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Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just doing it for the cameras?

Ah to be young and in love. Scratch that, to be young, rich, famous and sort of in love. That latter may be up to interpretation, but teen King and Queen Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have used a recent Hawaiian vacation to assert their control over their relationship and their careers. Their puppy love may have been initially kept under wraps, but thanks to one media-manipulated kiss these two are now incapable of keeping their hands off one another. But considering the immense fame that The Bieb is currently enjoying, so much PDA with a pretty and famous girlfriend could have the potential to distract him from his work, unleash the jealous hordes of Beliebers on his lady love, or worse: enrage moms and dads who fear their daughter’s obsession is getting a tad too randy for their liking.

To further investigate what’s at stake for two kids who can’t even legally drink, we rang up Hollywood image consultant Michael Sands. “That’s his home court advantage in venturing out into the public; he’s learning how to kiss and hug. You’re seeing kissing and hugging 101, all for the cameras,” he explains, before continuing with what might be a more cynical interpretation of their romance than even we at Popdust can conjure. “Basically she’s really not his girlfriend, it’s set up by the parents or the manager. It’s not going to last.”

Shocking words for those who believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and above all else, love. But while asserting his masculinity by dating a “hot” girl and publicly sticking his tongue down her throat may be a way for Bieber to transition from boyish “Baby” singer to (we feel icky typing this) mature musician, these aggressive displays of heterosexuality have to be off-putting for some of Bieber’s younger fans (or at least, their parents) who only recently learned what it meant for his voice to change. “Perhaps some fans will be turned off, but I don’t believe it will grossly affect his image. People are intrigued and want to learn more about the lives of celebrity couples in love,” says Dr. Tina Morse, a MA, MFT Cedars-Sinai Hospital Psychiatry Team Fellow, who gives a second opinion that caters to all proponents of the Bieber-Gomez relationship. In addition, perhaps the fact that Bieber brought Selena home to Canada to meet his parents will quell doubters. (See, it’s not all about bikinis!)

Pop stars tread a fine line as they grow up in front of the public eyes, particularly when it comes to satisfying their “needs.” Most things are better left unsaid (or unseen), save for coming out with an abstinence pledge. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake kept things largely PG during their tenure as pop royalty, the most offensive public display they had were those horrible matching denim outfits. (Now about that virginity thing…)

But let’s not just criticize poor Bieber for being a horndog. (What were you doing at 17?) The older and wiser Selena is clearly not as innocent as her Wizards of Waverly Place character anymore. And yet, it’s interesting that she’ll do away with the pink horses from her video after catching flack from the likes of P!nk, but refrain from hiding in her bikini or giving The Bieb a smooch in front of the cameras, despite the risk of backlash from heated Disney parents. (That may just be a testament to P!ink’s intimidation factor.) There must be a larger number of PETA members than Disney fans in the 18-49 market.

To us, this whole relationship is real—Selena has to like Bieber enough to stomach all the talk about swag and his recent Hebrew tattoo acquisition, whereas as at 17, Justin’s probably just happy to have someone let him touch her boobs—but also extremely professionally convenient. With Selena’s new album out later this month, and The Bieb always promoting something, these pseudo-smushing beach photos are examples of two kids no longer playing by their handlers’ rules, and hedging their bets that the paparazzi shots will help their personal stocks rise. Maybe they’re right. And if not, we hope it was worth it. If these sexy times (and, we hope you’re sitting down for this one, proposal rumors) continue, fans should view these two in a different, more adult light. It’s only a matter of time before choruses of “Baby, baby, baby oh” become ironic.


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  • Caroline

    They’re so cute together [:
    Wish you guys the best.

    • janaya

      i love justin so much and i love selena so much i like them by theirselves and not as jelena yeah they look cute toghther but selena is changing him and idk if hes changing her they dont click toghether and idk if they whole jelena thing is a publiticy stunt or what but i dont think it is just selena becux she could just be using justin for more fame

      • Vind uit

        SO NOT TRUE

        • Anonymous

          i just if Justin Bieber play with my breats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rami

    I’m sure that anything being done in front of cameras while knowing its there
    its just to bring attention to them ..
    they might be “in Love” but like the whole of “Hollywood-famous” they’ll be done in a year … you’ll see

    • ashley

      i agree this is totally a publicity stunt and they do all this lovey dovey stuff just for the cameras and when justin’s crew have to leak pictures of them together

      • amber

        i agree that this is a publicity stunt if they were really in love yhen they would show some love

        • I love justin bieber

          I agree 100% but I think selena is doing all of this stuff saying that shes in love is all a stunt to popularity and then she will through him in the trash like she did to all her other boy friends.
          She just wants to be populare again thats my perspective 🙁

        • bb

          i agree with u totaly i think she is just trying to be poplare and i never relly liked selleana but i think tht there taking there relashsonship to far they r to young have u seen tht picture when he had one hand on her back like he was going to give her a hug and put the other on her nasty but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Tabbie

          I dis-agree i think they really do like each other i mean it seems like alot of trouble to do all this for some stupid stunt i mean selena is taking alot of crap from jb fans about them daten how would this be a good pubilcity stunt i mean i think her fans would not really like it and i know jbs fan wouldnt they got mad just because he cut his hair i mean if it was one then i think there careers would be droping a bit dont cha think and jb is like 17 now and selena is 18 i think so there just showing love i mean they keep it a secret for some time now i think they do like each other thats my point of view (please dont cuss at me im 13 and i like jb and selena)

        • Anonymous

          ya well i have a totally different opinion!!! selena gomez is in love with justen bieber and thats all she wants. she is a very heartfilled person and did nothing to be mean to you so just deal with the truth and get over it because you and justin bieber will never have a chance!!!!!

        • Samantha

          that is right girl i totally agree with u and u tell thoose people how cute they r together. also nobody else will have a chance 2 date justin bieber but another celebrity. so that means NOT a single fan will go out with justin bieber the cutesest finest boy ever. I LUV U JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaLa

    I don’t know what to believe sometimes…

  • Pance

    the best couples really love you both <3 <3

  • sarah

    absolutely the cutest couple ever!!

    • Anonymous

      shut ufucking mouth

  • Hannah

    1st thing, i agree with this article 100%. (its my opinion, so don’t hate)
    2nd thing. its HILARIOUS how people post comments thinking like Justin runs this site and your trying to talk to him. if you want him to notice you get a twitter..

  • Jeslyn :]

    wow, even other people notice hmmm that says a lot !

    • zariah

      i think they look great together.

  • ilovethePURPLEBIEBER:)

    i think this is just a rumor,,,, i think justin really loves selena, but i hope that selena loves her as much as justin loves him… their relationship is real but i think i’ts all just in one FAME OF LOVE! sorry! but sometimes i can’t control myself. so pls. don’t hate me!

  • Lunia

    Selena has a wierd apple shaped head and no boobs, shes not that pretty. I could imagine what she would look like if she was fat but Justin could do alot better, she looks 15 not 18 and when he’s about 23 he will date some sexy HOLLYWOOD actress with curves. Its true their just using e ach other because their around the same age, i give their relationship another six months the most. :[ – or until Justin is old enough to date younger girls!

    • shutuploser

      i agree w/u on that 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That was really mean, i think selena has a very beautiful face and u dnt have to have basketball boobs to have a great body

    • Jeslyn :]

      thats true!! i’m 13 and my boobs look bigger then hers and she’s like 5 years older then me and her body is a complete stick yeah she has an ass but thats pretty much it and she has puppy dog looks thats what makes her cute.

      • Anonymous

        Ass and boobs don’t determine if someone’s beautiful or not

        • Tabbie

          Im Sorry But Im 13 And Mine Are Small And I Have A Football Playing Boyfriend For Almost 10 Months Now We Have Been Daitin And Im My Opion I Think Boobs And Butt And Legs And Watever Are Not Important Your Suppost To Look At There Personality It Nice If There Cute And Stuff But Thats Not The Whole Reason For Liken Someone

        • Josie

          Okay we all no what guys are really interested it and it’s none of that and it’s not love if any of you think that and selena don’t have a big but or boobs I just turned thirteen and I have a way bigger but than she does and boobs but that not why I’m replying to this I am just saying why they wont and big buts or boobs yeah thats a good thing for them to show off to their friends but they would rather say I did her

  • Lola

    Surprisingly, for a skanky whore, she has NO ARSE WHATSOEVER.

  • christina:) @beliebemeitstru

    Okay picture it this way. You’re seventeen, you’re dating someone you think you love. Would you marry them?? Nooo!!! You’re only 17 and have so much more of your life to liive. Noow. You’re seventeen. You’re also dating someone you think you love, but you’re both famous. You’ve seen her been hated on by your fans, seen her cry, and in pain. Your fans think its all fake. Your fans hate her. You never get time alone or to yoursef, let alone say hi to her without being photographed. Would you marry her? No most likely not. You’d probably break up and keep it a secret somehow. Right?
    Now again, picture this. It isss a fake relationship, and you’re both dating eachother for publicity. You’re good friends, and it could be something more, but you’re not gonna go that far. You’re fans are beginning to hate this controversary between ‘are they dating or not’ and the fan family is starting to break up. You’ve noticed a change in your usualy self and fans have especially seen this too…..would you marry her? Ill leave it up to you to decide. 😛

    • JVBieber_stunna

      Ahahah I like your post(:

    • Maame

      wow your really smart 🙂 i like u
      ps:im a girl

    • Anonymous

      im confused on what you’re saying. do you think it is real or not?

      • christina:) @beliebemeitstru

        im trying to let you decide, and to be honest, ive heard so many opinions i dont even know. i dont believe theyre relationship is real and therefore i dont believe the marriage rumours are true…but the rumours are arent just tearing the beliebers apart, theyre tearing us up individually. i dont even know what to believe. once again, its up to you do decidee 😛

        • bb

          i totaly agree u couldnt say it even better i relly liked what u said and it is tearing us all apart keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hey what up

    • Wow that makes sooo much sense, that let me see their relationship in a totally different way. Smart wording

  • Lola

    I really do think that she’s using him from publicity and Justin is inadvertedly benefitting from it. I mean, think about it – rewind 5 or 6 months and Selena only had 3 million Twitter followers, pushing 4. Now? Well, now she’s got almost 6 million. And with her stupid ass show ending, a tour, a movie and a album coming up, she needs all the publicity she can get. Bad publicity is better than no publicity, right? And Justin? Well, he’s going to be a presenter at the CMT Awards, got offered a movie deal and has a new perfume coming out. It may have started off wth only Selena benefitting, but now Justin is too. I’m not a fan of either of them; just stating my opinion. Comments?

    • JVBieber_stunna

      At times I really don’t know WHAT to think! I mean anyone can notice that those Hawaii pictures look so…fake! I mean seriously they are like basically having sex on the beach and look at their kisses! Do you see that?! If I was that close to my boyfriend on the beach…half naked I’d be shoving my tongue down his throat! But I don’t see that in their photos…so shouldn’t that tell you something! But then on the other hand when they were in Stratford together they looked happy and like they were just having fun. I also seem to think at times “who would go through all of that trouble to get publicity?” It’s pointless! Justin isn’t the type of person who would do something in that nature, nor his mother, pattie. He wouldn’t let some girl use and lay all over him like that. Why would he waste his time with Selena when he could go pick up any girl in the entire world? It just makes no sense to me. There’s just something fishy and odd about this relationship. Justin’s trying to act “swag” and the mature person that he’s not infront of Selena becasue she’s older and more mature, and Selena is trying to show the world that she’s dating Justin Bieber. It doesn’t mix together right. It may be because their relationship has lasted more then two seconds and everyone’s kinda freaking out. But at the same time he had a loooooooong relationship with Caitlin, but there were never papparrazi surrounding them 24/7. Well I could go on forever but I just wanted to put that out there and respond to what you were saying.

      • christina:) @beliebemeitstru

        yeah. idk either. but i dont want to assume anything because if you were famous, you wouldnt wanna be totally out there would you? so not liike suuuper intese make out sessions like u were describing, but you would still wanna show your love. right? idk i would. but this relationship does seem fake. but only at times, when theyre making out. this tells me that they aree doing it for publicity, cause when they just hang out they generally look happy and in love. then again, im in denial cause im in love with him too, so everythings just confusing. and i dont wanna assume, but i think its this way for a lot of bieber fans….:(

        • Sweet_Elegant

          It was the same way with Timberlake back when he and Britney were dating (I just aged myself). But he got older and so did we. We just didn’t have twitter & Facebook keeping us aware of EVERY move they made. He will wake up soon! He has so much ahead of him:)

      • Sweet_Elegant

        I gotta say that from the beginning, I thought his kisses looked a little dry! (he wants to change his image, not turn stomachs) But I am sure he is aware that the whole world is watching too. The one they shared on the Bill Board Awards was done right next to his Mom. I am grown and I would still have enough respect not to go any further in front of my Mamma ‘nim!
        @JVBieber_Stunna “Justin’s trying to act “swag” and the mature person that he’s not in front of Selena because she’s older and more mature, and Selena is trying to show the world that she’s dating Justin Bieber.” I have a 19yr old Brother & I know exactly how that goes.
        She waited till he was 17 (a little closer to her age) and tall enough not to look like her little bro before they made everything public. Before it was all a secret & now, you must be blind if you haven’t seen pics of them yet. Plus, it was all fine and good at first because he went on tour right after they went public. He kept his fans engaged via twitter during that time and now that he is back its a different story. They were dating the whole time right?! And who better to coach/’Usher’ him through all this than USHER, Right?! ‘Yeah!’

      • Josie

        You dont know him or his mom he might do that if he has his mentor and manager telling him it’s good for business

  • Anonymous

    how can you people be so naive? They are obviously doing this to change their image. They are known as sweet, innocent teens and in order to continue their career they need to do something like this so that they grow with their fans. If they were to continue to be the sweet, innocent teen, their fans would find them immature and move on. I’m not saying that they are not genuine people but they are doing what they can to continue their career like anyone else would. It seems like they are more doing a favor for each other, as close friends, so that they can move on with their career and be seen as adults. In the past, there have been many teen sensations that lose their fan base once they are no longer that cute, little teen. They are trying to prevent that from happening. Again, I am not saying they aren’t good people! This is really the only logically explanation for all the affection they were showing each other in front of the cameras. It all kinda makes sense now.

    • Lola


      • ashley


        • Anonymous

          i wish i was you selena!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Patricia

      I completely agree with you.

      • christina:) @beliebemeitstru

        you know, this is one of the smartest posts i have read on here.
        it is so true. but do you think youre going to miss his cuteness? thats what i fell for…and i dont like his bad boy tattoos. i think those are for his ‘image’ tooo…and to be honest, if this is all (everything- dating selena, tattoos, being rude) for a new image, i think it creates an immature one. who would do this? its not just hurting himself, but his fans tooo!! –aaand a lot!

        • Josie

          Very true all of this hey Miley did this it’s part of becoming in the buisness as teens

    • Anonymous

      peopl this days are so rud tp justin bieber the fin boy for alla

  • Lola

    If you want other opinions check out @kingsleyyy on Twitter and itskingsleybitch (same guy) on Youtube. He posted a video about how he thought Jelena’s so called relationship is fake. And Scooter unfollowed him after the video was posted. Something to hide there, Mr Braun?

    • JVBieber_stunna

      I saw that video:) Hilariousss!

      • Anonymous

        i no right he so cute

    • Patricia

      I saw that video. I didn’t know that Scooter unfollowed him hahahaha. Scooter must be getting nervous that people are finally seeing through that whole sham of a relationship.

  • Monica Phillips

    they obviously love and care about each other and they aren’t doing it for cameras because they aren’t like that. plus, selena isn’t using justin for publicity because she doesn’t do that

    • Anonymous

      How do you know that? do you know them personally? just because they are using each other for publicity doesnt mean they are bad people.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I’ve watched this vid so many times and only now I noticed that at 2:18 selena is mouthing one less lonely girl and pointing at herself…LMAO :\

    • Biebsshawty

      ik and she is so fucking awkward look how she moves

  • amber

    i think it will be all over when selena goes on tour and its all a publicity stunt and the people who can’t see that then ur blind

  • okay not trying to be mean but selena is just a stick no boobs no butt and shes not curvy at all

    • did

      are u stupid? get a life

  • Randomgirl

    This is a very good article ill start with that.
    Although i do think this relationship is atleast mostly genuine, there are definately some perks that they are gaining from it.
    I dont need to beat a dead horse- we all know selenas movie and album is coming out and that jb is in talks of his new album and has a perfume ect.
    But the “perks” that are upping their careers go farther then these little petty things.
    Age: they are both at the samw stage in their careers, the “stuck” stage where they can either fall off the face of the earth or mature into adult artists who usually have alot of respect for breaking the odds and stereotypes.
    Sexuality: lets face it, justin’s sexuality has been in the talks and the butt of many jokes since the day he started getting noticed. By dating selena, in such an adult fashion, confirms to the world thay he is straight and im sure hes insecure about it.
    Money: because what person of business does what they do without the concern of money? Together they are a powerhouse couple in hollywood, both adult and almost adult(but age really is a number, especially when u have experienced so much) so i am going to consider them both as adults.
    Together they have so much money and power.

    I could go on but i have to work, maybe latet.
    What do you guys think

    • Patricia

      I agree with you.

  • anisa

    i love you justin jeg ville ikke have du skal være sammen med selena jeg vil du skal være sammen med mig <3 🙂

  • u to are really sexy

  • rugile

    jei jie nori but kartu tai selena turi isiskirt su zaku ir pas

  • rugile

    as juokavau

  • larza :)

    Maybe they do love each other.. we don’t actually know. But its probably like all of us who have had boyfriends and thought we love each other but it isn’t real in the end. I have huge doubts that they will end up getting married they will probably break up soon anyway

  • ashley


  • jocelyn

    i really hope that last part doesn’t become true. Atleast not till they are merried…or sumthing like that :/

  • MEe

    i think its sad people dont belive them they look lik there in love!:D

  • u all know that Justin got Selena pregnet and now she has to have an aborshon to keep her fame and that is why Justin asked her to marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ashley

      that is so not true u r lieing so stop and by the way it is a big publicity stuff k get ya facts right

  • sam

    I think it’s a publicity stunt…..unless they weren’t aware that people were taking pictures of them….yeah right. haha. I mean, who would intend to kiss in public knowing that paparazzi were there?! who would want to have their lovey-dovey pictures exposed? apparently, they do.

    • ashley

      i agree with u

  • sam

    Justin seemed to have changed so much since Selena got in the picture. I don’t wanna blame her, but that’s when it all started. Justin used to be such a sweet guy, and he used to ALWAYS smile. you’d never see him being all serious and stuff. and certainly, he never ever treated his fans rudely. but what happened? Justin seems way more serious now. and he doesn’t seem as humble anymore. 🙁 he doesn’t seem like the really nice guy he used to be. he reportedly knocked a cd off of a man’s hands, he flashed his middle finger to the paps, and he asked fans to leave him alone when all they wanted was a glimpse of Justin. Yeah, maybe he was tired. Maybe he wanted some privacy but couldn’t he have asked the fans to leave in a nicer way? Couldn’t he just have waved to them and politely told them to leave? I mean, I love Justin and all but I don’t know….it just seems like he’s changed so much. I miss the old Justin. 🙁

  • Dana-belieber

    Like loook at the photo where Selena is laughing… They know there’s a camera there!!!!:p

    • ashley

      they r doing all this shit for publicity because it is a big publicity stunt

  • Brii

    justins not the same as he used to be..as soon as selena stepped into his life,thats when he changed! …justin used to tweet alllll the time but he doesnt any more becuz why? becuz of selena. its like shes taking him over and she doesn’t want him to have more fans than her. and she wonders why JB fans dont like her..obviously the longer she dates him the longer shes gunna loose her fans and get more death threats.. personally i dont think their a good couple and i dont think that the “getting married” thing is true..i love justin in all but i guess whatever happens happens its all a bunch of Hollywood drama

  • jenny

    it is so werid how he touchs her butt and she is fine with him touching her butt werid right!

  • Melanie

    i Really Dont Have A Perspective On This Whole Relationship.. The Only Thing That Goes Through My Head When i See These Pictures is “Wow..” i Dont Think Theyre Bad People i Just Think its Funny How Everyone is Going Crazy About All This.. Everyone Thinks There Terrible Just Cause Theyre in Love And Cant Keep There Hands Off Of Eachother But News Flash People.. Just Cuz There Famous And Have Their Business in The Press Doesnt Mean Their Any Different From The Other Bf Gf Relationships Yu See Around Here.. Sorry Beliebers These Two Might Be Together For A While its Time For Girls To Start Getting Comfortable With Seeing This Kinda Stuff.. Js

    • ashley


  • all u people who say its a big publicity stunt ar a bunch of lame ass biches
    all tho i agree with the ones who say that when they kiss he is not closing his
    eyes but that just means thier boyfriend and girlfriend not in love your not in love till your absuloutly sure and you marrie that person but right now their just bf and gf right now when i kiss my bf i don’t close my eyes cauz i like him im not in love with him and plus were not married y would i close my eyes

    but to be honest with u all idk what to believe the people who are holding the cameras are saying that its all facke u guys are saying its a stunt
    you no what we need to hear it from them their not telling us anything we u ask them something all they do is nod thier heads and say the same thing
    “were not dating” but the pictures say otherwise good friends are not supose to suck eachothers face or difenetly not brother and sister i wish they would just tell us the truth im sick of all this all the are they dating or are they not

    but the pics do’t look fake to me for some reasson
    but just give us some awnsers they say thier not dating
    then thier are these pictures


  • ok, even though my reall name is not that and my email was once that, ( my friends do call me momo), i think selena and justin are made for each other. selena is my idol, there is nothing wrong with her. she is amazing. my goal is to one day meet her. she is soooooooo pretty and she is dating a really HOT boy/man. now justin………. ok O……M……G the first day i saw his great face i new i was in love. i always say that justin is my husban (well used to) but when i found out that they weere dating, i was soooooo happy for them. (: the 2 people that i look up to are dating. awsome. i am so happy for them. have a great life u two. and i know that you two might have some fights or not feel the same way to each other, that dosent meen u guys cant work it out. i hope i put some though out to the world. and if someone out there knows selena or justin, plz write somethig on this wall back saying momo. thx

  • Ciindyy

    Im SooSoo !!

  • I think they are a great couple and love eachother… I love both of them. But im kinda jelous.. LOL 😛

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments here today is that watch out for justin bieber and mis selena marie gomez they might what to get married just with out telling us , look what happend at the carribbean vacation they might what play just another publicity stunt just to get married , watch out for it it might happend next month on selema gomez birthday , and also watch out for mis selena marie gomez , she might be hinding it that she is not be pregnant , and the question is that she is pregnant , and watch for every for every thing that comes out just by justin bieber and mis selena marie gomez , and please tell the pepole behind the cameras just be pre ,already , and that is the same just for to be already for the internet web sites as well , and why bring up the topic just about the carribbean vacation soon just on this web site as well , love david b conway

  • kim

    i think their love is so fake. like seriously it stupid.

  • Josie

    To be honest they look sick of it in most of the pictures they are looking at the camra(kissing photos)like making sure they got it I think it’s just for publicity selena is always being compared to Miley like she is just trying to be like her with the singing and acting well Miley didnt walk on the beach with a 17 year old grabing her ass and justin is talked about how he has such a girly voice well it makes him seem like more like a man to be eating selenas face if a girl who isn’t in the business can think of that than two managers can and it really shows who their real fans are because if all the Justin fans who hate Selena become jelena fans and all the Selena fans become jelena fans because they want them to be happy then once they break up they will just lose the fans they earned because they broke the other ones heart Ohhhhhhh and btw WAY TO MUCH PDA COME ON GROSS they have fan groups that are 4 5 6 and even younger than that if they have someone look up picture of selena or Justin it looks terrible to see a pic of him grabbing her ass or him eating her face

  • Crystal

    I think they r cute together and i love Justin Bieber but i like that Justin is happy and that really is all that matters right.

  • ana

    selena i love you i am your fun . justin i am your fun i love you . you are cul
    : ))))

  • why do they follow thm every where

  • tristan

    jb is so lucky i want to make out with selena by the way im 11

  • oKZ!! GOOD !! I AM vanesitha p amigos espero esten binr y sepas español jeje =)

  • Anonymous

    i love justin beiber

  • Anonymous

    im a guy i like them both they both turn me on yes even justin look at his face he even looks like he can suck dick beiber then her sorry i feel this way but i though he should at least know

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