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Justin Bieber’s Naughty Prank


I don’t think we’ve ever had a closer poll. As of now there are 1664 votes total with 827 for crotch and 837 for armpit. That’s 49% vs 50%!!! Crazy tight.

As promised here is the follow-up to the “Justin Bieber Crotch” or “Justin Bieber Armpit” picture? post. The truth will reveal that not only is JB a total prankster, but he’s really naughty too! Aowwwwww 😉

Here’s the story…..

Last week Justin posted this pic (below) on this Plixi account,

then deleted it and posted the pic of his new Blackberry after.

The story that went around was that Justin either took the picture of him touching his crotch accidently or he took it to send to Selena but accidently posted it on Plixi when he was trying to post the Blackberry picture.

The truth is Justin was just being the prankster that he always is, but this time he’s being a really naughty boy. That picture above is of his armpit but he flipped it up side down because he knew it would look like he was grabbing his crotch and posted it and quickly deleted it for the fans fun.

Below is how the original picture really looks like, right side up.


Sorry guys but it’ really Justin’s armpit. lol :p

Are you kinda disappointed? So were you right or where you wrong?

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  • emz

    LOL @ juustinnn <3

  • JB4EVA

    I was right hihi :))

    • I wasent holden my croch its my armpit my croch wouldove been long what a prankster

      • Anonymous

        really whax ur number

      • are u jb in real life

        • selena gomez

          no it’s not , i could say i’m Selena gomez ,see

        • jennah gonzalez

          i am happy u to r togeter

        • Anonymous

          Is this really Selena Gomez?

  • Alexis(:


    • Anonymous

      he was holding nothing ahaha

  • Sarah

    justin in such a perv. I knew that it was a prank. there was no bieber bulge so I knew it was his armpit:)

  • Terri

    hahahahaha! Too funny!

  • Lizzy

    Hahaha I love him

  • o crap ik it!

  • yeaa shawty!!!;)

  • he is hilarious

  • that was soooo funny justin is so cute

  • I whant to song with your girlfriend and i’m one your fans justin biber and selena gomez plesae come and vist me and mit at 241 sation dr in ga 3506 i like your muise…………………..

  • I was rightttt

  • Aniestin

    haha hes such a prankster it looks lyk he grabbing his crotch haha

  • Anonymous

    let mhe grabb tht thang 😉 give mama a pice of tht suger 😉

    • bieber fever 101


  • halloweeenbabywitch31

    haha he has beautiful hands though lol…ppl think wrong

  • Alkira :)

    haha lol thats hillarious!

  • Me

    Man people do think wrong that is a pretty go prank though

  • prefjuyronre

    Justin just looks like he don’t have any dic

  • prefjuyronre

    U didnt give miee no fever

  • mrsb

    i wanna suck his his hairy dickuntil he cums

    • Anonymous

      you are so nasty just because he is a star yu want to suck it you dont know if he has crabs i dout he does but still thats discusting!!!

  • haha to funny! 😉

  • Jb.lover.foreva.

    Omfg I actukky thought this was his dick lol it is just an armpit!!! Everybody says that it is really wrong when he does grab his crouch. I just think it is a bad habit eg: biting ur lip, biting ur nails, tapping ur feat, playing with ur fringe. Even though it may be a bad habit I think it is sexy when he holds his dick like that 🙂

  • suga wuga

    i love justin bieber you are the most sexest boy i have ever seen next to chris brown

  • Toni, Shannon, Thomas

    yes! i new it if it was his dick it would have a hug bulge im pretty sure his dick is 13 inches long 😉

  • GeorgiaHoles

    Tbh I could tell it was his armpit because of where the seam was…but still wish it was his crotch 😉 #dirtybelieber

  • is tht really u jb x did u reply

  • Anonymous

    Lol:) i was right;)

  • Anonymous

    I was right all along!

  • JB #1 fan

    Your sooo funny Justin! But I knew it already…sorry ;p

  • JB #1 fan

    Justin you didn’t spell it right it’s crotch with a t


    LOL!! Justin you are so funny

  • kayleigh bieber

    Oh that’s so unfair haha I’m kidding he is so smart

  • Oh that’s so unfair haha I’m kidding he is so smart haha I love him so much awww <3

  • austin deprose

    i think justin is hot and he picked a good person i love both of them but cant afford to buy tickets to see them and think justin is looking at his arm pit who doesnt is weird haha :p i also think that he is my idol and love in to deeath. HE IS THE BEST THANG I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE…SO HOT:) HEHEHE

    • I love justin he is so hot and smart i want to meet hime so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Y does justin cut his biber hear???????

    • Hay how are you? justin beiber is so hot

  • Anonymous

    Salena is just trying so hard and JB is not paying atenchen

  • Justin bieber is so so so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin is so HOT AND A grate singer!!!!!!!!:)

  • A Belieber


  • Justin Bieber Wife

    Wat is your number

  • Justin Bieber Wife

    Hi wat is your number jb

  • Wats your number

  • I LOOOVE U JB CALL ME AT (314)-536-0834

  • Selena Gomez

    Id definatly tap that anytime! Can’t keep our hands off each other

    • Justin Bieber

      Love u too

  • destiny Bieber

    he is grabbing his crotch you can soo tell hahaha
    have fun jb

  • koala