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Is Justin Bieber boosting Selena Gomez’s career?

Justin Bieber is one of the most well-known pop stars in the world and has more fans than most celebrities, but his girlfriend Selena Gomez is just breaking the Disney mold and trying to gather some adults for fans. While her music is just starting to take off, it seems that Justin Bieber could work as a key player in Selena’s rise to fame.

Selena’s concerts traditionally draw about 500 fans, in comparison to those of her boyfriend, who packs them in by the thousands. When Selena gave a concert at the OC Fair recently and Justin showed up, this could work to pack her concerts from now on.

Justin did not only make himself seen, but heard, as he sang a set at Selena’s concert, according to Examiner. This may work to bring Justin Bieber fans out to Selena’s concerts from now on, with the outside chance that their idol shows up and sings a few songs. This could rocket Selena to great heights in no time.

Depending on how Selena wants to make a name for herself, this could bother her greatly. Next time she plays to a full house, she might ask herself if the fans are really there for her or for possibly getting to see Justin Bieber?

While Bieber’s fame will help Selena get on the fast track to mainstream, is this what she really wants, or does she want to do this on her own? According to E! Online, Justin doesn’t have any plans to do this again, but as the article says, he is known to make surprise appearances when it comes to wherever Selena is, such as the MTV Movie Awards.

When Selena boarded a plane today headed for Florida, she was Bieberless. She starts her 30-stop North American tour in the Sunshine State, and it looks like her boyfriend stayed behind. Is it really possible that out of 30 stops, Justin won’t pop in at all? This will be something for fans to keep an eye on!


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  • amina

    im actually happy that justin bieber is not with her this time because she is REALLY using justin bieber! im not like other fake beliebers who like selena just becuase she is justin’s girlfriend!

    • Elle

      what are you talking about…. selena is with justin?
      and not all beliebers choose to base their perceptions of selena on the fact that they’re jealous of her.

      • Alex

        Thats not what she means?

        • Anonymous


      • Lucy

        Well why wouldn’t they be jealous of her?

      • elle

        i know

    • Anonymous

      you are a fake belieber,because you hate on his girlfriend. justin loves her and you talk crap about her. you don’t need to love her,but you should respect her just like you should respect any other person in justins life. that’s what supporting your idol means! would you talks the same way about his mom,his sister and his other friends? I don’t think so. you hate her because you are jealous. pretending to be justins fan and love him while hateing on people he loves is fake. selena is not using justin. she was famous before she was dating him. stop being a hater and be a nice person instead. how about that?

      • How does that make someone a fake Belieber?! I respect that there going out but doesn’t mean I don’t like it yeh, but I’m not going to say shit.
        But its called Jealousy? Have you ever liked a guy and then they’ve gone out with another girl and you just don’t like her because of pure jealousy??
        It’s like that. You don’t have the right to call someone a fake Belieber because they don’t like whoever he is dating.
        A fake belieber is someone that fake beliebs. Like talking shit about him then pretending that they love him?
        Get it? I hope so!

        • Anonymous

          read my comment again. I didn’t say you have to love her. but show some respect. talking shit about him and then pretending to love him is fake. talking shit about his girlfriend and pretending to love him is fake too. would you talk shit about his mom or his sister the same way you (I don’t mean particulary you) talk about selena? you don’t have to be her fan. you don’t even have to like her. you can dislike whoever you want. but it’s so sneaky when fans go on his twitter and tell him they love him no matter what and those same fans are talking shit behind his back because of selena. those same fans tweet then #sorryjustin like seriously? they are fake. he used to have so many haters,but now it’s his own fans who are always starting the drama. they became even worse than the haters. I’m a fan of both of them and was a fan before they started dating.

      • nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

        we can be a true belieber and not like his gf dude. many bieber fans that like selena r only liking her cuz if one day they meet him, he wouldnt want them trash talking his gf. idc. i hate her. shes slutty and ugly and untalented and sucks at everything she does. not cuz shes dating justin. thats just what i think of her. idc what he would think of me JUST because i dont like his gf. i dont have to love his gf to be a good fan. i just have to be supportive of him to be a good fan of him. many bieber fans interpret that wrong. u dont have to love who he loves. u just gotta support him. duh.

    • and now you are bloging me what the hell is going on here every one on the internet web site just hate,s me just for what , pepole i did not start this problem at all the pepole it was justin bieber and selena gomez problem , not my and they should my them own buseness just wehere i go on the internet web site , love david b conway

    • and now you are bloging me what the hell is going on here every one on the internet web site just hate,s me just for what , pepole i did not start this problem at all the pepole it was justin bieber and selena gomez problem , not mind and they should mind them own buseness just wehere i go on the internet web site , love david b conway

  • Lilly

    ok.. she is totally using Justin & i really dislike that about her! Shes using him just like she used Nick & other Boyfriends. I used to look up to her but now… (not the fact shes dating JB) shes changed.. I stopped “looking up to her” when she started using Nick & other ppl. & No im not jealous of her. Just simply expressing my opinion. I really hope this comment made sense to some ppl 😛 =/

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you 🙂
      but we have to keep eyed-on to this gossip

      • Melisa:):)

        Y’all r right. I mean when Taylor lautner was the it guy she hung out with him and now jb is the it guy and she wants him. And I think jb wants to breakup with her. I mean he sang ” cry me a river” : break up song!!! And he’s been putting pics of his body to his fans. He probably wants to let her down easy. I mean u know Justin, kind soul an a huge heart. It’s wat he’d do.

        • Anonymous

          he also sang favourite girl the same night he sang cry me a river,because he likes these songs. cry me a river was one of the songs that he covered when he was kidrauhl. he wanted to show his fans,that he is still the same kid and yet you find a reason to critisize him. well done.

        • Melisa:):)

          Yah sorry wasn’t me. Someone hacked my profile. I’m happy he’s happy. He is a great guy.

        • Kaitlyn

          First of all, justin Doesn’t even make music anymore because of Selena. Nobodys jealous, So shutup. o

  • Anonymous

    y would u post this article its just saying COME HATE ON SELENA
    Stupidest thing you have ever posted
    dont hate just my opnion

    • Anonymous

      they post it because they clearly hate selena. they are pathetic. I thought you are fans of justin. I don’t even know why I’m comming to this site anymore.

      • They post it because:
        1. Everybody has there own f**king opinion. don’t like it? get over it.
        2. its a blog site.
        3. It’s obviously going to get them views. I mean look at the comments, it stirs the pot a bit, which is good! It makes it interesting?

        • Anonymous

          it’s one thing to have an opinion it’s another to make up lies. they clearly don’t like her and always write negative stuff

  • Ti Ti

    Really? Is this what you guys think? If that was true then she would basicly drag him everywhere she went and made him do interviews with her and kiss her and hold hands all the time in public. But what you guys fail to notice is, she’s not doing that nor is she like that. If this was a publicity stunt then they would’nt have been together for so long. She would’ve dropped him as soon as those pics from Hawaii got out.
    So just leave them alone. They are genuinely happy with eachother. He’s happy, Im happy. (:

    • Alex

      The did it in the hunger games, haha Im kidding but haha

    • Anonymous

      thank you! finally a belieber who sees the truth and is not a jealous hater

      • Ti Ti

        Haha. No prob. 🙂

  • AstridBieber:)

    GOOD SHE DOESNT NEED HIM 24/7 HAHAHAHAHA I THINK HE WAS TRYING TO GET FANS ATTENTION BUT STILL YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE SELENA I BET IF ME AND MY FRIEND WERE FAMOUS AND WE SPLIT UP WE WOULDNT BE ACTING STUPID AND WANTING TO GO EVERY WERE TOGETHER WE WOULD ACT LIKE OURSELVES JUST HANGING OUT BUT NOT 24/7 I WOULDNT EVEN DO THTA TO MY BOYFRIEND HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alex

      I agree, I think that they need some space, but also Justin tweeted he was in Canada, what if he is tricking everyone I hope he is not going to go!

  • barbie girl

    Kenny hamilton tweeted something about south florida so im guessing justin is going to make another apperance at her show. But why? I feel like she should carry her tour herself. A jet to nowhere? Thats how justin feels about going to her? Now that says alot.

    • christina

      hahahaha i agree with you

  • Jessalyn

    Wow even other people notice.

  • that would be wrong just to go to her concert because you think justin is gonna be there

    • Ti Ti

      Agreed. True fans go for Selena

    • Anonymous

      that’s not even true. that’s just what selena haters are saying. her tour was selling well without justins help.

      • Ti Ti

        I know im just saying that if selena haters just go for justin then thats wrong.

        • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011, hi my name is david conway and my comment is that now im just starting to hate selena marie gomez , but i still love walt disney production company just what they do theses day,s , i just wish this web site here can just talk about selena gomez forgotten next page ,,, love david b conway

  • its mee

    OKAY…why are you writing about selena this is the JUSTIN BIEBER SHRINE im not hating i think selena is a pretty girl. but were all her for justin…just say’n :]

    • i do,nt hate selena marie gomez , i just hate jelena project that,s all , love david conway

  • Patricia

    I hate selena ( always have ) and Im sick of seeing her constantly taking advantage of Justin. She seriously needs to get her own life and leave Justin alone. Jelena is fake. The only reason she got him too perform at her concert was because she was having trouble selling her tickets. Her only fans are little kids who watch the disney channel, no adults like her ( I should know cause I am one ) Im just sick of hearing about her.

    • Anonymous

      her only fans are kids? are you kidding me? I love justin,but his fans aren’t older than selena’s fans. so stop being jealous. jelena is real. get over it. stop being bitter.

    • nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

      i 1000000000000000000000000000000000000% agree with Patricia

  • dear justin bieber shrine blog fansite , hi my name is david conway ans my comments to here is that i just this time you might what to read this and to reply to this please ,, and to the walt disney production company just if they what to here this , i just feel that i do,nt understand that what,s wrong to this world that we are in today , i use to like her or love her selena gomez , just before she was datting justin bieber , and now i just feel that i lost a lot off selena gomez respect , just by using her foster parents wishes that they do,nt like or love justin bieber before , her foster parents was also freaky out just when she selena gomez took off her promes ring , and she is still going out with justin bieber , im so sorry selena marie gomez , just if she is reading this today , and the reason why her foster parents was also freaky out just by selena gomez , it,s about her mother mandy tiffy she had a reguet just by having selena gomez just her mother was 18 years of age , her mother just whats selena gomez just to be save with sex just to be married frist , i just wish it that walt disney production company just do,nt cancell selena gomez old tv series yet , just untill the end off summer off 2012 , love david b conway

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  • Sarah

    This is total crap. If Selena wanted to garner new adult fans, Justin Bieber wouldn’t do that. She’s getting a lot of crap for dating him and it’s proven that Justin doesn’t appeal to adult audiences (seen in the magazine cover) so why would that help her?

    She just released a new album and a new movie so that’s probably why she’s getting bigger.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. justin doesn’t appeal to adult audiences. dating him doesn’t get her adult fans. it only got her a lot of hate. why would she want that? selena got nothing but negative press since she is dating justin. people make fun of her for dating him. if anyone got something out of this relationship than it’s justin,because people say he’s cool for having such a hot girlfriend. selena used to tweet to her fans all the time now she is hardly ever on twitter,because she wants to avoid the drama and all the haters. they are dating for over 8 months and kept their romance a secret for a long time. if their relationship was fake they would have ended it a long time ago. and it’s not true that selena only draw 500 fans before. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!! you write a lot of shit about selena and most of it is wrong. I bet you get your info from prettylittlebitches. you seem just as pathetic as them. sorry to say that,but you clearly don’t know much about her. I remember you wrote once,that selena’s mom is a stage mom. are you serious? she is the only sane mother of all the disney kids. she never pushes selena and she stays out of the public unlike others. she doesn’t even have twitter. justin is happy with selena and selena is happy with justin. THEY LOVE EACHOTHER GET OVER IT.

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber and selena gomez make a great couple

  • Courtney Bieber 4everr

    love the Harley Davidson teddy bear with black Allstars 🙂 😛

    • Bieber\\\\\\\\\\\Love

      ish who would like harley davidson not that is for sure

  • Alex

    I am totally with Amina, although I love Justin, it seems like Selena has become a lot more “seen” in the past couple months. And her mom is her manager, which is kind of suspicious, because her mom wanted to be famous. As well unfortunately Justin is changing with her. But that won’t stop us, right guys haha 🙂 anyways, as much as I would like to hate on her, I also respect her even though she has definitely used Justin to some extent, she did start her career.

    • Anonymous

      why is it suspicious that her mom is her manager? she trusts her mom more than some random guy. wouldn’t you want your mom to be always around? her mom didn’t want to be famous! selena was famous before she dated justin. she was on wizards of waverly place which is the most popular disney show after hannah montana and even won 3 emmys. selena won plenty of awards before she started dating justin. selena was well known before she started dating justin unlike his other ex-girlfriends,who are only known after they were dating him.

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    the fans werent there for justin they were there because of selena they didnt even know justin was gonna appear he just did surprisingly. (:

    and i dont hate on selena but at least have some respect for her…

  • Anonymous

    If Justin isn’t in love with her. I don’t know her lol

  • Bieber lova 14

    I will never like Selena Gomez, I’ve never really liked her but now I hate her not cuz she’s dating Justin Bieber its just because of the stuff I’ve heard about her, But I would never go to one of her concerts JUST to see Justin, I mean, that’s basically USING Selena Gomez, that’s just STUPID!! I love Justin and always will

    • Bieber\\\\\\\\\\\Love

      i have to admitt Selena is really pretty but her and Bieber Baby do not belong together. I cant believe that Justin would choose her the only reason they aree together is that Selena wants to use him to get more publisity. That is just sick people there and plus Selena is like 18 and he is 16 how gross! The reason that i can think that they are a good couple is because of there looks. But justin is way cuter than her~!!
      i love my justin


  • tweetydejah@Yahoo.com

    no hate toward her but she always date the ones thats on top of they game I’m just saying

    • nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

      she dates them cuz she wants their fame. thats what the deal is with the pdas. its an attention getter and she’ll do whatever it takes to get attention. its stupid and sick minded

  • Anonymous

    She is obviously uses him to get more exposure. But who couldnt do the same thing in her position ?
    They know each other for a few years already and i guess they are in love.

  • check out my website please 🙂

  • bravo51

    the only reason selena is as famous as she is RIGHT NOW is because she is with justin when they spilt up in a few months as PLANNED her “fame” will fall faster then lindsay lohan at a cocaine party.

    • nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

      ahaaa i like that point u made there! XD

  • leave them alone they were sain to have peeps screaming there names on stage not every were in there live’s

  • you now what averybody is saying that selena is the post to die but no she is the post to spend her life with justin and like she is a sweet heart just live her alon for once i feel so bad for her i am staring to cry can you just live them alon let her spend her time with justin thay are cute together.

  • ? :/

  • roblox nathanxu :/