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Justin Bieber just admit he’s not really in love with Selena Gomez?

The above message was just tweeted by Justin a few minutes ago and I can’t help but wonder hope that it’s about Selena!

Is Justin getting tired of her?

Is this tweet some kind of lyric from a song that Justin posted in order to confuse us?

I don’t know what to think. What do you guys think this means?

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  • Demi

    its song lyrics!♥

    • Yaeh

      Yes it is

      • Anonymous

        What song ?

        • Biebz Forever

          Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’

    • Anonymous

      I think it is a song too! with his new album he said that it is about selena and so that means that he is probably just trying to confuse us with that! and he always of course wants us to know the lyrics!

    • did you blog me here just on this web site , love david b conway

  • Mathi

    I think that are lyrics of a song !!
    Why should he just wanna ‘have fun’ for 6 month o.O

  • Anonymous

    i think people are reading to much into this tweet its prob a lyric justsayin…..

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a song. Even search it on google.

    • me

      yep not a lyric

      • Anonymous

        i think justin bieber should break up with selena & its not i want him to my self its that i want justin to surprise me at my birthday & i was thinking wen he does i could kiss him but then selena would get jelous

        • Anonymous

          my last comment that i resently posted was not good cause i love (x100000000000000000000000000000000000) justin bieber but i am also a big fsn of selena gome (#1) and i am kinda happy their r going out and i am not just saying this i trully mean it (100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) persat sure

        • Mrs. Bieber

          Your Dum you thing he is going to leave a singer for you just a normal girl

        • Mrs. Bieber

          That was for the person above you

        • Belieber

          If he’s dating Selena now and Beliebers are jealous, just wait until he gets married that’ll make you feel worse. I’m dreading that day but he’ll be happy. And one day we’ll get married and forget about Justin.

        • Biebz Forever

          If Justin and Selena are dating now and Belieber’s are jealous, just wait until Justin is married, that’ll be worse. I’m dreadin that day. But Justin will be happy. And one day we’ll all get married and will forget about Justin.

    • Jo-Momma

      it is lyrics dumb aces!

      • me

        no google it is not lyrics

        • c

          Its a Bruno Mars song, calm your jets.

        • me


        • Me

          I think its lyrics to a song, a new song from Justin. So thats why you cant find it on google

        • Anonymous

          really what is it called jw that all and i will help u fined it okay

        • Anonymous

          how come you guys love him i hate him

        • im MRS BIEBER

          Then get of BIEBER SHRINE!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      its not a song it is prob a lyric! (:

    • Biebz Forever

      It’s Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’

  • John

    what the hell? If it was a lyric he would say. But if it was to Selena that’s harsh.
    Oh well he’s hot 😉 illy JB 😛

    • Anonymous

      he doesnt have to tell us that it is a lyric tho!

  • Carolyn

    its totally a lyric because it sounds familiar to me

    • Ms.Bieber

      no it isnt google it

    • hello

      i think so to..and he wouldnt spend sooo much money on her and call her babe to say something stupid on twitter…

      • me

        its for publicity there dating is fake its for publicity

  • hello

    maybe its from one of his songs hes makin and thts like a hint?

  • diana

    wait i swear ive hurd this song! ITS A SONG GUYS

    • me

      no its not look it up on google


    im so confused okay let me think but why would he say tht on twitter

  • i just dislike pretty soon , love david b conway

  • i ment to say that i just dislike miss selena marie gomez , love david b conway

    • Hannah

      why do you say miss selena gomez? its just selena goez. its not like shes a queen or something

      • belb

        too right

        • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i just read that web site just about with that video just about selena gomez her feelings was hurt just because selena gomez was dating justin bieber and to feel so sad and feeling bad sad just about selena gomez video , and about and the justin bieber & jelena project , im not going to be fooled just like the apirl,s fools joke any more , im so glad that selena gomez just got her feeling,s hurt for it , just because it was her fault just from the beinging , and to have friends with justin bieber , and she doesn,t what that friendship , and they never had any presonal relationship as well , love david b conway

        • E.M.A

          sorry bro, but no one understands what you’re trying to say here..

        • im saying that i just can,t belive justin bieber whats to do proposing marriage just to selena gomez just when they both lied to much , just like selena gomez , stating the queston that she doesn,t what to get married just to the one that she has now , and just with justin bieber he whats to go to college and plus he did as well admited that he doesn,t love selena gomez , love david b conway

      • ok i will say selena gomez insteand thank you every much , love david b conway


  • Jenny

    the second I saw Jb’s tweet, I knew JBShrine would have a post about it! haha, one of the things i love about this site. to me it sounds like a song lyric but a hint behind it

  • Hannah

    its part of the lyrics probally to his song “How to Love’ because he was filming the music video today

  • angelina

    lyric or not, hes still sending a message out there lol

    • E.M.A

      totally agree! it doesn’t matter where it comes from, either a song or just a lyric, JB is still sending that message to the public.. :O

  • Tatyanna

    its a lyric from a song. he stated that after he posted it

  • Paige

    I feel like iv heard it before!! But then looked it up on google and couldnt find it. Mayne it lyrics from a new song. Idk

  • Itsmeee

    I think its lyrics from a song… it REALLY sounds like it!

    • Anonymous

      it is totally something he would make a song with that lyric!

  • Patricia

    I also think that its lyrics from a song even though him and selena are a fake couple. Maybe its from one of his upcoming songs.

  • i think its a lyrics of a song! y would he play around with her for 6 months 0.O justin bieber isnt like that! he lovess her if he didnt he would of dumped her and wouldnt care because his famous and nothing would happened to his reputation or him butt he really likes her and i think she likes him too! and stop believing watever gets tweeted or said on internet or some of the shit that get put on the internet are bullshit!!! iloveyou justin bieber nomatter what happens xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxxo <3 <3 pleeeaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee follow me on twitteeeerrrrrr merni101 xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • your mother xD

    umm Justin…….what kind of ‘fun’?

  • natalie atkinson

    its a song so shut upppppp!

  • Saarah

    no doubt its from a line in one of his new songs from his ‘believe’ album

  • Caitlin

    it sounds a lot like a song lyrics probably from a new song cause i mean it can’t be bout selena if he went to the espy’s with her today cause if it was bout her she’d be pretty upset or mad (either one i don’t know) and selena hasn’t really said she’s in love with justin if you read the articles where she’s said stuff bout not being in love

  • breanne

    Let me just say this I dont think selena presence was planned for because she took jeremys seat if justin had planned for her to be there wouldnt there have been a seat for her? The tweet says what everyone knows is coming very soon. The demise of j/elena and lets hope the next girl stays behind the camera and lets justin shine thats all I want. she doesnt love justin and justin most certainly does not love her. He barely smiles around her but when shes away he is happy he is not sexually satisfied by her.

    • me

      thats so its fake him and her r fake they planed it there gonna brake up soon i bet

    • dodlene

      i agree a 100% with you he is tired of her she brings him down they don’t do anything fun and he is never happy only when he is not around her and i think they will be breaking soon because Selena only dates a guy for only 9 months or he break up with her very soon

    • glamgirl108

      exactly I agree totallly

      • mrs bieber

        its all a big lie but i think he should date a fan

  • Leigh

    Sounds like a song but i googled it and it isnt a song! Ooops! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      because they havent had the song out yet!

  • Amitoj

    look guys umm u guys are really obsessed bout tihs k? justin is wonderful out of this world dazzling and of couarse amazing helikes a girl ( or maybe not) not like yall never liked a guy/gurland im pretty sure someone liked u to so wen u started dateing someone elese they were heart broken but im pretty sure they didnt make website bout it and have a international “war” bout it they moved so we should do that to but im not sayin we should stop liking him and tear down the posters no just dont make an issue bout it ok?

  • i don’t mind if u date me

  • johail

    thats does not mean anything…he is in love with her…and that tweet he posted is from a song 🙂 jelenasupporter

  • Steph,

    I don’t necessarily think he’s talking about her, nor do I just think it’s a lyric to a new song, I just think he must be talking about something else. Or maybe he thought of it as a joke ;). Heh who knows.

  • mira

    no way !!

  • Anonymous

    guys, hes having a new album coming out in november, and hes writing songs for it now. its obviously lyrics from a song, justin and selena are madly in lovee….

    • Anonymous

      defientely agree!

      ( i think i spelled that wrong!! ) OOPS!

  • Taylor

    I favorited that !

  • JBiebslover.

    I think its a song cause it ryhms.

  • selena gomez is not madly in love with justin bieber , just because she will be going on tour soon just in july , love david b conway

  • bela

    it’s definately a lyric to a song,Justin clearly is happy with Selena& thats the way it should be:) even if he was getting tired of Selena,Justin deifnately wouldnt be posting it.

  • Cecilia

    I actually think its a song lyric, but still, its kind of a mixed message. and after that he tweeted “Someday you are the bug, somedays you are the windshield”. And to me that means that he has mixed feelings. I just think they’re not in the best period of their relationship right now… But i definately don’t think they’re faking cause they’re both honest and sincere people towards their fans, and i don’t think he tweeted that direcly to Selena, cause that would be so mean and Justin isn’t that kind of guy. But what do i know, this is just what i think. PEACE 🙂

  • jessi

    im gonna say its lyrics either from someone elses song or lyrics from a song thats going 2 be on his new album ‘Believe’ .

  • shayla

    idk if its a lyric or not but i hope its not to selena because she says that she overanalyzes stuff that people say but for some reason it does soung familar

  • Ya Ombb I just saw him tweet that I didn’t understand what he meant ! :S

  • justinlover1

    Well we don’t know so oh well he’s still hot and sexxy!!!!! 😉

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber so cute

    • Anonymous

      no he is’t

  • guys remember their not in middle school. 6 months isnt long for them but it is for middle schoolers.

  • Cornealia Rachel

    justin bieber’s naked is HOTTT!!!

  • roxy

    It doesn’t matter if its a song if it is its a good lyric but if it isn’t wat ever I think its his bussines I love you JB! From roxy in South Africa

  • cynthia madrid

    justin this is cynthias mom . i do not know to much about a computer but here i am. theres nothing i would not do for my daughter.please please contact my daughter by mail or whataver other way. she is 7 years old and she is adhd and add/ she focuses so well when your music is on, im sure that this will not get to you.but i am trying our address is 262us hwy 13 south dudley nc. i am a single parent its not easy but with your music comes on its like i have my girl back , thanks god bless you and your family,

  • Anonymous

    Selena deserves better than that thing hope it is about selena wish they would break up fan of selena hate x10000000000000000000000000000000000000 jb!!!!!!!!!!

  • none of your buisness

    First of all the bottom of the picture it says ” RETWEETED by JDB scotland ” or whatever that guys name is and he is deeply in love with her , if you havent noticed the pictures that are always posted on twitter,google,tumblr, etc .

  • jazz

    ive heard this somewhere before i think its from a song or something oh god its bugging me

  • Bieber fever

    That tweet is not true cause I’m following
    Him and thts not his profile pic and he never
    Tweeted that So it’s probley not true

    • i hope that what u r saying is true!!!

  • belieberForever

    song lyric you can tell justin really truly loves selena and selena loves justin by the way they look into each others eyes, and true love never ends.

  • It’s not true cause thts nit his twitter pic and thts not Justin cause I have him on twitter and he never said tht nit his pic also thts not him it’s another personify tried to be him and just made a stupid tweet to scare us beliebers so thts not him and wht I think it’s not true

    • That’s his tweeted. I took the screen capture myself. Also read the previous comments about the tweet. It’s really Jb’s.


    Its not a lyric. -___________________________________-

  • it have to be a song lyrics from hi’s up coming album Believe .

  • lyrics i finkzz;o cus lak it rhymes anol:L hes a babbe and he wudnt do that on selena<3

  • Rocklenny

    If it’s a song why would justin say exactly that sentence? why couldn’t he pick another sentence even though it’s a song i think it has to do something with selena..

  • I think their song lyrics, but every single one of justins tweets have a story behind them. It may mean something, but this was a while ago.. im sure hes much more serious about the relation now, if that is how he felt when he tweeted this. <33

  • justin im ur x gf

  • this is not he im know it i feel that in my hart THIS IS NOT TRUE

  • Mrs.Shawtymane2117

    fellow beliebers… we all want it to be how he feels, but thos are words from a song, i dont believe that ‘Jelena’ will be breaking up anytime soon… heartbreaking, i know 🙁

  • no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eu amo o jostin demais e quero que ele saia da selena gomes beijo jostin

  • Joku

    That wasn’t about selena I think. ‘Cause they are still dating. (: ♥

  • Tatyana

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  • Sharee

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