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“Justin Bieber Crotch” or “Justin Bieber Armpit” picture?

Justin grabbing his crotch….

or Justin covering his armpit….

You decide.

I will be doing a followup post to this one.

Update: Here is the followup post. Find the answer here.

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  • Belieber1500

    Hahahahahah!!!! THIS made my day!!!!!!!! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      he is mine

      • Anonymous

        no hes mine!!! 😛

        • actually… he’s selena’s 😉

      • Anonymous

        Yer stupid !

    • aliana

      made my day to so funny

    • Anonymous

      You can tell by where the seam is placed and the angle of his hand that is most likely his crotch. And seriously people? Stop having a web battle of JB. Hey here’s a tip, why don’t you let him decide?


    and how do u know its him????

    • babygirl

      what everrr all that I know is he’s mine all mine hahaha!!!!! <3

      • Anonymous

        I wanna Suck it hard

    • Nonamer

      He tweeted this pic from his blackberry.


    this is kinda funny for us but kinda embarressing for justin!!!!! and i have one question??!!! how did you even find this pic….??? MAKE THAT FOLLOW UP FAST!!!

    • Anonymous

      It was on his computer, and ryan put it on the enternet to get back at him for something that he did.

      • umm how do you know all this?????? reply !!!

      • Nonamer

        Thats not true. He accidentally posted this when trying to post a pic of his new blackberry on twitter. Der aren’t u his fan?

  • that is so retarded why would you put that on here like the first time you put that crap grabbing his crotch when he was leaving his hotel NO HE WASNT I WATCHED A VIDEO ON THE COMPUTER AND I WAS WATCHING HIM WALK OUT AND HIS PANTS FELL ALL THE WAY DOWN SO HE GRABBED HIS STUFF SO NOBOODY WOULD SE HIS STUFF STUPID so nobody believe anything she put on here like that one time when she said justin and selena had sex no they justin mom was with him and selena the WHOLE time so how would they do it when she is standing right there and again i say SSSSTTTTUUUUPPPPIIIIDDDD! plus i was right across the hall from his room because i am his cousin you know and i am 11 so keep that in mind about the stuff you put on here!!!!!!!!

    • Jade

      hahaha i know riight its soo stupied …. and i think he by accident took a pic of that or some one zoomed in and made it look like that .

    • Anonymous

      @aleah bieber yeah rite like ur his cousin he is aguy they grab their crotches and its his crotch cuz he accidentally took that wen he was trying to take a pic of his new phone

    • aliana

      hi i am 10 about to turn 11 so we can be good friends on here and i live in austin

      • i live in 3 hurs away from stratford onario and yes im still in ontario canada!!!! i love canada and justin drew bieber!!!

    • shanoon

      i know he isnt him there isnt even some pic that shows his face

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt grabbing wat u think he was u cn tell its his arm pit and he fliped the pic so it looked like he was grabbing his crouch daw !

  • Jessica

    It’s his armpit!!! duh

    • nope or his hand would be facing upward and it wouldnt have the out line of his pants

  • meli

    How do you know it’s him?? Where are these pic’s from? because I don’t think it’s him!

  • are you shore this is him how do you really know its justin it could be fake but i dont think its fake atall

  • Joelle

    Its his crotch you can tell by the stitching, and it is him, you can tell by his hand.

    • Robyn


  • Skye

    This was all over his twitter page. So yes it is him. but it his hard to tell but i go with crotch

  • LowNick

    Armpithair is like really awesome like ;D

    • Shaelyn

      Its his crotch I know this because he posted this on his face book profile.lol.he said this…..: comment ;)lol

  • Maria

    he tweeted this with an accident, and deleted it at once after .. he was supposed to tweet the pic of his “canada-phone”. i think it is a pic of him grabbing his crotch, because the first pic is the original format.

  • Kevser

    i love Justin Bieber
    i like him so very much.

  • Terri

    Haters are all over the place aren’t they? I love this website … it’s full of love, respect, and adoration for a boy/man we all like. Why post vomit? If his “cousin” was for real then she or he probably wouldn’t even be looking at this site when he/she knows what Justin is up to and where he is all the time. Aren’t there Google alerts for that too?

    Boooo haters.

    I was dying to see this picture since I saw the tweet and was on my phone so I couldn’t see the pic … thanks for posting it here and thanks for the speculation that it might not be what it would appear to be. You rawk.

  • aliana

    his really cute and i get chills when i see him online and i have a boy at school that looks like him and we r goin out

    • Terri

      Well you’re lucky aren’t you? =D

    • yeh i get the chills when ever i see him too. and there is a boy at my school that looks like him but we’re not going out!!

  • anonymous

    Its kinda obvious its his pit because you can tell by the stitching and fabric of the SHIRT

  • THATS his crotch!!!! but still, his hand is soooooo cute!!!!1

  • you r a nasty little sucker i hate u and justin hates you 2 because i show him everything on this webpage so please if you are a belieber dont comment on this web and i showed this 2 Selena Gomez and she said and i quote she said’back up off my man your a nasty low life little sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terri

      hahahahahahhaa! Rrrrrrriiiiiigggghhhhttttt ….. the world is full of them. Because I can totally see both of them looking and saying that … NOT! Dream on hater, dream on.

  • Sarah

    he got more balls than that. it has to be his armpit

  • omg!!!! aleah…for one thing your not his cousin because if you were you wouldnt even be on here because you would already know what hes up to all the time ! and selena can be quiet because they broke up and she needs to know that not everybodys gonna back off… i mean hes a hot celeb….and she needs to know that if your gonna date him the n you better be able to deal with all the girls hes gonna meet and run into …….. so ya ya know WATEVA! thats wat i say!!!

  • mi novio

  • brae

    Oh my god people why would you take a picture of that! thats ust wroung..i know he’s very famous but thats just wrong..i feel bad for ya jusitn ~love brae ur #1 fan

  • Emo.

    its his crotch. obviously.
    dont get me rong i LOVE JB but thats his crotch. but i meaan, so what? boys gotta do what boys gotta do.

  • Emily

    To all of you who are saying “omg he is mine” or “I hate him and Selena dating” get over it. No offense but I seriously doubt he will date any of the people who say that so….. how bout you quit dreaming about kissing him (while actually making out with your hand) and find a real guy?? Someone who likes you, maybe??

  • Yarden

    LOL . It should be a picture of his new black berry . LOL 😉

  • cara

    its clearly his armpit.

  • sabrina

    justin bieber love you too

  • Swag (;

    Idk…maybe it’s his..crotch :D… cause he do that all the time. HE ALWAYS grab it! 😀

  • Destiny Hope

    hahahaha,so damn funny,it’s his armpit for sure but anyway it’s so funny!it really made my day!

  • Anastasia luvs JB!

    I think it’s his croch because he would have to lift his arm up when most ppl squish there hand in there armpit and if u spred ur kegs out it looks almost like the pic…. But who knows?!? Hope it’s not his croch?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • love 4Ever

    Hi guys

  • aba bichoooooooo eg sul jastini iqneba xo icit ara …. tqve gaunatleblebo daamtkicert ro justinia (looooll) 🙂 🙂 😀
    da kide justins selena tu vigac yavs da magastan moipxanda magas ra ………….))) chemi azrit magan dzrevis meti arapeli icis ……)))))))))) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    da erti saqartveloshi ro chamovides magas cemashi amoxdian suls ra …. imitom rom veravin itans …. yvelas azrit tqveni justini pidarastiaaaaaa ……
    da visac aq uyvars jastiniu imat gijebad ttvliaannnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Umm did he take the picture? Haha

  • Meriam ismail

    Some boys do that

  • i think justin bieber is stupid. he’s only cool because he’s dating selena gomez. BECAUSE SHE’S SEXYYYy


  • Anonymous

    i went to justin’s high school and we are really good friends.when he first became famous i was the first one to congrat him and then he also took me to one of his tours u all don’t knw anything about him so stop making stuff up. if u really want to find out something just reply to this.

  • N&G

    Me and my friend here think it’s his THINGY

  • Grandpa Lynn

    This young man was the closing act for America’s Got Talent and it was absolutely disgusting to see him grabbing himself as much if not more than Michael Jackson used to do. Whatever he has, has been there for 18-19 years and unless he runs into some sharp scissors – it will be for the rest of his life – he does not have to check every second. Young boys are watching him get away with such actions and the small ones will think it is okay to do the same. Beiber is not the only one grabbing, I have noticed a lot of other pop/rap-crap performers doing it to and makes you wonder what they kids are thinking. Cameras went above the waist on the King (Elvis), they need to continue doing that, or put super glue on their crtoches and they wouldn’t have to keep grabbing down there. I’m and OLD grandpa and think this kind of action is flat disgusting. Oh, the other night on AGT is the first time I have seen the little punk with “real” female dancers, what happened to all his boy-toys. Take music back to clean honest singing and keep your hands off in public. Looks like a little boy that has to go potty real bad!!! Grandpa