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Selena’s tour mate Cameron Quiseng has beef with Justin?

Hey M Girls!

We were so excited when we heard two of our favorite artists and good friends Selena Gomez & Allstar Weekend would be hitting the road together this summer…but could there be tension on the road?

It’s no secret that Selena & AW’s Cameron Quiseng are close – just check any number of her Twitpics, or when she called him “the coolest person” she knows. A few months back, the buds hung out so much, going on mall dates and bowling trips, that they were even rumored to be dating.

But now that Selena’s super-happy with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, many thought Biebs would def be there to support Sel on her first ever headlining tour, except….when a fan innocently tweeted asking a member of AW’s live band, Greg, if she might catch a glimpse of the Biebs on the tour this summer, he replied:

haha he and Cameron(in the band I work for) kinda have beef. Idk how much he will show his face.

Woah, sounds like some major dramz. We’re hoping Sel works out the tension between Cameron and Justin!

Let’s dish:
-What do you think of the Cameron/Justin feud? Who’s side will Selena take, her BF or her boy BFF?

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Picture off BOP! Magazine from OceanUp.

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  • Patricia

    Heres my theory on what happened. Btw I love Justin and All star weekend. I believe that since Jelena is fake, that Quiseng is actually selenas real boyfriend or wants to be, so of course he’s gonna be jealous of Justin. I think that Jelena should ” break up ” already and selena should be with Quiseng cause they’re a much better couple and its obvious they have feelings for each other.

    • a unicorn:)

      i totally agree with u
      adn if they do break up
      justin will probably pay more attention to his fans and not ignore them

      • Paris

        hes not ignoring us hes just spending time wit the one person he really loves…

      • team biebs forever

        seriously give him some respect. he does have a life outside performing. let him have some down time as well. I think he treats us fans pretty well. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      ahh, jelena is not fake.

    • @SwaggingSociety

      yes i sooo agree with you! that is exactly the case. and since cameron knows the hollywood business and how it works i think he already knows there relationship is just for publicity and that way he doesnt care as much as he would if it was a real relationship. i know for a fact selena does like cameron but because of the whole relationship setup she can only keep their love for each other behind close doors.

  • Giani Bieber

    she will choose justin

    • Kate

      i sooo i agree with you Giani Bieber !!!!!

      • Beliebn_tooja14

        I agree with you Selena is so inlove with Justin and many sources said that she have a crush on him some people just don’t wanna believe that they are real btw Justin never ignored us his fans just check his tweets and he said once I read all the tweets I’m still KIDRAUHL nothing changed and he TWEETED how much he love us and care about us

  • i agree with Giani Bieber Kate and especially Beliebn tooja14 he has never ignored his fans he loves his fans!

  • Randomgirl

    Selena dump jbieb. Hes still a boy

  • ashley

    honestly i believe that jelena is a publicity stunt and i think that justin and selena ended their fake relationship and i think that cameron and selena r way more better and i think that selena really likes cameron

  • Ashleeey'

    If Selena broke Justin heart he will be have broken heart but Selena & Justin are the cute couple not Selena & Cameron ._.

    • Jasmineee

      Ashleey i totally agreee with you.!…………SELENA BACK AWAY FROM CAMERON!….xD

  • Bridge

    Cam 4sure

  • Mrs BIEBER

    well just goes on tour with them then she wont filrt or any thing but if he does not go the any money says she will filrt with thar guy i mean i dont want justin in her to break u because that would brake his heart but i really dont like them together because the more he is with her the less he spends caring for his fanns and i love justin and i will be here for him no matter what but i am just saying

  • ChelzGzz

    All the Jelena haters can go shuck a hog!!!!!! LMFAO! 😛 xD

  • Anonymous

    If selena is saying that cameron is the coolest person she’s ever met, obviously there will be tension…. How must justin feel about that?! Anyway.. Justin and Selena make a way better couple.. 🙂

  • Jelena is the best couple I have ever seen.They are such a great couple and make the best couple!!! So i agree with the ones that are on the side of JELENA!!!! :)I don’t agree with the ones that think Cameron and Selena should be together.ugh…. wateve.Justin LOVES Selena!!:) I know ya’ll are mad but guys let Justin get a life

  • @SwaggingSociety

    you lot can say JELENA is as real as you want but to be honest your either in denial or you just dont understand the way hollywood works. you MUST understand it. in fact you will only understand it if one day you are a celebrity OR if you have a mature knowledge to observe and know things without having to experience them. its not all about glints and the glamour. yes they are a very cute couple (selena and justin) selena may find justin good looking but look at all her previous BFs they are all taller than her and more matured. when shes with justin she doesnt even wear heels because she knows she will be taller than him and justin hates when his shorter than his GF. so come on now. you people are really turning a blind eye to what you can see. if you dont believe what you cant see then you will NEVER believe in anything. knowing the truth doesnt mean people are hating on selena it simply means they have caught her management in a very desperate act.

    • @SwaggingSociety

      *what you CAN see

  • Anonymous

    oh..who is this?he is veryyyy ugly and creepy!