life.

  • zara

    nice couple!

  • Anonymous

    Justin You should come to Tampa Florida ! β™₯

  • the old JB that was a perfect role model for little kids on to never say never…..
    The old Selena that cried for her fans.. That was covered up..!! Now from peoples choice awards to billboard music awards she wears revealing clothing doesnt she understand that little 5 or 6 year olds see this?! My lol 5 year old Sis saw the peoples choice awards and billboard music awards and told me that she is going to be like her when she grows up by revealing her body this is too much she has gotta stop right now. And go back to her normal age appropriate dressing!!

  • you are funny

    • Anonymous

      i lkow right

    • noooooooooooooooooooooooo shit

      • anonymous

        you guys are so stupid all of you they really luv each other

    • Anonymous

      justin dosnt even have a body

    • Anonymous

      I hate Justin Selena an Justin should totally break up I mean Selena is wayyyyyy too good for him I mean she’s so pretty and justin is soo not!!!!

      • Anonymous

        β€Ž2 ol Selena h8rs its just d same 4 u and d h8rs of Justin so stop cuz u think ur only hurting Selena ur hurting Justin too do u know that.!!
        just remember this when u hurt selena u are also hurting Justin Beiber.!
        are u really true BELIEBEBERS for hating Selena. instead of hating Selena u should be happy becuz Justin is happy when he’s with her.
        u edit pics that “When Justin smile’s I smile” come on BELIEBEERS if u really love JUstin and ur a TRUE BELIEBER u should be happy fo him no matter what happen or no matter who he’s dating.!!!!!
        Jelena 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you are the best and i love you i love you so much and you are the 1

  • Anonymous

    I looveeeeeee you justin bieberrrrrrr!



      • Stranger

        you are dumb you shouldnt have given away your address

        • Girl

          Yeah she is right giving out your number online is ver dangerous.You could get killed and you will regret that day when it happens.I have learned this becasue my mom is very pretective and if your mom really cared she would have told you this by now………….

        • Nicola Loves JB

          baha ^^ giving your adress out is kinda stupid ps. u only love justin bieber casue of his looks nd what his wheres ………. what about for who he is what about his personality its not all bout the looks hun even no he is amazingly hot but he has an amazing personality ( just saying )

        • Biebergasm

          you dont know her from a comment ? ? people all have a different perspective of the kid , and i think his dreams career personal life is what makes him …. him . So what he has good looks ! His personality makes people love him .

        • Cindy

          Um “Stranger”, “Wakita” never exactly gave out where she lived. She just gave out an address, it never said where. Not a state nor a country, so how could she be tracked down and killed? -This is to all who called the poor 10-year-old stupid, when really she actually isn’t.

        • I'm With Stranger

          Yeah, little girl. Was NOT smart..

      • talkerz

        why would you give away your address? Someone could stalk you. Just letting you know. :/ It’s very dangerous just to give out your real name let lone your adress.

      • Anonymous

        i hate selena gomez for date kiss hug with are boy

      • Anonymous

        Ummmm…. hello? Why’d you give your address away! Are you insane????? Think before you even type anything!

      • JBFanatic

        Giving out your address is probably the stupidest thing you could do in the internet….

    • do you still like her

    • Anonymous

      lovee yyooouuuu soo much justin

    • glad girl

      i love you justin bieber i am your fan

  • i freaking love JUSTIN DREW BIEBER…, but NOT his lady friend aka. Selena Gomez (because she stole my man) <- from taylor who just hit her head on the window OWW! Justin come to Indianapolis,IN

    Desi- I love JUSTIN DREW BIEBER! so much he SMOKING HOTT!(FACT)

    • jessbieber

      i wish selena n justin bieber were never together i hate selena πŸ™

      • muhja

        youre crazy πŸ˜›


        You wish that really you do well I think u are stupied and that u don’t know how to say. justin bieber and selena gomez stupied hahahahahah


        That was to jess bieber

    • I hate justin bieber . At first i really liked him i said to my self i wanted to have babys with him when i grew older.But now he is just creap to me i want nothing to do with him.He can kiss my butt.Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson is the new and improved popstars.Justin has changed since he started he was shy and cute now he has a tattoo and he is kissing fans and being werid he is chaging mintue by minute .I hope he does not change any more because if so i am throwing all his cd’s and his pictures i hate you justin biber i hate you so much why have you now learned a lesson by now learn from your mistakes and listen to what other people have to say about your bad behavior


        I think you are soooo stuiped justin bieber does not kiss other fans he’s not even alowed to get near he’s fans stupied….think befor you say stuff. Girl if that’s even you real name that’s a stupied name girl really who who old are u any way u sound like you are 8….

        • Wow

          The Irony! You spelt STUPID wrong! BAHAHA!!!! And no freaking duh Girl is not her real name dumbass!

      • K

        Dude, he’s always had a tattoo. 😐 He didn’t change for gods sake hes growing up! you weren’t a real fan anyways, if you were you were going to support him no matter what. Um and for your information, he can do what he wants, are you his babysitter? No, he’s not a baby he’ll always grow up.

    • selena rox

      alright 1. he isnt ur man do u have pics. of u 2 on dates. no i dont think u do. so amazing selena gomez didnt steel ur man. she didnt steel any of u crazed fans’ man.so unless u have proof of her taking him away from u i wouldnt b saying that !!!!!!
      oh sorry u’ll nvr date him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I love Selena, she’s awesome! But haven’t you guys noticed that when the Jonas Brothers were famous she dated Nick Jonas, then when they stopped being liked she broke up with him. Then when Taylor Lautner was famous, she dated him, and when he wasn’t that liked, she broke up with him. Now since Justin Bieber is famous, she’s dating him, and the next time, a new famous kid arrives, buh-bye Justin and Hello New Famous Kid!!! BTW: I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENA! <3333 BUT I'M JUST SAYING WHAT I THINK!!!!!

      • Anonymous12

        Thats exactly what i said and think. Im not a huge fan of Selena, i just think her music is quite good and i like watching her movies and WOWP. (Wizards Of Waverly Place)

  • ashly

    hey justin u and selena make a good couple

    • ashly

      well selena makes a wonderful couple with jb

    • Sorry but i think your wrong they dont fit together. Any ways i dont know anything about them but the magizines are saying really cruel stuff and now they think selena is pregant if she is i wont be a fan of hers anymore.But i do wish i was her and i wish i was like her.I wish she was my best friend

      • Anonymous

        I like what u said because I won’t be Selena Gomez’s fan?

    • A girl

      Hell no!!!

  • Anonymous

    i donte iven like justin bieber i was looking at selena gomez fotos and justin bieber apired.

    • Anonymous

      and selena and justin doo make a beautiful cople!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    i looooovvvvveeeee justin bieber and Selena gomez together u guys r the cutest couple ever!!!!!!!!!!:))))))))))lol love guys always!!!:))))))
    ——-Jordan R

  • Justine Martinez

    u guys are the cutest couple in hollywoood im so happy for u guys hope ur love lasts

  • hi sexy how are you im komal you know selena gomez are alredy engaged and this news is really true okey by im going to my new album

    • Your stupid Komal Gomez he wont like you necause your throwing your self at jb. No guy likes guys who throw themselves at them. Well some do but they will think that there just hoes and your a hoe sorry but you should learn from the master at getting boys

      love Komal haters club

  • hi justin i really love you please come my home im living near your house and you say at media komal is my new girl friend

    • Kick ass

      insane people

      • I know

        I’m with you. I have never been so creeped out in my entire life…

    • igotbieberfeverforever

      okaay im startinng to thinnk youur weird! justin bieber is all about getting neww girls you cant hate him. if you really were a fan you wouldnt be hating on selena.!!! ~JEALOUS MUCH~
      i dont care what anyone says we can still love him. it doesnt mean you have to hate the people he loves. πŸ˜›

  • u guys are fake couple in world jb your my world

  • Anonymous

    i love both of them but there not ment for each other

    • kylee

      y not I think they r they’ve known each other 4 a long time!!!and like people say friendship comes before a real relationship!!!!!!!!

    • igotbieberfeverforever

      i disagree! i thinnk justin should love who he wants to love; donnt we?

  • shalaka chaudhari

    i dont like selina

    • kylee

      well y don’t u like selena?selena is my fave romodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • igotbieberfeverforever

        i like selena too. i wouuld love to meet her onne daay annd become friennds

  • sally

    justin’s the lucky one

  • Percy jackson and sg + jb world

    If they are happy toghether they know eachother and didnt split whats the deal? I tell u : im sorry for those girls in love with him but some of them have no excuse for that deadly deaththreats and selena s punched lip. Violence is the satana s weapon. Stay cool and pray for a better world! !!!!!!!!

    • talkerz

      thats horrible! Why would some1 punch selena’s lip! Ur right violence is satan’s way to make all of gds children seperate. We should all simply love eachother with humor, love, and peace. πŸ™‚ Not craziness just cuz ppl r his fans. Hes a human being that deserves recognition, but probably doesnt want people to throw themselves at him.

    • igotbieberfeverforever

      okaay if fans really loved him that muchh whhy would they wannt to hurt the people he loves. i knoww i love him buut that donnt mean imma go annd beat upp the girl that he has fallen for, that hurts him! are yall even thinkinng. HE HAS A HEART!! i truly like them together and i knoww every other girl is in love with him too, buut he really likes selena annd real fans that truly love him should except that

  • hibaq

    so utw

  • Nice couple.
    They both are good singer


      Selena’s voice is SO unbelievably fake!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. you crack me up Yakta! She lip-syncs! They take every Disney star and try to make them a singer. She has a FAKE voice. She can’t sing in all reality.

  • muhja

    hi guys youre so lucky selena because you have a nicee boyfriend <3 i hope justin bieber and selena stay together forever <3 <3 i love you both πŸ˜‰

  • justin i love u πŸ™‚

  • justin bieber your hot πŸ˜‰

  • Stranger

    they make a horrible couple jusitn biber sings like a girl lol selena is too good for him

    • Anonymous

      no she isz nodt yu jusszxx want hym(hatersz)

    • kylee

      uuuuum stanger she is not too good 4 justin ther r the cutest couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • igotbieberfeverforever

      youur opinion. buut i knoww mine is a FACT!

      I LOVE YOU JUSTIN.<3(;

      • Hellz Yeah!

        Amen Sister!

  • Anonymous

    there a cool couple

    • SiErRa +

      justin and selena you too are sooo cute!! im not a really big fan to be honest but i jus wanted 2 say. hope ur relationship lasts =)

  • anonymous

    well i love both justin bieber and selena gomez their both amazing but i think that their going out for the publicity because selena is the most prettiest and most popular actress and justin is most popular for his looks and charms and his singing and in every magazine i read i look through and i see a thing that says hottest girl is selena gomez and hottest guy is justin bieber and it makes sense that if they go out they will be the most popular couple that people have ever known!!!!!! BUT I STILL LOVE THEM <33333333 πŸ˜€

  • butter finger aka biebers gurl

    just be happy 4 them πŸ™‚ i am!

    • Yara Abdulal

      So am i ! so muchh ! πŸ˜€

  • fashion phoenix

    justin, i love you and u heaps and i think dat u selena make a really cute couple but the only problem is that she is older than u

  • aubri

    i just dont like how fast there moving at all like i dont believe there in love there doing all this for the publicity and i just think thats wrong (selena is doing this for publicity) justin may really care for her i bet when the cameras arent in her face she aint tryna do all that making out with him like they did on the beach i mean really selena

    • Hellz Yeah!

      I do think its publicity…. ANd yes. They are going EXTREMELY fast! I think it’s because he hasn’t been in a relationship in a long time, and now he’s so happy that he is!


    I think justin bieber and selena gomez are a cute couple but I am kinda sad because my. Best firend telled me that she dumed him for that one guy on wizers of wavely place. His name was macen the one who plays as a where wolf……. I still love selena gomez and justin bieber…… but I am ok with who she dates. Because I still love her………. and I am also ok who justin bieber dates……. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee you selena gomez…… I loveeeeeeeeeeeee you justin bieber……..

    • lalal

      I think that its stupid to kiss your fans and then kiss your girlfreing selena you could do better and justin your a dckhead

  • anie

    aww they are so sweet I am happy for selena and justin I many want to be selena but .. I love and selena and justin but I love sooooooooooo much Justin.. // ! //

  • i think justin should just break up with her…. because i don’t like her and i want to be with justin bieber and i wish he could say i love you to me :”(

  • brae mccarthy

    Justin and Selena make a great cuple but ~love~ is a strong word πŸ™‚

  • i thank thay are a good cupule i love you justin and selena

  • jb i luvvvvvvv u good iam so roud u broke up withv selena gomez cuummm and kiss my lipzzz pllzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Lover

    So cute I wish I am Selena…..LOL!!!!!!

  • Rachel Anne Calvar

    You have to be really care fully who you gaving your number and address, because you never know who is coming to your house or calling you, never asked any celebrate their number or address because you never know

  • Anonymous

    Hey Justin all i wanted to ask is that if you are going to still have love for all your fans and Selena. I would think you would get frustrated trying to love your fans and Selena at the same time because you know how girls are… πŸ˜€ Love to here from you and you two take care of yourselves.

    * Love your fan *

  • Anonymous

    shes just using him

  • igotbieberfeverforever

    ill never give upp on youu

  • Anonymous

    you guys are a good cupful

  • Anonymous

    you guys are a good couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • β™₯justinbieberfanβ™₯

    i love justin bieber… im okay with them dating but not 100%






  • selena rox

    some of u people r just mad at selena cuz shes dating jb and u guys r ugly and think justin will date u but he wont cuz
    1. he doesnt know u
    2. he is dating selena and u will just have 2 deal with it!!!!!
    3. ur probly like 6 years old and will NEVER!!!!!!!!!! date him!!!!!!!!

    • um her’s some info for u
      1.i’m sexy
      2.my body has a figure
      3.and F.Y.I i am 9 years old so u need to look me up in the dictionary
      4. i ain’t hating on selena
      u probably hating her that’s why u wrote that coment and if u was wondering the way i’m saying this to u might sell it i’m a black and beautiful young girl and if u don’t mind reply and tell me what is the color of yo skin and maybe i might udertand ok

      • selena rox

        well i never hated selena gomez. and ya i bet u r pretty.(not) and i was talking bout every one who says mean things to selena and prob. listens to her music every day!!!!

  • Book Writr

    well u guys who r obsessin over justin beiber r just freaks becuz everyone hates people like that except the peeps who r just like u. so unless u have a photo of u too even holdin hands (nevr gonna happen) i wouldnt go tellin anyone ur datin him cuz im sure hed rather date someone who live under a bridge ( a hobo)

  • Book Writr

    and btw u can stop givin selena death threats cuz BOMEZ (selena, justin) over. Selena confronted justin about the text he was give to that jasmine girl from the baby video. at first he denied but eventually came clean. tthats wen selena said there romance was over but she was willin to be friends. So really selena questioned him about the text he was like baby, baby, baby, noooooooo, the later he was like baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

  • Molar boot male poleax Aesir ,

  • ithink justin is so cute and your rirt that’s sweet of him and i think and now that i love justin and if he wants me to i can act just like selena and dress like her and bleach my skin



  • Book Writr


  • allison

    okay like yall really need to shut up cuz like they cant have broken up but like did they

  • Jessa

    What I find funny is all you haters on Selena. Because we all know that if it was you in her shoes you would be saying i love you to JB after 3 months of dating. Let them be happy. I mean I don’t really like Selena. But If JB Is happy then we should be Happy for him

    • JBFanatic

      THats exactly what i have been trying to tell people. If your a true belieber, you would be happy for Justin, that he is happy. Why dont you like Selena, Jessa?

      • Jessa

        I never really did Like her. I mean Her music is good. But I’m not a big Selena Fan. But with me being a Belieber i support them. Its what us Beliebers do. I mean As Long as Justin is happy then I’m happy for him. I mean Maybe someday I will like her but right now I don’t.

        • claire

          i like her but i still like your comment i mean if you really want to say that you don’t like someone do it nice don’t put swear words i mean whats the point i think the people that the people that do that just want to get atenchon well you got mine you got me saying that i hate that person that said that so if your one that dous that then srew you say you don’t like them nicly like jessa

        • o thats so touchy i dont give a shit he should be with miranda c nt with selena gev

        • what am trying to say is JB may be happy but i think selena just dated JB for fame and money. Thats not confirmed but thats what i think.

      • Biebfan4ever

        umm people have their opinons. I never ever liked her. I think shes’s just using Justin because he’s really popular so shes just using him so she will get more popular. I dont care what any of you say, i dont care less. but still i hate her, my opinon. okay? so everyone that likes Justin Bieber stop jugdeing people on there opinon about her. you cant get mad at someone for there opinon. Im saying thats really wrong… bye.

        • Anonymous

          well fair enough if you dont like her but you dont have to say such mean things about her. justins happy just get over it because its not as if your ever gonna have a chance with him.

        • littlelover89

          if she was dating justin to be more popular she would have dumped him a long time ago. i mean she is not getting more fans shes getting more haters. i think that they really love each other. and to all u selena haters, shut up. its not like u would ever have a chance with him.

        • tyamd

          well you are telling the turth because like who even like’s her she just proble want to jugd people bye

    • Anonymous

      man she is F right

    • Anonymous

      good luck justin bieber

    • gabriella hernandez

      corrected i like that but i like selena gomez number 1* fan of selena gomez and justin bieber him too he my number 1* fan πŸ˜€


      AGREED ^ ^

    • I love her but jusin moree <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Justin I love youu lotssss <3<3<3<3<3

      • tyamd

        i love jb soooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • junebug

      well yea but…

    • i hate fucker selena and i want sexy with justin shit selena she was dead now hahahha πŸ™‚

    • looking gr 8 and lovely wanna be dere with u

  • elena


    • Amanda

      I lv u justin beiber i cnt stp thnkng abt u and m gettng maried:-)

  • elena


  • KixBieber

    Hi.JeLena Good Luck ! Im proud for you both!

  • justin is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FIT!!!!!!!! love him l7u98io0

  • cute couple ..
    supporting both of you guys ..
    love you guys ..

  • meranda

    i am a huge fan of both of them and i think that it’s messed up that people hate Selena with Justin i mean yes you’re upset that he is with her but he is happy and obviously in love with her so let them be happy instead of hating on them if you dont like them together then dont comment on any of their pictures of videos of them together

    • Anonymous

      i know right if they want to be together thats all the matters

  • rachel

    awww thats soooo sweet!!!!! i hope thay breakup tho…sooner or later it will hapen unless the world ends first

    • rachel

      yah i no

    • Ur missed up

  • Irene...β™₯

    Justin<3 love uuuu<3<3<3

  • ALI

    awwwww they are sooooo cute!!!!!
    LOVE THEM <3

    • kearie reynolds


  • Anonymous

    i hate him

  • his a losser

    i never thought that bitch was going to be like that i use to be her big fans but now she dating justin bieber she look worse………..

    • claire

      omg just because she is dating justin bieber dosn’t mean you have to hate her she is still the same person she is aloud to date she not 7 so back off i still love her she is still my rolmodel i mean like look how she ended up dating justin bieber! she has to be doing somthing right and i want to do that to

    • Why don’t stop hating on her ur just mad that shee got the guy and u didnt

  • his a losser


    • Anonymous

      i think they make a great couple

  • Olyvia

    i admire selena for her beautiful looks..im happy to see them happy together..especially justin..
    but seeing the news about them can be hurtful to me sometimes..
    oh well,as belieber i still support JELENA~ (:

  • AWWWWW πŸ™‚ justin and selena are sooo CUTE together they are just the perfect couple for each other see how happy they are together why haters are always trying to mess everything up and if u a real belieber and u want justin to be happy then live him his not the cutie from when he was 15 always whipin his hair to a side any more he grew up at least now his more sexy come on people lets give justin SOME SPACE he found a girlfriend now and he loves her just cuz his dating selena gomez does’nt mean his gonna stop lovin his fans PLUS his always tryin to have time for us at the concerts AND STOP BEEN MEAN TO SELENA GOMEZ! that hurts her feelings she said it on a interview . SO live selena gomez to live her own life with justin bieber too and if u people dont like then go some where but just live them to live a really happy life they LOVE EACHOTHER <3 and we cant take that away from them they are living they are ordinary people too they have feelings too just because they are big stars does'nt mean they dont have feelings or live ordinary life so lets live them happy

    • Biebfan4ever

      ok, i liked it because its a good paragraph, but dont like selena.

  • babelicious!

    stop hating on jelena/…its not that you fudgers would ever get justin!!??!!..so stop hating…selena is a gr8 girl..talented,beautiful…everything…they both deserve eachother…!!..so stop fucking hating…its no bloody usee!!!


    I love JELENA!!! i reckon they are so cute <3

  • I actually never thought that they would come this far… almost everyone thought that they would last for only a month and everyone hated it because of the rumors that selena is using justin. But now, the beliebers learned to like someone who makes justin happy πŸ™‚ because they found out it really does make hims happy after all.

  • elyse

    if you are a true fan of Justin’s you would be happy for him i no some of his fans HATE Selena Gomez but you should add lest be happy that he is happy now is that what a fan is mostly about. all the bad stuff you say about Selena does not change the fact that Justin like her so if you hate Selena just because she is dating Justin then you should not wast you time pretending to be a belieber if you are not really one that supports Justin and his choices in life to be honest with you i used to hate Selena sooooo much that I want to kill her but then I realized that by doing that I am not a true belieber so I realized that I like Justin and that I should be happy for him instead of taking my anger out on Selena for dating Justin. so like Justin always says always make the right choices

  • Lenia Drama Queen Tavares

    Hey You Know What I’ve Heard…..Some Rummor or real story said that Jelena Is No More !!
    and the reason is justin is caught by texting his old GF Jasmine Villegas……who is happen to be the girl in his baby video and selena saw
    Then Selena Broke Up With Him
    And Suddenly His Heart Broken….
    and selena said she wants to find someone older
    Believe It Or Not

    • claire

      thats not true 3 days ago they were kissing and hugging at a concert so all jelena fans its not over so come down

  • claire

    justin has grew up he is not the little 14 year old kid who always flips his hair to the side he is a new justin bieber and i love him. He is 18 he has a new hair stile he has billons of vewers who love him. He has a gilrfiend that he loves and she loves him to so love them together. You all want that 14 year old boy back the one that flips his hair, says that he would date a fan, always was a good boy never did any thing dagerous, never said any thing bad, never hit on girls, and never had a girlfriend. Well he is gone and i don’t think he is coming back. He is a 18 year old tenager who is absest with girls loves to let go, and loves the girl he has and i respact that so if you don’t then i guess your not a beileber. What you should relise is that if you don’t like him then that dousn’t put a dent in his carrer he has a billone more that love him

    • Biebfan4ever

      he’s actually 17.

  • Anonymous

    man what you do

  • Anonymous

    Stupiddd Betccch.

  • No one

    Being a belieber is not about who is the biggest fan of Justin, is about who cares about him and likes his music, and most of the things he does in public. Is not about who wants to marry him, you don’t even really know this guy, saying you feel this is lying to yourself. a true belieber would be happy for him. Not crying in the floor expecting him to love you in return when he doesn’t even know you. And Selena is not suddenly lesbian because he likes Justin, she is free to do what she wants, and we all know Justin is a cool man following his dreams, he deserves everything he has got and more. Hating them is for fools. Nobody deserves to be treated in the way they have been treated by many of us, think about it a little and one day you’ll maybe understand. Or maybe you’ll get the idea when you’ve been treated in the same way… Stop bothering about other’s lifes, live a little.

  • Biebfan4ever

    I love Justin, but I hate selena… always did from the start. no offence to the people who like her but it’s my opinon. First of all, she’s 2 years older. Well the boy is suppose to be older. So selena stop hiding on younger boys first of all. Okay? so please do not judge me for my opinon or anyone else’s! kbye.

    • Or what u can’t tell who selena gomez can date or not to date so back offf and leave her alone

  • Martyna

    I always liked her , i always hated him ,then when i thought he is actualy kinda cute a big suprise came , justin and her are dating :L Ok am kinda sad but happy for him cause i like em both <3

  • karen

    te amo jostin bieber eres muy lindo

  • karen

    te amo eres re lindo te amo te amo te amo te aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmooooo

  • ina

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu justin selena together <3 <3 <3 selena you are the most beautiful girl in the worldddddddd

  • jelena

    love youuu uuu uuu selena……. justin why are you so beautiful ??? :ppp emm selena you are the most beautiful women in the worldd love you <3 :pp :DD :*

  • Anonymous

    i wish everybody would just leave selena alone, why cant everybody just get over the fact that shes dating justin and they are happy together. i think that all those girls who say she is using him are just jealous because she is beautiful an amazing singer and justin is madly in love with her. its just like the whole world saying that you are just using your boyfriend. It would hurt a lot its not her fault that the guy she fell in love with just happens to be the most famous teenager in the world.

    • selena is a gold digger what i know is jb is cheating on her with miranda c and i got the pics to proove it but am waiting for their relationship to be very strong so that i can reveal his secret.

      • Anonymous

        I love you.

  • sf

    leave the people alone .. leave them do what they want

  • littlelover89

    anyone who dislikes they supports are mad because they cant have justin. u guys need to fucking stop. live ur own life and leave his alone. u only date him in ur fucking dreams so GET OVER IT!

  • selena i beg don’t hurt him he love’s you so mush

  • ahhhhhh!!! why dont you guys relax….anyway Justin is not the only person in this world…think of it…..there are more cute and hot guys….just admit it ANYWAY….Selena is really a cute girl…i admire her and really want to be like her……leave them alone….just let ur mind think that Justin is just ahhhhhhhh….nothing…go back to ur boyfriends who are dying to meet u everyone of u …
    Good Luck to you Selena n Justin……make a baby..really wanna see the face
    Love u both
    and for u jealous ladies..GET OVER URSELF DONT U EVER SAY THOSE AWFUL THINGS…….just join both of ur hand and clap…..hahahahah

  • justin and selena gomez make the cuttest couple in hollywood right now. lol, i use to hate selena gomez but then now that she is with justin. i am kinda starting to like her. she is not bad after all.

  • hatersgonnahate

    You all need to stfu & let them be. There kids just like us they deserve to be happy.

  • i love selena and justin they are cool, nice,hotty lol i wish i want meet themm πŸ˜€ xxxx <3

  • Boys say that justin is gay and he not gay he with selena xx <3

  • Anonymous

    my bf said these 2 words after 2 weeks of dating xD well we were friends like 9 months so he got to know me very well:p

  • Anonymous

    i prefer jasmine i mean they both hung out soo much together.selena is just
    going after fame…

  • Belieber!

    I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER SOOO SOOO MUCH its so unreal ive got bieber fever and i got it bad! i think selena and justin are the most perfectist couple and you cant get any better love you soo much JB <3
    love a belieber! <3

  • Esmee

    duhh they had sex!


    I hate selena whoremez!!!!! Justin can find someone better but that’s not my bussiness that’s just MY opinion but I do love Justin and want him to be happy I LOVE YOU BABY! πŸ™‚



  • hey i am a huge fan i have been to all of ur concerts i saw ur movie when it first came out .i wanted to tell u that u and selena are perfect for each other and its hard to say that because i have bieber fever i wish u the best with selena pls tell selena that i say HI πŸ™‚

  • There an ok couple

  • Oh My Bieberr

    Awww theyre so cute together and Justin is so sweet <3. Its funny how theyre is still haters saying Selena is using Justin but theyve been together for like 1 yr maybe even more nd if selena was using Justin nd did not love him then she wouldve break up wit him already? i mean if i was using Justin (which will never happen in a billion years) i woukd break up wit him. BUT. Lets forget the past and get to the point. AWWW THEY R THE BEST CELEBRITY COUPLE IN THE HISTORY OF CUTE CELEBRITY COUPLES!!! lol

  • Jelena Love

    bet they have hot sex on his 18th birthday night! πŸ˜‰

  • love selenagomez hi

  • selen is a madddddddd

  • JustiN bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet deaf say love kiss Tude meet like Alejandra Magana πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ am call (509)430-6261

  • justin beiber if you reading this well hi my name is tyra i live in a small town but i have big dreams. i love to sing just like u. i would love for u to come to my home town and listen to me and my friends. that would mean alot to me !

  • cat

    they r not going to last if they do get married they wiil like last 3 months and will be done

    • Analysa rivera

      ilove him

  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    OMG that is so cute i think he realy loves her

    …lucky girl!!!!<3 <3

  • Analysa

    I love you jb your so cute i loveto kiss you one day

  • Analysa

    I love a lot

  • Analysa

    your sooooooooooooooooooooo cute becuase ilove you

  • Analysa rivera

    come to my party

  • Analysa rivera

    ilove you.

  • Anonymous

    i love you both so much

  • hallo justin how are you felling???

  • demilovato

    selengomez justiubieber love sad we ;”’demilovato

  • julia

    Omg he lol her so bad they are soo cu togth…

  • Ro

    Ilike you justin.I wish you be success always.I am your audience always



  • denise cantu

    of couse

  • Anonymous