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Selena Gomez punched in the face by Justin Bieber fan

So there was a rumor that Selena got punched by a jealous fan on the lip. Below is the picture.

Apparently it was a cold sore. Here’s a pic of her in the day when she was at the Beverly Center Mall with Justin on his birthday. As you can see the sore is there so I highly doubt she got punched.

If this isn’t the grossest post I’ve made in the last year then remember….. Selena has been making out with Justin a lot in the last few days! Talk about ewwwwwww! Stay away JB!

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  • laura

    You’re a fucking mean vindictive little girl. Do you think if justin read this he’d fall in love with you??

    • Amanda

      HAHAHA vindictive? For posting a story? So she didn’t get beat up, she has a disgusting cold sore instead… which is ‘oral herpes’. I hope JB was smart enough to NOT kiss her when that thing was flaring! Eeeesh.

      • shesha

        slena gomez is stupid she could ducked and fot back duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Chrysoula

          You should Fuck Of!!! if you are a real belieber and if justins i happy with selena thn you whould be happy for him!! :@

        • goodboy


        • lover

          well its true

          cause people shouldn’t make up s***
          just cause they are famous
          its just really rude
          let them be
          and u will have no problems

        • coco

          i hate u selena gomez u are fuckin ugly /nd I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

        • LEEANNE B


        • maia

          why do you guys hate selena gomez ? you guys are realy **** in the head sorry to swear but realy stupid would youlike it if some one is crying at home and talking about you on the internet and she dose not even dari to even go see what you guys say all of you people who are saying bad stuff i can tell my dad and he is a body garde and if he heard this he will report so please stop saying bad stuff to selena becausein side she is realy sweet kind and because of you people she is changing and you now that is called jelousie and the people iam only 11 years old just imagen and a 11 year old grow lod and stop talking about here or get a life on ebay

        • demi lavoto

          hi iam demi lovato and all of these nasty comments are just realy bad like i had that happen to me befor and i’am pretty sure tat selena dose not like that ether so just stop i dont now whats so bad about selena but i think there is something rong with you people

        • selena gomez

          wow i come on this site and see all of these nasty comments
          thats just rude

          if you guys are really my fans
          you would be happy for me and stop saying this stuff
          let me be and will have no harm

        • lover girl

          so true selena
          and yeah this is selena
          cause she is my close friend people

        • Denise

          I know people JB likes selena not u u miqht see him tht way but he just sees u like one of his fans so stop the Hatinq!

        • kambria jones

          i understand u will u be my friend ca i get your phone number you are the cute girl i love you and i will not stand up to people talking trash to u i hope nothing gets worst for u your bff kam πŸ˜‰ you rock

        • shelby

          Selena if this is really you I don’t know why peaople would talk about you like that I think you are great and the only reoson why people are talking about you like that is they are like that so don’t feel bad

        • shayla

          all this stuff is stupid and fake nothing is true bout the famous people n

        • sue

          dear selena
          or lets say ugly selena
          im sue and i am the most person in the world that hate’s you i hate you more then ather people does and let me tell you that i realities that you are copping all Hana montanas’s things and all actions and ill tell you another thing that i know that you only care about foums people thats one of the thing that i hate you with and let me remind you that your sooooooooo ugly and if i spoke from today till the end of the world ill not reach the right description that you Deserve also hana is better than you a 100000000000000000000000000 times .

        • sue

          dear selena
          or lets say ugly selena you are soooo ugly and you think your self beter than eny one else also think your self that you are soo beautiful more than hana montan but its upsid down cuz hana is more beautiful than you a milon times i i hope that you read my comment cuz i am going to say that you are the most uglyest person that i sow in my life and i hate you cuz you all ways think about famous peaple only even justin and i hate you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more than you can imagine and if i talked from naw ill the end of the world ill not reach the description that descrips your ugly face and hana is beter than you a 10000000000000 times and i hope that justen splits you and your friend ship ends and ill remember you agin your soo ugly and as hana said hates make you ugly bouble face

        • demi lavoto

          selena i agry wit you because thay are all so jelousi

        • belieber jeziel

          yah.!! thats true selena gomez is fucker,flirt,bitch.!!!!!!! and shit…

        • demi lavoto

          wow you are stupid she did not see it coming

      • Anonymous

        fuk u bitch she is my model

        • Anonymous

          she is not your do people know you.

        • hailey

          ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no she freaken ugly

        • SHES A FUCKING GROSS MOTHERSUCKING HORE SO I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH TRUE ABOUT THAT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        • shannon

          bitch you are ugly forshore lol ewwwwwwwww

      • Anonymous

        Are you fucking stupid? People get cold sores from stress, you little fucking moron.

      • Rickia Stuart

        I do not get it she the fan not be jealous because selena went out with him first

      • shannon

        hahahah you guys are all retarted ….and yea ur right it is oral herpes but alooot of people have it and its a diffrent type and even if you dont get them you could sill have it ok….ok lol be a belieber hahahah sooooo stupid lol

      • Eli

        It’s a matter of time before you get a cold sore, my dear. I’d say in two years or less based on how quickly it’s going around these days.

        Cold sores are all a result of a HIGHLY contagious virus (all you have to do is be near someone– there’s no need to kiss, hug, engage in intercourse, stop bathing, or even make eye contact because, you know, condensation and air travels and all that good stuff) and lots of celebrities get them once in a while.

        Unless you live in a bubble, you’ll catch it. And the virus can not show up for a long time. Ever share utensils or cups with anyone? Ever have anyone accidentally cough or sneeze on you (even near you)?

        Ha, you could totally have Herpes I right now, right this second, and not even know it. It’s the kind of virus that lays low for a long time, and shows up– BAM– to surprise you.

        A sore will show up when you’re stressed out, tired, or when your body feels weak or run-down (like about the time you’re feeling a cold or the flu coming on).

        You should have paid attention in your Health Education class… because, clearly, relying on Google for knowledge or insight isn’t working.

        Oh, and lose some weight.

        — Eli

      • Anonymous

        bitch he did and it a pitcher of her i no he did it and she didnt make up a lie

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      ppl stop saying shit she can be with who the fuk she wants ok and ssoo can jB
      and JEALOUS MUCH gosh

    • u knw it

      u need to tone down your comment is not nice

  • Annie

    it is not truw

    • what is not truw i love selna gomez

      • beyonce

        i love selena gomez i am her biddest fan i went to 5 concert 2 backstage

      • mrsbieber

        well if you love her so much then why cant you even spell her name right?

    • yes she did u fin bitsh

      • shut up

        • ok I totaly go 4 jbs side I think he is wey beter than tat pease of trash I only care if jb is happy I dont care about her GO JB FANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Beilieve

          I don’t think you are daisy she is my friend and I am going to go ask her if SHE WROTE this and………………..”hey daisy it is me Selena daisy: oh hey Selena” me:”wait I am writing down stuff” oh ok there is this girl up her ^^^^^^^^^^ and she thinks she is you so go up on yu site and. Check it out daisy: NO I NEVER EVEN WROTE THAT!?!?! Ok bye. I g2g chow

        • Anonymous

          wtff.. jb and sg are both amazing! :/ she did get punched..

        • sue

          every one here loves selena shud shut up for ever

    • stacy

      Selena Gomez is a beautiful young talented teenager her and Justin beiber or how ever you spell his name, shouldn’t be together sorry JB fan’s but Jb is Ugly

      • bella ruby

        he is so hot his a hottayy

        • Kerry

          JB is ok I guess but I hate his flipping stupid hair it is soooooo annoying anyway GO SELENA GOMEZ (stop hating her peeps she did nothin’ wrong and belibers JB likes all of you so you don’t need to punch selena gomez it hurts her felling and you don’t need to marry JB SO BACK OFF πŸ™‚ )

      • hi justiin bieber youin godd o i love your song all of yours songs

        • justin biebers you are best pop str evr so call me at 513560211258897

        • maria

          that is such a fake number

      • Dea

        Thank you- finally somebody understands! thank you stacy

        • Kerry

          JB is a stupid bitch sometimes (well maybe ALOT of times πŸ™‚ )


      • beyonce

        yes i agree with you jutin ULGY I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ GO SELENA FANS

      • Alexis

        your wrong he’s hot but i think he’s stuid for going out with ugly Selena Gomes

        • Anonymous

          fuck you people who think that jelena suck, selena gomez and justin bieber make the cutest couple ever and they both deserve to be happy. i am proud of those two for making the cutest freaken couple ever.

        • Anonymous

          fuck u people who think jelena sucks, i am soo proud of those two for being together because they show what true love really is so let them be happy together.

      • Brittany

        im with you on that one…

      • sue

        ok ok ill tell you some thing of truth both of justen and selena are ugly BOTH!!! and i am not sorry for that cuz its the truth

    • hey bitch how do kn ow probly they lie probably just like you jb is awesome i am his number 1 fan bitches fuckin bitches he mine #1 fav. boy singer

      • Alexis

        how old r u Vanessa

  • 1 of justins fans bit up selna gomez lip awwwww i love sena gomez and im a bit sad wa wa wa wa i hop selna gomez is ok

    • jjj

      so it doesnt mater what hapen to selena gomez jb is way more beter so whatever

      • jen

        i’m so so so so sorry
        to selena’s fans
        if you love her
        love her as you can

        i never knew you will respect her
        sorry selen’s fans

        • jen

          hey don’t think idid it

        • Anonymous

          Im so sorry what happen to selena gomez. everybody who hates selena gomez dont hate if she pick the guy she love just leave her

        • tina

          why doesn’t she dump the guy he give her so much pain and imbarasment if this isthe correct spelling

        • ema

          i bet selina gomez punched her self just to get cute justin biebers attincian

        • Beilieve

          He did not punch her don’t you understand let them be together because he did not punch her one of Justin’s fans did because she was jealous and that is why she got a bruise or some thing BUT HE DID NOT PUNCH HER

      • Anonumous

        I don`t like u. Selena Gomez is wayyyyyyyy better then Justin Bieber.

        • emma

          heyya…..jb is way better than tht dumbo (selena)….she sux…

        • Chantel


        • Anonymous

          i agrre

        • i do too, they really need some time alone, u noe to date

        • Anonymous

          don’t be a b**ch to Selena she is not ugly Justin is ugly…

        • jess

          don’t be a b**ch to Selena she is not ugly Justin is ugly…

        • szelena gomesz and jusztiin beiber areh botth hiidiiousz szo dahttsz whhy dehy makke ah cutte coupple

        • BANA

          you now what selena gomez it super pretty and nice so if u dont like her then that is your folt….and also u just dont talk about people like that ok… treat people how u want to be treated

        • bella ruby

          selena is not ulgy their prefect for each other their both hottayssss πŸ™‚

        • Kerry

          You stupid bitch what is wrong with Selena she is caring and PRETTY

        • Anonymous

          You guys are all wrong. I’m sure at one point all of you liked Selena Gomez and then when you all heard that her and Justin started dating you all turned your nose up, because some of you want him to yourself. But no offense im a HUGE jb fan but its not gonna happen, so just be happy for them. If you a Bielber you would be happy for Justin because he’s happy!

        • Amber

          i agree that everyone has liked selena gomez at one point and then you hated her because those to were a couple. So i agree just be happy that Justin is happy. And he is.

        • Kerry
        • good person

          selena if you see this letter Im sorr

        • good person

          selena if you see this letter Im sorry what happen to your face that time the fans are mad that u pick justin has your boyfreind this is good person Im a boy

        • Beilieve

          Hey , hey guys don’t hate on her because she is with Justin she is always going to pretty everyone is pretty and you might be Pretty right so guys please spread this message I mean I bet when the weren’t going out I think maybe yOu were not mad or something. It please stop hating on selena she did not do anything wrong I used to hate her.come on have a warm heart I don’t like her I don’t hate her I am in the middle kinda and kinda please don’t hate her maybe you don’t hated.just hate her because she date with Justin but come on Justin need s to happy he is happy if you guys like inlet him have Selena . You guys want him to be happy not sad. If he does not have Selena by his side the whole point about Justin is supporting bmim not because dating him bye take. Are guys and always stay by gods sidebar will be sad not happy . BUT REMEMBER DON’T HATE ON HER PLEASE COPT THIS MESSAGE AND POST IT ON YOUTUBE WHATEVER

      • Alexis

        Selena Gomez is ugly but justin’s so hot justin if u love your fans u will break up with Selena.

        • Beilieve

          Please don’t tell him what to do you just want him to yourself he loves his fans he loves Selena he does. Not need t e telling him what to do gosh he is a person you are a person he does not. Need nobody to. E telling him what to do

        • Anonymous

          you bitch , if he loves her then thts all that matters your just some lonely jealous girl ..

        • Anonymous

          you can’t force him too

        • Anonymous

          cant force him

    • emily

      i know i hope shes okay i really love selena gomez and Justin bieber i think Justin bieber and selena gomez are really made for each other. p.s i wanna be Justin biebers girlfriend.

    • Beilieve

      Shut up you baby learn how to spell and stop crying

      • Anonymous

        meanie pants

  • i wish dis ws true….i’d luv to see her beaten up!!..

    • Meowcow

      me tooooo

      • Anonymous

        your bolth retards

      • Anonymous

        –.– why dont you beat up yourselfss!!

    • briana

      shut up

    • MyMyBieberxx


      • Anonymous

        speak english

    • Chantel

      MEE TOOO

    • bella

      thats a bit mean dont ya think what if u were justins biebers girlfriend and everyone wanted to beat u up
      i love u jb ur a hoatty

      • justin's#1 fan

        I’m going to be justin’s wife so all of u back off p.s. I <3 u justin

        • not a fan at all

          how do you know justin is going to be your man and do justin know you.

    • me to jasmin me to

  • justin bieber i love you soo much i wish i could go to one of your concerts. I fill bad for selena my sister hates her so much but i love her everybody is saying she got beatup? i fill really bad for her i hope we can be friends bye!

  • Anonymous

    omg hahahhaa she deserved it!

    • Justin Bieber didn’t really beat up selena gomez they are both awsome !!!
      They look so cute together!!!!!!!!!

    • tetyana

      why are mad that selena gomez is dating justin beaber. give her a chance shes amazing

    • MyMyBieberxx


  • Anonymous

    hahaha she got punched

    • Chantel

      ii know its soo funny

      • no it ain i is so mean sleana is to good for him

    • no one u need to know!

      tht is so mean >:(

    • anonymous ugly

      i wished you got punched little girl and you better shut your mouth cauze selena got something to say about you in her mind.Selena is kind enough not to say anything…….

      • sue

        she is not kind she is rode and very mean i relly mate her befor and that time i loved her soooooo much so i went to have here signaler but she said she is soo busy and there is no time for nerves people and from that time i hate her soooooooooooooo much

  • darkaisha

    No Selena didn’t deserve it if it really even happened. All of you are haters Can’t get mad becuz you cant have J.B he dosn’t want some crazed fan like Ya’ll So get over it you ugly little bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lol:P your so right i hate that they say Selena
      deserved it they are so mad that they cant have Justin’
      they hit the Selena thats just really f**ked up!!!>=\
      If i was Selena i would hit that chick back f**k that s**T
      and i was Justin i wouldn’t do a concert there anymore hahha:)
      i hope Selena is okay!!!=\

    • Who Cares

      hahahahahahahaha your funny thats true theres so many lil girls who be hating on her shes cool and if his fans love him so much then they should be happy his happy not trying to make him feel bad cuz there hurting the love of his life right now.

    • Anonymous

      you are such jerk i am not ugly or fat stupid

  • Anonymous

    jealously much? shes a remarkable young woman and has achieved more in her life already than any of you lot will in your life. she doesnt deserve any of this. its inevitable that beliebers will take a disliking to her, but why? if you love him so much surely you would want him to be happy and by all this abuse at selena is obviously going to upset him. leave them be, they deserve to be happy, they are both incredible people.

    • I think selena and Justin should have a shot a love. If u Gus are really and truly his fans u would be happy for him. Stop hating on Helena, she is a really nice person I am sure, and its not like u guys can have him anyway. Grow up and leave them along. If your not happy for him then u deff aren’t a real fan. Justin doesn’t want fake fans he wants real fan, fans that will support him and whoever he choose to be with so get a life and stay out of there’s. Selena and Justin deserve some privacy and he doesn’t need his quote fans attacking his girl with vicious lies just cause yall jealous. Be real fans and back off.

      • Justin i am happy for u but listen dont u see u have become a major bitch i mean when u went to the mall with selena u wouldn’t even stop to take a pic with this little girl that kept saying hi justin can i take a pic with u. the old u would have gave her a hug and would have taken a pic. the point is selena gomez has changed u into a bad boy the haircut, ur aditude everything has changed ur not the same justin we all used to the know and love. and no offence to the bitch who changed u but im gald she got the fat lip u r dating a 19 year old slut plzzzz think bout this πŸ™‚

    • M.A.I



  • anna

    she so dosent deserve omg lik U FCKN JELOUS PPL FUK OFF!

  • anna

    anyways u will NEVER get him anyways so like shut up! he probably dosent even kno u bitches so let selena nd jb go out CUZ JB LOVES SELENA ND NOT U

    • and how about selena gomez , her self she is the one that likes to date a fan , love david conway

  • hij gjkfΕ‘htnr vfnhgjjk

    • hi justin selena is beatiful and good girl don’t let her gooooooooooooooo ook yur are cuteeeee?

  • <3

    • Jenelle

      Yo what ever freaking little bitch punched selena gomez in the lip made a fucking big mistake because if she thinks justin bieber will forgive her she is wrong cause justin bieber loves selena and he can date what ever girl he freaking wants cause no fucking little girl can threating selena by freaking punching selena because that little bicth is gonna have to go to court cause selena has to do something and i am going to be on selena gomez side but i advice selena gomez not to keep her hands crossed.Maybe selena Gomez is 1 year older than justin bieber and i respect that.But I am going to be in selena gomez side and i advice selena gomez to not let that little freaking son of a bitch to get away with it.Selena Gomez I hope you know that I will always be on your side especially this one.

    • Anonymous

      she deserved it!!! Selens Gomez is changing Justin Bieber and its not even funny!! we love justin and he is simply amazing, but when selena is around thsat all changes!! She is only doing it for the publisity and money, but we cant tell justin this and its not our decision, but if he continues to go out with her that is his decision ( but a bad one) !! <3 u justin……and again SELENA DESERVED IT!!! stop changing Justin he is 'Justin Bieber (JB) ' and that will never change, no matter how hard you try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • anoymous

    iwould beat that bitch who beat selena.sorry girl. hope selena is fine


    • first of alll if you were okay with justin and selena dating then change yo name

  • Anonymous

    i thing they are good

    • justin biver just likes to dump girls and think he is all that but he is a jerkface

  • jb i love you so much and i thingselena gomez is for you and why you are most handsom of her

  • I Feel Bad 4 Celina Gomez Jb Fans Are Jelous And If She Keeps On Dating Him She Is Gonna Get Hurt Sooooooo Selina BREAK UP WITH HIM!

    • emily

      i agree with u they r jelous about him

    • Chantel

      i agree brake up with himmm

  • Awwww who did that to selina gomez she loves him let her live her own life bitches leave them alone!

  • Jenny

    I Hope tis i true 2 cause if it is ilove 2 c selena get punch by some1 cuz she took all of r man n tht not fair because we spot him 1st thn selena n yea who doesnt like 2 selena gomaz get punch 4 sum on u guys bt ikinda feel bad cuz idont wanna c justin beiber sad o yea bt im kinda hattin on justin cause he should know better 2 not be wit selena so yea n if ur readdin tis justin uguys r not ment 2 be wit eachother n wen u guy r still wit eachother u fans might go down n know more justin ever agian

    • yaeh you right!

    • juliza

      are u janice

    • juliza

      are u from el salvador

  • angela

    ha ha ha selana got beat up i dont like her and its not becasue shes dateing justin bieber he is werid i just dont like her she is a twoface”s and she things she is better then people when she”s NOT lol. open your eyes justin bieber u looking at loser girl that only cares about her self

    • Chantel

      i know she is a twoface she just wants him for the money she dosent care about him so selean stop going out with him becuase you are just using him and i knw u are going to brake his heart so break up with him thats the best thing u should do to make other fans happy…………

  • Guys thats no funny u guys r stupid if u hate her justin bieber is a popstar just think about it hes gonna date other people stupids.I feel bad for selena i hope she feels better.btw its not like he will date u and everyone will be happy. grow up.luv u justin.im ur # 1 fan.also if u guys were real beleibers would be happy for him like me.

    • tatiana

      get a life bech ass hoe=) u are not mrs.bieber kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • bria

    All they do look at what the relationship is insulting to make them want it more I like how they look together but I do not feel bad that everyone has their opinions only thing I do not like what they do is put it in sele place esque no longer the way insuten harmful if not go to extremes to please paste are embarrassed to see how they did mourn degenlos Starting Out which are famous does not mean their fans exist only for themselves and not call a bitch selena why would not it is is just a girl in love and that is allowed as to what that justin removed the finger so I feel good and I applaud devant me who does not need the privacy and do not give so do not have to apologize
    good bye hope you will think ..
    bsss a tod @ s
    do not let him make a very cute couple

  • no one

    u girls suck!!!!!! justin loves selena and selena loves him soo go get a life and leave them both alone cuz they will never get with a fan maybe but it has to be a cute girl his age and no not 12,7,8,9,10,11 cuz hes not going to date u ugly girl sooo get a life

    • hell ya they should get a life and leave them the fuck alone cuz they got their life and and justin and selena got their own so fuck you bitches!!!!! A.KA. Jessica
      Ya i feel the same way they look like a beautiful 2gether .So Selena and Justin if you are reading this dont let your fans get in the way of your beatiful relationship.
      A.K.A. Tatiana

  • Tmz.com and this one

  • i dont understand why did that girl punch selena in her face if u know that JB and U are not a good relationship.SO LEAVE THE ALONE.




  • Ariana

    i love u justin bieber u r so cute but i wish i can meet u u r my favorite celebrity could u do a concert 4 me on my birthday (september 9) p.s. i am very smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey u guys i feel so bad 4 selena.if i wuz there i would of socked the person who socked selena in the face

  • shania

    on some real shit some of these girls odee like if u dont meet him owell hes happy wit her n they make a really cute couple

    • bell

      Selean and Jusin are good to gither

      • yeliana amya


  • selena rocks and i love that selena is dating justin biber and the both of them rock and i need to say something to justin biber and selena gomez you guys rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk selena and justin biber they are my fraviete singers yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Anonymous

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lolo

  • you guys are fucking beaches that are saying that justin biber and selena suck you guys are stupid think i guys that you guys suckkkdont no anything because you are sow dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm think i gues your teahers are dum like you txt mee back and i well tell you all the true and i gues you are gone bee scared your gona be runing because im emooooooooooooooooooo stupidddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Selena Gomez

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell Biiiiiiiiitches. U R ALL UGLY. JB is miiiiine. Ima punch u in da head cuz I iz better than all of yall. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      look justin beiber loves selena gomez not some wanna bees and plus justin beibers a super star and so is selena gomez so their clearly perect for each other

    • allyson

      i love you selena gomez and justin bieber

  • Chloee

    Why is everybody being so pathetic bout this, you hardly know Selena so leave her alone and If Justin and Selena are happy together let them be… We cant esactly do anything and especially if they love eachother…. x

    • i do know selena gomez , more than you , love david conway

  • sam

    who ever did this to selena gomez is a bitch

  • bell

    stop it you guys wow

  • bell

    why are u so mean to selena gomez ass hole

    • Anonymous

      because u r a asshole bitch!!!!!!!

  • HI JUSTIN i feel so bad for what hapen to selena gomez i am a big fan of both of you guys and i hope you feel better and her too. thank you so much lve maria

  • wow! Alright, seriously this is crazy “Selena Gomez” is getting punched in the face because of some jealous fan, JUSTIN LIKES OR LOVES HER! so leave them alone, If you are a true bieber fan you will be happy for Justin that he is in a Happy relationship. She is terrified of “bieber fans” because they threaten to kill her thats not nice. What the HELL! did she do to you guys?

  • obama yo mama

    …..oh well, someone will get that skinny lil’ skank

  • obama yo mama

    okay nvm i feel bad now about what i said so sorry…but ya they could last for a while :)…again sorry

  • bexx

    justin baby i am so happy for you and selena unlike all the rest of ppl i luv u and sum day u will find sum1 that u think is the 1 and that might be selena so enjoiy have fun and dont forget i will always have you re back and dont matter who u luv i will still luv u !
    sum fan’s are nicce (ME)

  • why it have to be angry fan? … maybe it’s justin he Punched her in the face when she tryed to kiss him in the hotel room !!! .. who know ??

  • Belieber1500

    Wow. Some fans can get REALLY jealous!!!!!! I mean yeah i’m a LITTLE jealous of Selena, but she is a GREAT person.

  • Anonymous

    i hate selena gomez SO MUCH !!!!!!!! way to go girl you’ve just made my life !!!!

    • Eliana S

      Its not like you have a shot. You know whoever gives selena shit about her dating Justin I swear i’ll punch that bitch in the face. This includes you. Gomez fans don’t give Justin shit do we. Leave selena alone or someone better punch YOU in the face

  • hahahahahaha that is soo funny thats wht she gets for messing with justin bieber

    • Hey thats not right its not like the all the bieberfans will be happy if u date him!!!! get a f***** life!!!! I got over it!!!!

  • [:

    i punched her in the face … lmfa omg I WISH.

    • shut up.and if u did i would want 2 beat u.if ur not a fan of her then dont go on this website.

  • matilda.drew-bieber


  • justin bieber loves selena gomez.get over u guys.he doesnt want u.tht is y he is with selena.and who ever punched selena gomez is despressed.because only a despressed girl would do it.and 4 all tht is swearing needs to stop.tht isnt y justin is with u guys.i love justin i cry over him like every day.tht is how cute he is.and selena is my favorite actor.yah im jealous but i still like selena.IM MRS.BIEBER.FOR AAL U GUYS OUT THERE.LUV U JUSTIN BIEBER.

    • dream

      ain’t nobody said he did but you MRS.BIEBER

  • LunalaurelBieber

    oh great. i thought she’d been punched guesss i’ll have to do it now…. lol jks

  • anonymous

    taylor swift tweeted it was just a cold sore wish the best of luck for jelena

  • Shiena G.

    uhmmm..hey guys..i also hate selena but it’s not because she’s dating justin bieber…it’s because..i don’t know..but then i realize that hating her won’t help..and i have to like her for the sake of justin..i love u justin <3

  • hey justin i love you, you and selena looks so cute together just ignor the rood comments and just live youre life happy and free and also i always got youre back beacause i loved you since you came out i know that you dont know me but just fallow what i say . o and selena if you are reading this i love you and just be happy with justin bye <3

    love you guyz ssssssssssssoooooooooooooo much peace

  • ps. leave them alone!

  • This is sooo not true hey were bieber girls.

  • Justin think about what are u doin your wouldn’t even like her.

    • first that big head bitch is ugly everyone thinks she so nice so sweet suck dick bitch if she died 2day i would lose no sleep over 2morro she’s u miley won’t 2 b sorry bitch NO only 1

  • I believe selena and I know her she would never do any thing like that.

  • i luv selena. g sooooo much and i sortov like justin. b but u r so fused about your hair seriously u need 2 get a grip p.s no afence…and i only like justin bieber cos he is goin out with selena gomez and lastly i like taylor launtner way better he is the cutest guy ever xxx bye! πŸ™‚



  • amina

    i luv justin bieber im sooooooooo happy dat she got punched

  • wow people are stupidd

  • anonymous

    selena u sooo deserved a punsh in the face. hahahaha
    now stay the hell away from justin!

    • I dont think its true that justin bieber punched selena… any ways i love them both and they look sooooo sooo sooo soooo cute together… awww bless them:) xx.oh i am sorrz for selena :(….

  • I really wanna knoiee if who she got punched by???? :L …..

  • HAHAHAHA. =)) Pitiful.

  • juliza

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder but in KCA i saww selena and she had no punched lip so where did the hurt lip came from how did that happen??????????

  • wow i feel bad i have a question where did the hurt lip came from how did she got a ripped lip i saw her In KCA and she didnt have a ripped lip

  • anonymous shut the fuck up you jelous girl you will never have JB so that doesnt mean im jelous i am a selena fan and i am happy about JB and selena gomez so shut the fuck up

    • juliza

      i agree!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        justin you scould go out with selena she is rully nice!

  • juliza

    i feel bad shut the fuck up anonymus asol quiet i am selena fan and u will never have JB

    • Anonymous

      u r jelous so just shut da fuck up bitch

  • dream

    well i don’t like selena not because she dating justin because i hate everything about her if it wasn’t because she got punched i would have not looked at this and a sore on the lip is most likely because of a punch and comment me on this all you want it’s not gonna change my mind and a waste of breath getting out your anger call me a bitch slut whore and i don’t care if justin reads this im not giving advise here.

  • yall need to stop haten on him. he is so sweet if you get to know him leave his life alone just be his fan not his mother and tell him what to do. dont juge him half of you just follows what every body else says so shuuuuut up and he is not bi and he could date who he likes just be happy for him and dont hate selena cause shes dateing a super hot cutie. so haters dont come on this website if you hate him yes i will always fight aginst justin drew bieber hater

  • i am a belevber

    uuu i sorry justin but i dont like selena gomez and i love u but not her and if uu want mee to be happy for uu i will but i will never ever like her so i just gotta say that……… and i will always be a belivber

    P.S. love you justin………………… <333333

  • Matt

    Wow, Justin Bieber is awful. I can’t believe he even has fans. How can you say that you love Justin? Do you know him personally? Or do you just love his music? How do you love someone that you’ve never met? How does that make sense?

  • Anonymous

    ihate selena gomez why can’t she be punch in the face and get a huge bruse.P.S. selena if you are reading this i will hate you for the rest of you life and when you die i will be sssssoooo happy goodbye now




  • GoodPanda

    Just as i thought… Everyone who likes Justin or that Selena is 9 Years old or less. You either write in ALL CAPS or u jus don finish ur words…. oh and Camren the first commenter, Never gonna happen and not that i like Justin or Selena but if i happen to actualy see on the news that a bunch of fans beat up Selena then if there is someone there that i know im just gonna have to Fuck them up. She is just an Actor and i think a Singer, She never did anything to you so shut your fucking mouth and chop your fingers off cause i dont want to see you saying or TYPING shit like that. your a fucked up 9 year old that was slammed on the wall as a baby. Have fun being hated for the next 10 tho 16 years.


  • zeinab

    OMG r u ppl serious she even said it herself that didnt happen so just drop it okaii

  • zeinab


  • Mari

    hey guys let them be happy jelena is a very cute couple they look so so so good together i am i huge fan of both of them.
    crazy fans of justin: if you love him so much, why don’t you let him be happy ?
    and if some day for some reason he picks one of his crazy fans to be his girlfriend all the other crazy fans are going to say bad things to that crazy fan .
    put you in the place of selena and how do feel ,about all those bad comments ?

  • How did you freakin’ know that they had been making out? wtf?

    are you against selena or something?
    as you know, selena’s a human too. she can get hurt of everything you said.
    she’s not perfect, ok? Just because she’s selena gomez or Justin bieber’s girlfriend doesn’t mean she’s always flawless in everything. i may not be a fan of ‘Jelena’ (hard for me to admit) and not be a fan of Selena, but she has feelings too and you don’t have the right to judge someone.
    as i said, I’m not a fan of ‘jelena’ but i support justin’s happiness.

    funny cuz you made this website for all bieber fans out there but what you did right now was to insult or talk bad things about someone that makes him happy and means so much to him. seriously? is this what your site is about?

    if you love justin, you wouldn’t have done that. because we all freakin’ know that justin loves selena and if he sees this, wtf do u think will happen? expect him to jump for joy cuz his gf got insulted and hated? Just stop this ok?

    step out of their lives, ok?
    whoever posted that thing about selena, don’t ever judge her again. cuz you dont know her more than she knows herself.



  • you are all stupid if think that selena gomez is the hotest in the world justin does not even deserv her he is just a flat chested lllllloooooosssssseeeeeerrrr she could be doing better things then dating that fag

  • fuck you selena gomezzzzzzzzzz fuck…………………………you …………………………………fuck…………..

    • Anonymous

      you are mean think how selena would feel

  • Anonymous

    You people are ridiculous. I know you don’t really think Selena Gomez is ugly or anything. You are just jealous. Get over yourselves. Can’t you think how this would make Selena feel? =/

  • Anonymous

    Selena and Justin is great toether

  • niena

    Selena and Justen is great with ether so back off

  • leave them alone all you fuk9in guys ok

    • Anonymous

      Fuck urself who ever u right u white bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rosaundra

    justin bitch !!!!! wat have u beening 2 selena mouth u gave hera cold sore u fucking bitch go back 2 taylor swift ur dream girl. u fucking asshole !!!!!!!!!!!

  • te amo justin vever

  • Ida

    I live in norway everybady!

  • lizzy

    like really i lv j.b and selena but leave them alone some of u crazy beliebers i mean would u like it if u had a boyfriend and millions of girls didn’t want u to date him just cause ur a little jealous i mean think of how selena feels and it’s justin’s choice who to date like really give em’ a break thats only to some of u beliebers

  • lizzy

    oh and if selena or justin r reading this pls wright bc PLS!!

  • justin bieber nie zasΕ‚uguje na selene gomez lepiej ΕΌeby selena poznaΕ‚a kogoΕ› lepszego

  • Anonymous

    if you were all proper fans of justin, you’d be happy for him!

  • Anonymous

    if you were all proper fans of justin, you’d be happy for him!


  • :)

    tbf everyone one who is jealous of selena shuld just suck it up you would never have a chance with jb so why cant you let them be happy together cus tbf they are way out of your league if all you do is sit on a computer and slag someone you dont no off . πŸ™‚

  • miranda

    i have to admit that i would hate it if people did that to me and be happy for him theres no point in being jelous!

  • jamie

    all you haters are so stupid, why do you hate selena ? because shes dating someone that will never date you, and quit saying she changed justin you dont actually know them so quit acting like it. shes not a slut shes a great person she given so much for other people. They love eacother so let it be, so all of you little losers getting pssed and hating fuck off and find someone and quit waistng your time on a stupid fantasy thats never going to happen. Be real and quit living in your “ten year old world”. get a life
    and those of you hating justn fuck off he dosnt sing like a girl, can anyone of you do better ? atleast they both can do something better than any of you losers can do. follow their dreams. Thier living thier lives and your just fighting an imaginary battle. so screw off and get laid xD


  • Confused

    team jelina?? WTF??? is this twilight with “Team jacob” and “Team edward” dats kinda dumb making up a name for them, just like nick and miley cyrus are they gonna say “awwwww here comes Niley!!” seriously???? >:|

  • Confused

    team jelina?? WTF??? is this twilight with “Team jacob” and “Team edward” dats kinda dumb making up a name for them, just like nick and miley cyrus are they gonna say “awwwww here comes Niley!!” seriously???? >:|

    • good she needed a good punch she took my man hoe

      • really guys selenas nice and justin isnt you’re man and you be nice and not use ad language cause they both are really cool people and just be nice

      • ur mom

        no she didnt

        • cece884

          nah,foo,that’s just messed up,probably she got punch foo a reason FOOs

      • tina

        listen u weirdo u better keep your mouth shut i bet ur just jealous cause u r just ugly so better keep it shut alright or do u want me to shut it for u selena must be prettier then u

      • mariana perez

        k bitch da only one who needs a punch in da face is u right now cuz fyi Justin Bieber was NEVER yours

        • CarlySug


    • Meeh!

      Lmao that is hilarious I know exactly but I guess that her team is better than any team cause I hate them both :p

  • Selena ROX i like justin’s songs but i think that jelina is WAY!! better no offence πŸ™‚

    • i think the people that read your comment was offenced

  • kavitha

    its a true one.

  • ashley

    i love selena and i hate rumors like this

  • ashley

    i love selena and she did not get punched

    • 2 thangs do you love love her but i love love JB and i think selena is cool

  • Anonymous

    Youu noe they love each other and there happy together i bet if justin wasnt famous youu guys wouldnt give a crap and would care . Well hello ihts just like uu and your boyfriend or girl friend jus because they is famous dont mean uu guys have the right to be rude come on now . All you people that sae oh dhats what she desereves and blah blah blah you guys is being soo rude and disrespectful for noe reasone! Cuss iihts none of your buisness any wae what they do . -.-

  • sarah

    leave selena alone i think selena and justin are perfect for each other

    • tasha

      you are absalutly right they are perfect together and should be together forever

    • Rita

      I agree…..i love Selena and Justin….. Let them date, and leave them alone….plus there both so much in love with each other !!!!! <3<3

    • felisabelieber

      I dont think so~ Maybe thats guna be hurt for Justin if broke with Selena. Beliebers punched Selena maybe cus hated Selena cus Selena with him…. D:

      • Chelsie

        I think there a great couple!!!!!!!!!!!There soooooooo cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ :))

        • Anonymous

          wow your weird cuz they are not a good coupls shes insane for dating him cuz the have no chemistry! justin is being acused of getting a girl prg


    • what is your last name

  • adrian diaz

    dude you guys are freaking stupid Selena Gomez is beautiful you guys need to stop calling her bitch and other stuff.

    • u need to shut your pie hole

      • Anonymous

        We need to mind our own business. If Justin and Selena want to be together, they should without either of them getting hurt. It doesn’t matter how much you hate Justin or how much you hate Selena or even how much you hate them being together, its their own lives. We’re here to be fans of both of their music and acting, not stalk their love lives and terroize both of them. If you truly like Justin, you’ll leave them BOTH alone.

  • Jasmine

    Hey, you guys are stupid, selena gomez are you beautiful, that’s what makes her a perfect match for justin, you guys just jealous at Selena, JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! They were like us too, need love, and that’s the girl that Justin choose, so don’t say like you hate selena, or gonna kill her, you just JEALOUS

    • u are the 1 that is jealous

      • Hedi

        leave brook alone she can have her opinion if she doesnt like selena gomez she doesnt have too OMG its a free country and i dont like selena either so she can kiss mine and brook’s ass and go die

    • pinixy

      hey u can kiss my ass and all my followers.that hate justin and selena

      • tina

        pinixy keep ur mouth shut and mind ur words

  • Selenas Fan

    I Love Selena Gomez And i Like Justin Bieber, But Honestly Its Not selenas Fault Justin GAVE Her Oral Herpes. She Didnt get It alone Here People. He Likes Her Not You So Get Over It If They Werent Famous, you Wouldnt Care. If You Were His Fan Yoou Would Support Him Really.

  • cece gomez

    idc selena u should get beat up by every1 selena is a whore and selena go su
    ck a dick

    • pinixy

      for real she sucks

  • Elena

    I love Selena Gomez she is wonderful and I think that they should be able to do what they want and date who they want and if people are real fans they will accept it. I am happy for them both even though Im not a fan of Justin.
    Go Selena fan`s yay!!! xxx
    Selena is beautiful xxx

    • pinixy

      are u a les?cause u keep saying she is pretty when she is not

      • Jane

        your right selena isnt pretty after all she looks like a dumb 4 me ha.ha.

  • Ughhh. This cancer will end music...

    The grammar and spelling and just general conversation on this page just goes to show that all Justin Bieber fans are either disabled or children. You all need to get a life, they are both talentless frauds that are there simply because idiots like you feed them the fame. They are the cancer that is destroying the world of music. You know how in kids’ shows, they put in bright colours and big colourful costumed morons etc? These are the musical versions of that, except they have bright colours, stupid hair and sing simple little lyrics so that the retards like you lot can understand them. Justin Bieber is one of the most hated people on this planet and say you would defend him all you want, I’d LOVE to see a load of 12 year old girls trying to fight a mob of adults and teenagers who have been around just long enough to know what REAL music is.

    • pinixy

      wow i found someone who thinks the same way i do.thats pretty cool.

  • Te San

    I don’t know if I should believe this story or not, because this is internet. But this is what I have to say, if it is true. All the girls here posting bad comments and mean words about Selena, Jasmine, or Justin, just STOP, BECAUSE THIS IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS, Justin, Selena, and Jasmine can handle this themselves they don’t need you guys commenting bad stuff about them. I’m going to keep this Pg. You guys know that if you type in mean comments, they are useless, and no one would pay attention to the mean things you say!!

  • Monica Shell Whitfield

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”, You know justin you should really find a chick that can defend Herself.

  • Meg

    well well well HAHAHAHA im just laughing at the selena haters. because if you were a real justin bieber fan you would respect his privacy and be happy for him, the reason hes fkn sad is because of you. as if hed ever go out with you haha your probably an ugly bitch. leave selena alone shes hot… your just jealous you cant get with justin. for god sake he doesnt like you. as if hed like a fan bagging on his gf, dream on coz youll never be with him HAHAHA thats the funny thing ur probably ugly as hell

  • Meg


    • your freaken singing prob sucks

    • pinixy

      fuck u u know why because he sucks.i laugh my fucking ass of when i see him cause he is stupid with no talent and selena sucks too.if u are going to be insulting people because they have better taste in music u should shut the hell up because the music u hear is all shit.just like uugly faggot .u are ugly as fuck.and u really need to stop insulting people cause u know ur jealous.

  • Meg

    LOL cant believe BOYS are still hatin on biebs, ur all just jealous hes gettin girls and money HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and ur doing nothin with life, but becoming a druggie πŸ™‚ and ps to the people who think bieber is gay and has no fans, hunnie he has more fans then more people in the world get with it seriously. why waste ur time on this site hating hahaha ur just pointless n it shows how much ur jealous

    • Kay-kay

      stop being so jelous of selena or justin, they look good and happy together, so dont dis any of them.

  • annoyed wonderer

    Everyone seems to have opinions on this subject, but i only have opinions on the people who are writing thus opinions. On that note I shouldn’t say anything not pertaining to the current arguments which consist of:1 Is Selena Gomez is a slut, 2 Should Justin Bieber go out with Selena, and 3 Does Selena have Oral Herpes.
    Here are the facts in that same order
    1. No one has any backing that Selena Gomez is a slut. They are just saying that to ruin here character. Even if they did have proof of some sexual interaction that wouldn’t qualify her as a slut. Also i’m pretty sure these same people wouldn’t say anything about Justin Bieber if his sexual record was brought forward.
    2. Justin and Selena are of about the same age and are both in that group of untalented actors and songwriters being financed by the ever growing Disney Corporation. They most likely see each other all the time and enjoyed each others company. That is how a relationship begins and i don’t see what is so wrong with this.
    3. Ya it might be Oral Herpes or as it’s more commonly know a cold sore. Saying oral herpes is just another scare tactic to make people look at her in an different way. It is like saying a dog that was put to sleep was murdered. The word murder is a much more negative and aggressive than the phrase put to sleep. The use of this word may make the doctor look bad as it makes Selena look bad. Finally I must say that everyone gets cold sores and its not always from mischievous activities.
    Truth be told I’m just typing this because I’m bored and stumbled upon it looking for a Justin Bieber poster to download for my sister. I couldn’t give a flying fuck about Justin or Selena I just don’t get why people care about what they do so much. Don’t you guys have lives to live?

    • how long did it take u to write that

  • Hey, personaly I love Selena Gomez WAY WAY WAY more than Justin Bieber. I hate Justin Bieber! Sorry Selena but…you know, all of my friends and me really really hate him.
    And don’t say mean things about Selena otherwise I am going to kill you all. πŸ˜›
    Selena, I Love You. I feel sorry you got hit by a stupid Justin Bieber fan.

    • fyi she did not get hit by fans this is all geting made up for we have some thing to talk about dont u see.

  • Hay they are bouth the best sings in the wourld!!!! i have a mager crush on Justin Bieber!!!!

    • me too

    • Nessie

      * I am sick of people hating on Selena that is so fudged up…
      *Didn’t Justin give all of you fans a chance, I’m not a Bieber fan, but I know he wanted to pick someone.
      *Selena is the best person you’d ever meet, and most people out there luv her so if you think Selena deserves to be punched that’s all on you HATERZ!
      * I know you like Justin, and don’t want him to be with Selena because you want him. Guess what? Get over it, because your not using your common sense Bieblers… what if he was with someone else? Would you feel the same? Selena would do you like any other fan would to Justin… she’s sweet, kind and lovable.
      * Justin Bieber is said to be cheating on Selena with, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Allison Stoner… I don’t know if it’s true, what do you think?

  • AliceMelittaBIEBER

    true or not, its wrong! Justin and Selena love eachother so we just hav to deal with it. Im cool, i luv him but i think they make a great couple!!!!! LUV YA JUSTIN NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! Alice xo

    • u are not going to get married 2 JB

  • renalgia

    this is a cry baby

    • Jane


  • they have a true relationship they really like each other she doesnt like him for his money she is a pop star to she makes alot of money to just like justin beiber they like each other for who they are. justin beiber likes selena and selena likes justin beiber and thats just the way it is. deal with it. so what if they kiss they like each other. i truly like selens gomez and justin beiber. so i dont blame them for any thing. they dident do anyting wrong they were just hanging out ang going out. justin beiber did not do anything

    • pinixy

      i hate justin bieber when i see him i lmfao.ok cause he looks like a little kid.and what u are talking about has noting to do with what is going around ok.if u are going to say something say it right and don’t go around saying stupid things and learn how to spell ok.>:(

  • i luv them both !!!!!

  • they have a true relation ship they realy like eacg other.

  • ):

  • jb is hottttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) he makes my heart melt

  • why did justin bieber hit selena in her lips justin bieber loves selena and what went wrong i dont think justin bieber who punched her

  • noway that justin bieber did that to selena and he cant make it in front of the ppl or his fans will just go away. and justin bieber loves selena gomez how would he do that to selena noway i dont belive these things maybe she was punched by somebody else

    • she did got puched by sombody dush bag

  • man that good that selena gomez got punched hahahahahahahah

  • francesca

    YES PUNCH HER she wants more fans then justin bieber dosent she get justin bieber is brand new and gettin old i meant with the music!!!!!!

  • francesca

    thats why she’s dating and the relationship is fake

  • pinixy

    wtf.i dont care about them but i can tell u this he is stupid and selena is too pretty for him.so yea.when i see him i lmfao because he looks like a little kid.

  • >3jb

    I don’t understand y haters OF JB EVEN BOTHER
    LOOKING AT THIS SITE??!!!! But I agree with other
    Ppl that if u guys rlly loved JB, u would b happy
    4 him I no its hard cuz I love him but let’s face it,
    Some ppl just don’t want 2 c the person they
    Love in a relationship with some1 else some “fans”
    Will just make up excuses about how stupid and
    Ugly selena is but theyd probably say that about
    Any1 he might date but don’t worry JB lovers,
    I can’t exactly c Justin and selena getting married
    Anytime soon I think theyll probably get sick of
    Each other and move on
    I’ll always love u Justin
    Any1 agree with me? >3

    • Chan

      I agree and I think they make a good couple they look good together I hope they both stay happy together ever one desoves to be happy no matter who it’s with I love both of them they are both good singers.

  • is it true no its not

  • stelina

    you are a oguly bich bich and facken slug

  • kinley

    poor selena y do ppl do dat:(

  • star249

    where’s your man now ?????????? he’s probaly with some other kid just break up wouldyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mariana perez

      hahaha jealous much hahahah well 4 some reason i KNOW u don’t got a man

  • Meeh!

    Uhhh she deserved that anyway and I love that pooper fan cause he punched her and I still hate pooper and all of his ugly fans!!!!!!!!.!

  • ucing garong

    bibir loo doer ……bibir looo doerr……….cenat cenut upssss sakittt…………..

    • ucing garong

      bagus coy

  • Lalall

    Sexy lips. Selena oh selana

  • Justin DrewBieber

    I would not touch with Selena

  • mariana perez

    well i’m a big fan of Selena Gomez…….i think she’s AWESOME!!! n all u jealous LOSERS who say she got puched in da face open ur fucken eyes cuz it was a rumor dat a fucken jealous bitch made up n if it were true n i was there i would have gone up there and crack dat BIATCH!!!!!!!!

  • jb4evaxx

    to bad the broke up :'( xx

  • Kameka


    • Jane

      yah right

  • Jane

    well well well what it we have here its selena have been punch hahahahahahaaha i love it … hey selena i have one correction 4 u u get away fr0m justin bieber u bitch cry baby girl hahahaha y0ur so dumb selena y0ur such a loser haha fuck u

  • Anonymous


  • I dont know why someone would punch selena in the face. Its probably something else. NO HATERS ON SELENA

  • Diana Gharib

    1- i love selena soo much ever since i seen her on this one barnie episode
    2- i was justin’s fan ever since he posted his first episode on youtube
    so to conclude i m verry happy 4 both of them, there the cutest couple, che is verry pretty and he is soo hot…lmao πŸ˜›
    im verry happy 4 both of them and it would be amazing if they stayed together 4 a long time, but no more rumors just let them have tehre own time together and paparatzie leave them allone

    • mafer

      iknow rite the papz should leave them alone… ithink soe tew tat they should stay together 4ever nd always the make such a good couple!!!!

      • lizie

        okay well if papz leave them alone they wouldn’t be famous anymore cuz no one would pay attention to them but hey! really! if you wanna be famous you have to do what the fans ask you to do! if not they wouldn’t be were there at! so if fans want them to break up they should if they want to continue being up there!

    • I know. That’s the worst thing about having a relationship when you’re famous. No one leaves you alone and there’s all shorts of rumors.

    • Anonymous

      selena is a bitch thets all i have to say

      • Earl

        shes more then a bitch, shes a worthless street walking whore.

        • Anonymous

          your such a fucken hater go get a life seriously!

      • anonymous


        • SOMEONE

          = = i think that you should just let them be…by saying that to selena what do u think that JB will say? if you love/like JB just leave them be..if you continue this way…in the future Jb might not treat his fans kindly and he might even hate u..idk..but its your choice of what to do

      • francheska

        and anonymous person ur the bitch cuz u cant even show ur real name.u know why, cuz u aint got the balls .


      IKR??? i hope the be together for a looong time..xD

      • Anonymous

        be nice thats all im sayin.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t care

    • i disagree i hate you and salena gomez if you want to find me just call 347-478-3254 my name is adriana coto i hate you so much you bitch and suck my dick bitch. i wish you are stupid oh look you are stupid i live on bointon apt 3 i hate you bitch hoe fuck you too suck mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dick

    • Anonymous

      you are a person who desirves to die via burning (no offense not sarcastic)

  • nurizzaty

    i really love u so much selena.with all my heart.better u take care of ur self…there so many crazy girl out there..if u with justin,better be careful ok???im here really take care of u.peace….luv ya..ooohhh…i forget to tell u somethin,always pray to be protect by god.bye2..

    • Earl

      God isn’t real you bitch

      • Anonymous

        yeah. he is! avouisly you dont go to church:) well then you need help!

      • Anonymous

        yeah. he is! avouisly you dont go to church. well you needtoo!:)

    • anonymous


  • Alariyh

    i hate jualena

    • its not jualena its selena

      • anon

        Its not selena its skylar

  • yes!!!
    im very happy 2 hear that..
    keep punchin’ her, girls..


    • hahahhahaha yea im sooo happy she got puched in the face jajajajaj sooo funny u ppl c how tht bieber fan left hr lip jajjajajaajaj tht was soo funny jjajajajaaj mann thy should of punched her more thn 1 time

      • Do you not have anything else to say??????

        guess not

      • why are so jelouse about them omg!!!!!!!!!!!

      • i agree . she has changed justin bieber i mean he was HHHOOOTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with his side fringe and selena changed that but i m still a fan of hers

    • HELL YAAA she desrv dat bieber is uor boi


    • Yeeeeah, keep punching…. you!

    • anonymous


  • selly gomez

    I did get punched and it wasn’t by a fan it was by myself trying to pretend that justin did it so that he wouldn’t be famous…Just kidding but that woulf a lmfao moment rite there if that ever happened and my name is not selena gomez its Alyssa ryan

    • ooo shut up ur not the real selena n yes she did gt punched by a fannnnn DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH every 1 knoes tht

      • erm… well i’m not exactly sure yet aswell. selena really looks like shes about to cry but clevver tv says she did’t get punched. im realy cunfused. and justin doesn’t really show the middle finger either…. waaaaa

  • Alyssa Ryan

    if you haven’t guessed I think selena is making justin do things he shouldn’t like shoot the middy finger at the paps i mean seriously selena make your own fans and don’t use him for publicity cuz ur not as famous well u know what y dont u just go onto barney again and have a blast. But i can admit ur show is my favourite on the family channel but i still hate you … try david henrie i mean hes cute and you c him lotz try it and leave our bieber boi alone he is never going to be ur hubby>_< i hate ur guts

    • Geez, you’re not very nice… any chance of leaving them alone? How can you love and hate Selena at the same time? You’re wired?

  • razan

    l Love selena and justin selena justin togather forever

    • ummmmmmmmmmmmmm NO me n justin 4 ever duhh <3

      • Unfortunately no… real life waiting here…. soz

    • Haley

      ikr! all theze crazed girls need to get over him he’s with selena now deal with it. they are very cute together, stop haters!

  • razan

    selena and justin always take care l Love u so much

    l want see u in spain – barcalona at july 2011 but lam saudi l will go spain at july Because it is a vacation see ya there bye bye

  • yeah dats gr8 give her one more 4rm meeee

    • Why so many mean people and no sympathy? This is really cruel.

      P.S. I love you Selena and Justin!!!

  • selena u r suckkkkkk

    • Why do you hate her so much? She is actually and amazing person with great personality and talent!

  • HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA SElena got PUNCHED lolz lmao tht wazzzzzzzz SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny lov u JUSTIN

    p.s well at least justin iz happy wit tht girl selly im ok

    • Selena didn’t get punched. (yey)


  • citana

    selena your my fav singer and i love you bt you a stuip bitch cure the fucking bieber fever thats in ya fucking head hhe pucnched you hoe so stop and do some thong you dum AS BITCH

    • Erm…. I didn’t understand half of that… english please….

  • SORRY!!!!

  • You guys R soo mean. She’s just a girl trying to be happy, and you have to stop being sorry for yourself because you have no life if you just sit around all day and talk about how you hate someone you don’t even know, that’s almost as bad a racism.

  • Awwwwww. Finally…. the real story came out! I knew a real Bieber fan would never punch Selena. I love Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and I am really happy for both of you guys!!!

    P.S. People who are against Selena and Justin being toether… wake up! His a popstar and it is unlikely that he will see you that way out of all the other million fans… sorry but that’s the truth.


  • diamond

    fuck Selena

  • diamond

    i love justin

    • trjhhtrhjtr

    • Earl

      Justin hates you, and soon he’s gonna be choosing which drugs he’s gonna use because his career is gonna go down hill. Soon he’ll be buttfucking a LA hooker for 15 dollars and snorting crack off your moms ass.

    • dimond what school do you go to i think you are cool

  • selena is just a normal girl going through alot right now and guys you don’t even know her your just upset that your not the one on justins biebers’ mind right now. fuck you haters

    • BICH

      • you spelled bitch wrong

    • Earl

      beiber and selena bite ass

  • KyKaih

    you mean kuntzz selena gomez is a beautiful young lady whom you haterz should leave the fuzz alone. Cuz if i met you dumbies id kick you in da face and trust me my leg can reach. justin iz an inspiration to alot so dont turn that into hate … next of all all yall dunbies stalking his entire life … GET YOUR OWN !!!

  • Hi justin….I know u already have a grilfriend but me and my niece luv u soooooooo much i have 10 posters 5 shirts i have 1 pare of the same shoes as you i have 2 pares of the same skinny jeans as you that is how much i luv you my niece has much more than that. pleas text back


      skylar…just because you buy the same things that justin bieber buys doesnt mean that he will like you…personally i think he is a great pair with Selena Gomez..she is really nice kind genorus and other things..so just leave them be..= =”

      btw..if you really love justin bieber you should be happy for them..= = by doing this your just acting selfish and selfcenter…srry..but thats what i think

  • Anonymous

    i hate you πŸ™

  • i tink you all should leave justin and selena ALONE jst cuz he is in love with a grl dont mean that you should beeh mean to her what if it was you dating justin bieber and he was kissing you and groping you and all that you wouldnt want all his fans to come up and punch you in the face now do you SO LEAVE THEM ALONE do you not want justin bieber to beeh happy well your not a very good beliber then are you if you are a true beliber then you would jst let them beeeh in love wit eachother andf LET THEM BEEH HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    diana bieber dont be mean to selena she a great girl so dont be hatein cuz u want to be justin gf he like selena selena like him so stop

    • you stop she should not stop you stop taking thats what you should do and dont thinking about her and think about having food on your plate so fuck you and if she want to be jb gf then let her you dont so get a life ass hoe

  • jazmine

    I am upseat but i will be ok i relly wanted to be his girl friend i am very sad

  • Anonymous

    selenaa is gorgeouss . & all her haterrss she probally didntt punchh cuz it wuud make thinqs worssee . Id likee to see u guyss defendd urselfss . ! Theree made for eachotherr , bacck off . justinss not urrs . NOT NOW , NOT LATER , NEVER ! u guyss r uglyy .. facctttt ! πŸ˜€

  • dontt tripp

    i agree , aww u guyss wnted to be with justinn . he duznt even knoo u guys exists. sooooooo shuttt upp ! selenaa ……… everybody still lovess u more than hatess u πŸ˜‰

  • Carola


  • dontt tripp

    carola , ur……………dumb!!!!!!!!! XD
    seriouslyy u are stupid

  • Erin massey

    I love the couple and all u haters its not ur life now is it they are very happy togeather so just let them b ok i love the both off them i uesd to hate selena but now i c her life i understand and now i am obsessed my walls clothes and floor and every thing is selena gomez i love justin to they are very sweet and one day i hope to meet them both so selena if u see this plz contact me frOm my email k bye i love u so much and i hope i can meet you and sing to u k bye i love you like a sister bye

  • why did yhu hit her yhu muder

  • bri

    Shes a bich that sucks on her dolls n that u sould of killed her

  • i LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER so god dang much i wish i could see him in the future so i love u u better break up with selena gomez and dont have sex and get a boner wait you allready did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • i love s

  • eu amo muito a selena e o justin bieber tambem…. acho que ese casal sΓ£o o meu casal favorrito.. selena e justin eu amo voΓ§es dois e gostaria que voces me siguisem no twitter ok=@B_CRISTINILIMA enormes beijos bia

  • i hope you actually get punched by a fan..and if it doesnt happen go die in a hole. kthanksss love you,

    • Fuuck Haters

      shutt upp bitch &’ only bitchess talk shiit ugly whore

  • emm

    it hurts justin when people says this….
    even if the relation may be a publisity stunt, he still cares about her.
    Get a fucking life and stop trying to make a beautiful girl feel like shit

  • asd

    Apparently Justin Bieber has herpes, maybe he gave it to Selena? WELL SERVE THAT BITCH RIGHT.

    • what are you talking about you are stupid

  • bitches

  • hi

  • i think every one don’t take it out on salena she is just looking for love

  • #do you think salena should go out with justin bieber

  • hi i am Justin not Justin Bieber and why did Selena get punched in the mouth it looks bad but how punched her

  • asdfjkl;gh

    Okay, so I’m simply stating my opinion. Not trying to start anything….
    I love Justin with all of my heart just like the rest of you. Obviously. But I’m not really a fan of Selena Gomez. I used to be, like the album Kiss & Tell, I loved that! I just kinda stopped liking her… I personally think her sound kinda changed and I’m just not a fan of it. Not hating, I have nothing against Selena herself, I’m just stating my opinion. Right when they started dating, I absolutely despised her. I automatically thought that she didn’t have good intentions, that it was just a publicity stunt. After a while I started to realize that she did nothing wrong….she loves him like we do, and he loves her back. You can’t deny when you look at pictures of them together the love in between them. And if we are true Beliebers, we should be happy for him. I understand that Beliebers kind of ‘pledge’ to support Justin, not his girlfriends. But just because you don’t support her, you don’t have to hate on her left and right. If you are a TRUE Belieber, you will keep that to yourself. Or at least not post it on Justin Bieber fan site. Face it – this site is going to have more and more of Selena until they break up, so if you hate her that much, don’t bother to come on at all. If Justin saw you saying this,
    he would be hurt. He loves her, and do you think he likes his fans, the people he loves so much, hating one of the most special girls in his life? No, so don’t do it. And its not right for fellow Beliebers to fight over this stuff, Justin says it himself, we are a family. We shouldn’t be fighting over this. Keep your hateful opinions to yourself.
    Okay Im done ranting. (:

  • :)

    people dont hate selena. just cuz shes dating justin doesnt mean u have to hate her. I know everyone whos a fan of justin wants to be selena. i know if ur a belieber ur probably jealous of selena. dont be haters. shes a nice girl and if their in love…let the be. she likes him,he likes her. that is love, not u hitting on a celeb and they dont even know u exist.DONT BE A HATER. i used to hate selena, but i realized that if we are true beliebers, we put justin first. so if he loves selena and feels happy around her, let them be. DONT HATE SELENA.
    okay in done πŸ™‚

    jkjk. but seriously they make out waaaaay too much and justins being sreriously inapropriate im not kidding. have u seen the pics?

  • I love both of the (Justin bieber and selena Gomez) so i dont have any problem if they are together and u guys should be able to understand about there relationship. They both look great together.

  • Ayoo'

    All of yall aree madd immaturee likee really ? nonee of youu guys will ever get a chancee withh selena or justin . stop livingg likee your in a fanasty && leavee themm thee fuck alonee . deuces

  • Anonymous

    jb is noob

  • i cant belive that justin bieber did that to you selena butt i love justin butt i dont like wen hi did that to you i love you gize say to justin that i love you gize<3<3<3<3

    • byee gize i love you

      • i am 10 yars old and i live on sweden

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  • is this just going to keep happening what jb trys to fall in love you guys beat him to the ground and he never finds true love wow you guys are pig amd grow up i love you selena as a good friend and dont care what people say mean things to you

  • i think jb and selena gomez make a good pair. but who ever punched selena gomez in the face should be very sorry.jb is the best bf for her! i think we should no the whole story why this kid punched her. I LOVE YOU SELENA GOMEZ

  • arme sel

  • siti nur huda

    what kind of people is that? it very stink’s!!

  • Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are the best couple ever…!!!

  • laurz

    why dnt u jst leave justin nd selena have fun why are ye hating its there life ju actually think by hating on selena justin is gonna love ye !!!

    • laurz

      he does nothing but be nice to his fans nd this is the way ye treat him

  • laurz

    selena is so nice to all of ye aswell nd justin it doesn make sense tearing two lovely peoples relationship

  • laurz

    sounds cheesy but its true πŸ™‚

  • Ariana Joan grande (:

    Heey! You guys that hate Selena gomez` Are very! mean..because she is a very sweet girl & me & selena are close friends, I love! talking to her all the time (: & we also hang out, & go to the movies together, But I just don’t like the way some of you guys are talking about her like she did something wrong to you guys! πŸ™ & its mean….soo i think you guys should think about what you say/before you say it & Actually get too know a person before judging one Tnxx Xoxox πŸ˜‰ Ariana grande <3

    • Kerry

      Your so right what did Selena do I am a close friend to and she calls me and uassualy talk about how she hate it when peeps call her bad things. It is not fun to be like Selena sometimes so stop this and start a better life and get a new hobby !!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Kerry

    JB should never let that happen to this poor caring and pretty super star. Stop hatin’ Selena people your love is in JB heart he knows you love him but you don’t need to marry him you idiots. Good day to all the NICE peoples in this universe of selfishness and mad/sadness πŸ˜‰

  • rubina

    i fell sad for you did he hart you that was mean

  • rubina

    justin takes care of you a lot that is nice he cars about you

    • valentina


  • valentina

    i whant to be justin biebers girlfriend

  • i dont like justin bieber!!! suck

  • justin's#1 fan

    really u Justin had to tach her butt what next u to two going to make out all i want to say is Selena u better back off or i’m going to make u wish u were never born

  • annneebiieebberrr!!

    ha ha haaaaaa bitch selenaaa fu fu fuuuuuuu ugly girll you want bitch

  • i hate u selena gomez for dating justin bieber u backstabber ur a bitch this is wat u get alll of these haters hating on u cuz u took jb from us u whore

  • gomez

  • all yall haters need to sSTOP!!!! they make a great cupoul just bcuz u mad at selena bcuz she dating him or jusin dont mean nunin u mad cuz u wont ever get to met them so shutup and gon somwere wit that i ahte justin…. and selena but heyy if they want to date let them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many times u make bad mistakes but heyy they probly dont think they made a mistake the lov one anthor so leave the alone they want to be together bcuz they want to not bcuz of all of you so shutup and leave there love alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geni Jaw

    why did a freakin’ fan would just punched my favourite actress an most beautiful girl in the world ”YOU” wouldn’t want to be like that too

  • you guys shud live her alone bicths

    • uzziah

      You ugly little whitch zendaya would never say that. And you spelled the word bitch wrong so back in your face haha

      • dwencia

        I your biggest fan justin I love you

  • caraxxxx

    they are both nice they should be together it is not like you are going to go out with him and enyway it is not selenas folt πŸ™‚

  • caraxxxx

    hi im new my name is caraxxxx

  • mayesha

    Selena Gomez is an puppy. i hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mayesha

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are not parfect. Justin Bieber needs something new.

  • mayesha Nahar

    I’m J’s biggest fan.

  • Manji

    Selena’s my role Model she is the best of all Fucking Celebrities…..i support Jelena as well…and all the bullshity haters remeber ur goonna be fucking dead soon FUCKERS….suck ur asses selena haters

  • jerrica

    thats nasty kid i bet by kissing jutin bieber lol that so so so so ugly ya should never kisss him that so nasty


    hey gril fuck you beacuse your not mrs. biber so bye and fuck you ya go tell your mom

    • estefania

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol fuck u bich ass hoe ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    go to hell and tayk yor friends with you mrs. biber


    suck your dick

  • aleena

    its justin biebers fault he left such a pretty girl go get a life dustbinbeavir at school everyone hates u true say even i hate him salena will get a better boy than u u basterd

  • shelby

    Selena is a great girl you people. need to stopp treating her like she is some kind of ignorant stupid ugly girl she is better that everyone in the world so don’t talk about her like that because that only means your worse;-)

  • dawencia

    Sorry justin bieber for saying that you punch selena in the face.

  • uzziah

    selena and justin bieber I never douted you and I hope you ghys are still dating. I never douted you my freind did.

  • Anonymous

    wow thats fake he wouldnt do that

  • Rihanna

    Are you okay

  • Rihanna

    I’m a fan but you should have fought back I believe in you and all are people saying bad things about her y’all need to leave her alone and start saying all talk stuff about Justin Bieber. I’m so sorry he did that to you

  • Rihanna

    I hate Justin Bieber

  • maryam

    justin bieber your face is like monkey ooh! i forgot your new girlfriend yavonna i think very bad because she still the place of selena gomez .but selena is happy without you then we are happy for her you lost you 1000 fans

  • olivia

    maryam is right