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Justin Bieber Takes Over The Beauty Industry

Justin Bieber Someday Perfume

Justin may not even be legal, but he is well on his way to running the world and his latest takeover of the beauty industry is only part of it!

Though it is pretty common these days for celebrities to develop their own fragrance, Justin Bieber doesn’t just have “Someday” by Justin Bieber. That is just one piece to the Bieber’s beauty empire!

The Biebs has also developed a nail polish line called “One Less Lonely Girl” with Nicole by OPI, scented dog tags, and scented wrist bands! Not only is it totally cool that he has delved into all of these different projects, but it really shows his true passion for his fans. Obviously most of Justin’s fans are young girls and he has really catered to their needs, creating a range of different beauty products that they will love! Justin even got cozy with the gorgeous Dree Hemingway in the ad for the perfume. The proceeds of “Someday” go to charity, so Justin is also using his power in the beauty industry for a good cause!

Justin is definitely well on his way to taking over the world, and his latest successes in the beauty market are really only the beggining! Go Justin!


Justin Bieber OPI Nail Polish

Justin Bieber Scented Dog Tags

Justin Bieber Scented Wrist Bands

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  • justin love u alot …… n im ur craziest fan… n i really got bieber fever…….

  • BieberLuverrr

    Omg I love u Justin I’m ur craziest and most devoted fan u r awsome and I’m soo proudvof u keep it up xxx <3

    Ps:follow me on Twitter JuwyBieber99

    • Anonymous

      u cant not have him he iz mine bck off

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  • love you justin drew bieber

  • i love you and you my foyriend justin

  • I love Justin and I hachu INTO prishol you to Georgia