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Justin Bieber gets free condoms to keep Selena Gomez safe

Last week Justin Bieber received a year’s supply of NuVo Condoms as a gift. So why the shipment of safety?

NuVo mailed the Bieb 365 condoms after hearing that his romance with teen Disney queen Selena Gomez is getting hot and heavy. An insider from the Bieber team recently said, “Justin has been told straight up that if he’s having sex, he had better use protection.” NuVo gives away over 200,000 condoms a year to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs.


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  • katie


    • me

      this is fake cuz they wernt dateing last year

      • dwkwsmjdne

        they said A YEARS WORTH

        • me

          they cant even do it anything its illegal cuz shes an adult and hes not

        • shes nit even an adult she is 19 nd he is 17. She has to be 21 to be an adult nd hr has to be 21 to date a 21 or above girl or else its like child something

        • me

          no 18 is an adult 21 is to drink

        • in canada its 19 idk i think u have to be a year over u became an adult u can drink, idk!

        • me

          yea shes almost 19 and hes 17

        • Lexie

          Oh there having sex. I think after there Hawaii trip I was clear.

        • Brianna

          Um the age in Atlanta is 16 just an FYI and he lives currently in Atlanta. Gee Beliebers didn’t know. :o:o:o

        • ariana

          they made it pretty obvoius mayb alll that but touchin n mounting him made both of them horny

        • i love u selena and justin bieber ur my favorite singers i dont have a lot of money to go to new york to see u and justin biber we live rate by nyc my mom doesnt now where nyc is

        • Anonymous

          Your mom is a retard.

        • Anonymous

          if your over 18 your an adult

        • Dana-belieber

          That’s so true! I never thought of that… And it’s kinda weird cuz he’s younger:s

        • me

          yea i know

        • u become an adult when ur 18, ey dont get al pissy all over me i dint make up the law, the U.S.A and Canadas gouvornment did!

        • Anonymous

          They can still do it they are close enough in age and nothing will be done unless the parents go and make a big deal. But alot of places have 16years old as their legal age of consent (age where it’s legal to you know) but either way they shouldn’t do it yet. But its not illegal.

        • actually they can bcus she is only 19. and somebody underage can date someone over age as long as there is only 4yrs apart.

        • Anonymous

          fuck u justin bueber is hot and i mad out wth him my name is monica

      • ariana

        it said last week not last year so it might b real

      • Anonymous

        woow guys ur to jung

      • Anonymous

        I hate jb I want to kill him

        • bitttcchhh if you dont like him then dont read about him no need for h8rs on jb. if you dont like him the why the fuck are you even on this website get a life you stupiiddd nigga 😀 kay thanks bye

    • Anonymous

      lol dnt know bout u ppl bout focusin on the baby pic ad above these comments i mean loojk how chubby he is lol 🙂

    • Anonymous


    • Mia

      Wow I thought hewas gonna wait til marriage. Thats ONE of the main reasons I luv him 😀

      • Anonymous

        ur so right! hes definalry not te person i though t he was and i pray every nite that he will wait till marriage. but i dont really like selena. caitlin was better. if he marries caitlin at least ill know hes in good hands. gosh justin bieber…idk what to think anymore

        • you act like you actually know the kid god damn why dont all you people back off

      • they should do what makes then happy not what the fans want js

    • cabbage

    • Arianna Figueros

      I wnt to c him soooo bad!!!

  • Caissy

    Uhmmmm a)ILLEGAL b)why lose your virginity justin?wait till ur married too a really good lady. C)ur not even an adult!u probably don’t know what love is! D)if ur horny touch rself n watch porn don’t lose ur virginity now dude!

    • Monique

      Hilarious…..lmao…..why you want the boy to feel up himself???

      • Mia

        Better than getting an adult pregnant xD

  • belieber

    they say 365 comdoms is a years worth… do they assume he has sex once a day?? haha

  • shanii


  • fat girl slim

    I just threw up in my mouth a little. they must have had to fit some specially to his baby dick. Eww. Enough already.

    • yea he is so small he should be shame he so small yyeeehhhh

      • Lexie

        Hahaha youur soo righht !

        • Carrie

          i agree, but i dont think they make xxxs

        • andria.

          haha, you guys are soooooo funny. posting anonymous comments… *sarcasm intended* #lame

    • selena rox

      i know me 2 365! one for every day of the year!!!!! lol

  • dear justin bieber shrine web site , hi my name is david conway , and my comments to here im not supportting miss selena gomez , any more im so sorry selena gomez just if she hers me or to read this post , i love to suppurt season 5 , of wizards of waverly place tv series , love david b conway

    • Carol


  • Patricia

    Omb this story made me laugh so hard!!!! I doubt that he’s having sex with selena cause Jelena is a fake couple for publicity. Who knows he might be having sex, but with someone else.


      it’s not fake. WOW

    • actually they are/were together so shut off until you get you’re facts right! 😀

  • johail

    this is so fake…he said he will wait till marriage and he is christian he really loves God and you could tell. i trust justin. oh and p.s he is always wearing a black ring represeting to stay virgin till marriage. 🙂

    • jenny

      yea he is always wering a black ring

      • wow i dint know that…i’ve got to start paying attention to him more often

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! Fake, these people that type these “reports” just want money!!! not cool! And I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! <3 🙂 🙂 :*

  • Omg if he’s getting it on- good for him. If he’s not, and doesn’t want to- good for him, otherwise- too bad. Btw, 365 condoms, that’s a lot of sex! Btw, why does it matter if he is, or isn’t having sex? That’s his (and his partner’s) business.

    • matilde

      Yeah! And if they love each other then what is the problem?
      Its his choice and.. Whats wrong with that?

  • i thought they had broke up.maybe i’m wrong.

  • first of all i heard that he is not going to have sex untill he is married and he is not married so why in the world is he having sex with that latin girl no offence……. why is he getting free condoms when is not even using them he should not waste his last name to marry her because there is other girls out there his age their are plently of fish in the sea!!!! Amen

    • Naomi

      That’s exactly what I thought! Remember Pattie at the Grammy’s? She said that Justin has expressed his desire to stay pure until marriage. So I don’t know maybe he changed his mind after he found “True Love” smdh. -____-

  • Aniyah

    hahaha u go Bieber &”dd Gomez ily both very much if ur having sex ok im happy yall wil use protection &”dd bacc off Beliebers its ok!!!

  • Alyssa

    R u sure it s ok

  • I don’t think he really needed a year supply lol 😉 but it was a good idea to send us the condoms just to be safe xD no one wants to be a teen mom 😛 that’s career ending ;(

    Love Ya 🙂 <3

    • me

      u can go to jail for that ur raping him really cuz hes a minor and ur an adult

      • actually ITS NOT RAPE!!!! back off its none yo biizzz!!!!!

    • no it waz not cuz u are to young and i use to love you now i dont know any more cuz when u played as alex i waz just like u i use to say iam going to be like alex but now iam not sure any more i mean u were so funny but now forget you unless you can change:(

  • Feel free to leave comments I respect your opinions 🙂 <3

    • think u but think bout what i said

    • JB forever

      Hey if they are having sex let them as long as they are happy leave them be.
      If you really are a fan you would let them have their fun.
      Selena,Justin love you both, don’t let them get to your head do what you want as long as your happy.

      • Diana

        true that!!!!!!!!!!

    • okay first i would like to say i dont feel so well….second i dont think that is anyone buisness what they are doing…..third papparzzi is so stupid there stalkers dont u hate them ? … and last are u really selena gomez ? if u are hi im a fan but i dont like justlena not a fan

    • Anonymous

      Selena is so hot

  • John

    wait till ur 50 Justin !!!! illy justin. JB 4everrrr

    • i am going to be 50 years age next year off 2012 , love david conway

  • Iam 17 and i have sex alot

    • hahahaha this made my day 😀

  • Aniyah

    man i was supporting them until the other day its all publicity go on google &”dd look ders one article dats so true Selena is a fam whore!!!

  • Katelyn

    i love justin beiber but to think that he is having sex is horrible if he is then that a very bad infuence on his younger fans i think you should alkways wait until you are married

    • i agree with u katelyn cuz justin should not be telling ppl that some ppl might think about forming a mob about that

    • truth told...

      OMB!!!! YOU GUYS NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SPELL …. I CANT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING YA’LL ARE SAYING! YOU GUYS ARE LIKE OMB I LOVE JUSTIN SOO MUCH… if you love him so much why can’t you spell his last naem right!….. just saying.

  • Naomi

    It’s really good what that company is trying to do but I didn’t think they were having sex yet! I thought they were staying pure! Justin AND his mom said so, and I saw a video on YouTube™ saying that she has a purity ring. This kinda upsets me that they LIED! :'(


      no his mom said safe sex she didn’t say he couldn’t have no sex.

  • lautnerbieber92

    ok wether or not they are ppl are right she can be sent to jail because she is considered an adult and he is considered a child!!! you know i have said i hated Selena and all but i really dont i Envy her because she has something that alot of people want. But to justin you should wait i mean i know you are a teenage boy and things happen but if you are true to what you believe then you will stay pure till you have found the one you want to sepnd the rest of your life with!!!!!! wether you do or not ill still support you no matter what…. And for some of you people just because he says that he’s not going to have sex doesn’t mean he’s not going to to people lie everyday and there are alot of christians out there that have said they are staying pure till marriage and they didn’t it’s not our place to judge or hate they will answer to someone else on their judgement day when it comes so till then let them be if they are then they are it cant be taken back just stay protected and safe!!!!!!!

  • bieberlover

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he is having sex with selena im gunna kick her latin ass but still love u selena

  • i did not think selena and justin whould be hot and heavy see i use to like selena gomez but now i hate her she had already went out with joe jonas

    • if selena gomez is going to doin what they said shes going to do iam punch her face in then iam get justin to fix it for her

  • gabby

    K what I don’t get is how do they no if he did that’s stupid its his life

  • John

    Use them on me Justin ! You will need every single one to make this 40 year old happy.

    • Mia

      Pedophile O_O

      • andria.

        haha, like.

  • john i think that is so nasty u should be shame of your self

  • justin beiber

    hay sexy

    • shay

      hay thats my number baby call me so u can come to my house and me and u can have sex to night baby and braing a condub and put it in my peep hole

      • Mia

        Wow…. horny much xD

    • heaven-lee

      my number is 740-223-5312 call only sexy

  • Anonymous

    Well, i dont think condoms come in XXXS

  • joandhel capetillo

    owh justin bieber and selena gomez they have a sex owh that is so fuck

  • Monique

    Lol I’m a strong believer of no sex before marriage and I honestly don’t believe they are having sex I know its because of how hot they are for each other give them a break lol ps how the hell do you guys know the boy penis is small!!!!

  • Mia

    Your too young for sex dude!! Condoms break. I’m 15 and even I know that!! (I had the talk with my mom xD) O__O

  • Mia

    Justin, I really hope you don’t plan on using those until you’re married and with the one you love. Please don’t be stupid, ”do it”, and get her prego.

  • what if the condoms dont work o_o NO MINI SELENAS OR JUSTINS THANK YOU

  • Anonymous

    First, there is a 4 year limit once you hit 16. Seeing as he’s 17 and she’s 18, its absolutely fine. Second, BOTH of them have said they are waiting until marriage. Since Selena’s mother was only 16 when she gave birth, Selena said she wasn’t going to do that too and that she will wait until marriage. Third, even if they are, its THEIR business. Not yours/ours. @ Shay, she dated Nick, not Joe. Y’all need to get your facts straight before you say something. If you were really “fans” you would be happy that Justin is happy and wish him the best. Not slam him and Selena.


    Why are ya’ll saying it says a year ago it says a years worth of condoms. and, it says JULY 2011 dumbasses

  • Ashley

    WTH is up with u people saying that it’s illegal for him and Selena to have sex?? The only way it’s illegal is if the person who is under 18’s parents press charges and seeings how Justin’s parents LIKE Selena, I don’t see that ever happening. They are only a year and a half apart people. It’s not like she’s 30 years old having sex with a 14 year old little boy. She’s only 19 and Justin is 17. He’s a big boy and he is old enough to know what he’s doing. Lighten up!! Gosh!


      haha EXACTLY

  • X

    I’m gonna laugh so hard if he gets her pregnant. Wow…sadly,I wouldn’t be surprised, yet shocked at the same time. I bet it’ll happen. Guarantee it.

  • sasha monteenez

    hay boz im 14 and i wanna rock all your bodys

  • gabb

    its obvious they already had sex, but ppl dont know that because they still thinking justin is a little kid… hes not, he went to play boy with his dad and.. you didn’t saw the hawaii pics?!?!

  • hahah

    Ha, The Bieberconda is being tamed.
    It wont be tamed for long.

  • beibsbestbeliber

    did he really get some?

  • Shiny

    And they call them selfs good examples yeah right is that a good example for for little girls

  • Shiny

    Wooow they must hav sex every day cuz 365 condoms wooow Justin has lost me as a fan

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet shy deaf am like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • justins girlfriend

    justin only has sex with me so….

    • Breanna R

      Your not Justin`s girlfriend, In the first place you would`ve put Selena, Your a fake, And your not Justin`s Girlfriend > Selena.

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss fuck eyecontact sweetheart marry shy all happy am unber sex fuck deaf call (509)340-6261 deaf new sweetheart kiss like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • Ingrid

    Wow people calm down normal people have sex, just be happy that they using condoms!!!! Everybody has sex on that age, IT’S NORMAL!!!

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet Tude deaf say yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂 🙂 am call (509)430-6261 🙂 🙂 yes Plesea number call you?

  • Lindsay

    of course they’re having sex. They’re teenagers. And they’re legal now. Why WOULDNT they have sex?

    • Breanna R

      I agree. They are teenagers, and most of the time there are lots of teenagers having sex.

  • Anonymous

    F*ck Selena use them on me I will give you a huge biebergasm when I am through with your dick

  • phoebe

    um ok so …..jelena is or publicity ……OBVIOUS, plus i dont see why u r feaking out over him having sex ,as he is most likely just training up…so when he has sex with me or u , it will be extra good ….LOL 😀 …..sorry but seriously dont freak out ……ITS FAKE

  • kaesha

    have they had sex yet if not i would rather sex him

  • Breanna R

    At Victoria, No. If your 5 years younger its illegal. but if ur only 2 or 3 years apart its fine­.

  • Anonymous

    Um this is true but he wasn’t with selena then they sent him them as a birthday gift as a joke