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Selena Gomez is now more popular than Justin Bieber!

Wow 48% to 52%? Looks like Selena’s plan worked. This relationship has gained Selena a huge amount of fame, publicity and fans while his relationship with her is making him lose fans. And he doesn’t care. Looks like Bop/Tigerbeat thinks the same way as many JB fans. (Scans from Tigerbeat via OceanUp.)

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  • lilly

    that is true, 1 her movie was named the worst movie in 2011, i love her but it did suck a little. she has more paparazzi following her now that she’s with justin.

    • will you every read my comments and to reply to them just by my comments just if i was coming back here again , love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but also wowp is ending soo…I mean look at raven and Hillary (love them) their fan base dropped massively after their shows ended on Disney Demi will keep going because unlike other Disney stars she’s gone to singing not acting but miley and selena will slowly fade away (miley already is ) and the new Disney generation aka ant farm shake it up will take over and the cycle will start all over again. 😛

    • ashley

      i totally agree think about it she’s dated nick jonas and broke his heart i think she dated taylor launter and now justin bieber who’s next harry style???!!!!!!! -____-

  • camilla


    • Jelena

      Ikr! I feel like im the only one thats happy about this! Selena deserves this! Shes amazing! I love Justin and hes amazing too! but really, she dieserves to be in the spotlight too!

      • belieber


        • Caitlin

          i can’t believe it;s nearly been a year since they’ve been going out (cause it was November last yr when we started seeing them together) and people can’t get over that fact that their dating… if ur a true belieber u’d be happy that justin and selena are dating cause u can see how happy justin is… i just wanna say i think they’re extremelyyyyy cute together and they both look really happy together i just gotta say i’m starting to lose respect for this site from how much selena has been put down on here… 🙁

        • Lilly

          ok first of all THERE’S NO THING AS TRUE BELIEBER OR FAKE BELIEBER!!! ITS EITHER UR A FAN OR NOT!! WE CAN HAVE OPINIONS WITHOUT BEING CALLED FAKE now can we??!!! & yes i will admit that they are very cute together but Will u look at her fame levels!!?? they’ve all risen since they got together!! & it seems like Justin doesnt care if he looses fans to her.. Its like his world doesnt revolve around his career, us & his family anymore. Its all about her. & yes Justin is Happy but we just put her down like that because we are trying to warn him, trying to him him SEE that shes only using him for fame. If u look shes dated all of the big stars: She Dated Nick when the Jonas Brothers were HUGE then when their fame died she let him go; The she dated Taylor Because of Twilight ( i think) But then when some of the fame died down she let him go; Now Justin; Hes been huge for 2/3 YEARS, As soon as his fame dies down shes gonna let him go. The Worst part about this is that he Might Actually love her, But she only says that for fame & Publicity. I hope U understand my point. Im not trying to be mean or anything, just trying to get my POV across.

        • meeee

          urr so right wats bieng a fake belieber ? supporting justin in EVERYHINg without having ur own opinion soooo if justin did drugs would you SUPPORt him anyways cuz if you dont ur not bieng a true belieber? u guys are just making exuses for him and secondly i used to hate jelena but right now im a at the point wre i dont give a crap , he could marry her and have babies with her if he wanted i dont give a shit as long as he stays humble , respectful, cute , hot , canadian ,AND makes good music i will always love him. im mean guys get over it and yess she is more popular because of him even if you love her…dont lie and accept it!

        • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that it, is only one favor im just asking here , you might have to send this news just about selena marie gomez , just to walt disney production company , just because off her old tv series is almost over just at the walt disney production company , love david b conway

        • lesily gonzoles

          do yuo guys have bieber fever? i do i do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! justin bieber is sexy

  • MrsBieber

    shes not more popular then him. Im LOLLING at this right not how much its not true! but i do love her,but i love justin WAY moreeeee<3

    • SB

      I agree. she is well know because of him but popular? Please only with the same deranged disney fans she had from before and a large heap of justin fans who purely like her to support him. They came from nowhere and will go back there when he moves on to someone better and its about time he did. She’s not even hot enough for him.

  • I did like her,but then she started going out with Justin.I started to hate her then I liked her.I found out that she is just using Justin Bieber for more publicity. Poor Justin. 🙁

    • MoreBiebs

      And how did you find that out??

    • belieber94

      i agree with u ! i think, she is dating with Justin just for fame. poor Justin !

    • taketwo

      Tell me how did you find out she was using him? How stupid can you be? Selena was already before he even got started singing. She then left him because he couldn’t be faithful to her. Now that is a fact from Selena.

  • i hate that she is getting more attention than him i dont hate or love her though

  • Anonymous

    I swear this site must hate selena. Instead of putting stuff like this on here put something good about her. What a bunch of HATERS

    • Anonymous

      I know right? it’s so clear, that they are jealous of her. using him for fame wtf? they are in love. they’ve been best friends for 3 years and it’s not like justin is dumb and wouldn’t see if someone is using him. you guys never post positive stuff about her like when she defends him or says cute things about him. you always try so hard to make her look bad and this article is ridiculous. selena was single for 8 months last year before she started dating justin and papparazzi were still following her and she was in magazines. she got a lot more media attention because of the relationship, but that doesn’t mean she’s using him. her career was doing good without justin.

      • PAAAAAASTAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

        if u read in there, the paparazzi was mostly ignoring her and swarming him. so her dating him means more for her. especially since everyone wants the scoop on justin’s girl… in this case, a slut.

        • Anonymous

          she not using him. like i said before everyone who hates on selena or their relationship is a HATER.

        • Jelena haters SUCKS

          Come on, don’t be such a hater. Everyone who takes on objective viewpoint can see that this site is mainly a pro-Justin anti-Selena site. What use is supporting Justin when you can’t even accept his other half, the half that means the whole world to him right now?

        • GomezLOVESBiebs

          Anonymus and Jelena haters SUCK, I LOVE Y’ALL and agree with everything y’all said! (: The site needs to post some positive stuff about her. & there’s more pos. than neg. Selena loves Justin…it’s obvious!

      • tami_aka_TRUEBELIEBER

        JEALOUS OF HER FOR WHAT >:( SHE CAN HAVE HER FAME, HER PUBLICITY, HER MONEY, HER JUSTIN ENJOY IT SEL I. DON’T. CARE!!!!! I’d rather have my non-famous life, my poor people money, my freakin PRIVACY, and my high school crushes ANY DAY then all that stuff. so u need to shut up and sit down somewhere, just because a person doesn’t like this relationship doesn’t mean they’re hating ON the relationship. odds of them getting married and actually LASTING is very small so she can have him. same with JB, even tho i love him, but i mean even i kno he’s not some perfect angel like some beliebers. he’s had a lot of low moments in my eyes too lol >:\

  • Sheisafamemonster

    It’s only because he dropped a truckload of fans this year because of his new attitude and behavior.

    • anonymous

      yeah i follow the saying once a bielieber always a bielieber ill never be one of those fake ones

    • i was on the side of selena gomez , i did not say one word at all just why i hate selena gomez , i was only just dispointment in selena gomez just by acting like this , and by using her foster parents and by using justin bieber and his parent,s and family as well , what,s wrong with her ,, may i ask , love david conway

      • is she human or what just by miss selena gomez , love david b conway


    dude people are JUST NOW REALIZING SHES DATING HIM FOR THE FAME???????? WOOOOOOW! IT WAS SO FREAKIN OBVIOUS! she was ignored by everyone at first but she was always one to date the big guys! first nick jonas, then taylor lautner, now justin bieber is her victim! AND PEOPLE DONT FREAKIN SEE IT STILL! well, the ones that know common sense do.

    • Anonymous

      you really shouldnt say negative things about her if you dont know her.

      • bieberlady

        And you shouldn’t say positive things if you don’t know her. Nobody knows what Selena & Justin are truly like. You’d have to be their friend. So nobody should say anything, whether good or bad.

        • Anonymous

          i never said anything positive i just said dont say negative things.

      • Lilly

        well we dont have to like every single singer/celebrity out there do we? we all have different opinions about ppl which we should be able to express, using hate words or not.

    • Zaiga

      yeah . i’m laughing about people who realize that just now!!! ;D lol

    • That Girl

      omg well said! APPLAUSE! like really, cmon, how can you NOT see that? its clear as daylight shes using him. coincidence that she’s always going after the most popular guy? nope.
      just think about it….
      people open your eyes! its Hollywood baby! anything that brings out money keeps ppl motivated! its sick how money corrupts people though. more fame = more money. i think most people(that love money & power) in her position would do the same.
      shes just like you and me. if you saw the opportunity to make it big, the seize it. seize the day!
      just that as society, it is look down upon, because cmon, nobody likes to be used.
      this is life, people will do anything. just look around in your ordinary life, this happens too. for ex, in highschool. some girls date the football players or the well known guy for popularity. im not saying EVERYONE is like that, but you got to realize people are capable of doing such things.
      sorry for my rant. AHHHHHHH! O.O

  • Shannia

    Its funny how people are freaking out saying this site is just hating on Selena..well do you see a Selena Gomez Shrine NO! Its JUSTIN BIEBER! So let them be its there site not yours 🙂 Its totally just for fame!!

    • Patricia

      hahaha I agree with you. Why does it matter if they hate on Selena if this is a Justin Bieber fansite, not a Selena one?

  • Oh shit. I hate this. Thats is also the reason why I not really like Selena. Because she is dating with Justin, so she got so popular. What a stupid popular ways.
    The percentage of hating you added more more & more!!!

    • Zaiga


  • nonono

    This is a silly thing to say that she is more popular than him. Once they break up, and it will happen as soon as he hits 18, nobody will even remember her.
    Selena is a selfish fame hungry skank and she is not that pretty to begin with.

    • Crissy

      I know everyone will forget about her if they broke up:)

    • Zaiga

      yeah . and than i will be happy .. and than i wil make a party!;D

  • Anonymous

    Let them be .
    He’s in love that’s all . Haven’t you guys never been in love .?
    I don’t know if she’s with him for fame or not , but one thing is true she’s more famous now that she’s with Justin , but that’s normal , doesn’t mean she just wants fame .
    I agree with some of you , you guys from the site should stop posting only bad things about her .
    I thing what we really should all do is respect Justin’s decision , even if you don’t like her .
    If you like him you should be happy to see him happy .
    And i also thing that his fans are really important for him , so it doesn’t be cool seeing this bad thing’s about the one he loves ..
    If she just wants fame he’ll see it , but he has to discover by himself and maybe she’s in love with him , we don’t know them we can’t say . And about his attitude changement , it’s just because his growing up , did you maybe expect he’d stay a little child forever ..
    Don’t let him down. If you truly love JB you won’t stop beeing a belieber ..
    I know i won’t !! I love JB his like a great person . do whatever you want ..

  • omg woooww!!! what the hell has this world come to???? she is obviously dating him for fame, and he doesn’t know it, i feel bad for justin, i really do…after all, she is an actress, not a very good one, but at least one good enough for justin to aactually believe that she loves him, when she clearly doesn’t. before she was dating justin, she was like forgotten about and no one cared about her, now that she has justin, every little thing that they do is EVERYWHERE!!! the publicity is annoying me SOOOOOmuch!! justin, i love u and i know ur in love with her, but i hate her, im sorry it’s just my opinion, and that’s what i think is true. please dont start bashing me about what i said, it’s my opinion, if u dont like it, deal with it…

    • and the only reason that justin is less popular in that poll because he lost some fans because he is dating that piece of…never mind……
      once they break up, he’ll hopefullly get his fans back, and selena will lose all of her fame and publicity:)

      • Mrs.Bieber

        I agree completely. Thank you for saying this!

        • GomezLOVESBiebs

          JEALOUSY! you guys only hate her because she’s dating the guy you want for yourself! A TRUE BELIEBER WOULD BE HAPPY FOR JUSTIN & SURE AS HELL WOULDN’T HATE ON SOMEONE HE LOVES! Leave Selena alone, honestly what the fuck has she done to any of you.? NOTHING AT ALL. She never got this much hate until she started dating Justin. some of you need some help, you’re sick! THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS AS REAL AS IT GETS WHEN IT COMES TO YOUNG HOLLYWOOD! y’all need to grow up and learn the true meaning of respect! Yes, i’m a Selenator and i will defend Selena for the rest of my life!

        • Patricia

          If you love Selena so much, what are you doing on a Justin Bieber fansite? Go on a Selena fansite. You really need to calm down cause not everyone has to like Selena…… let people have their own opinions. Sorry to break it to you, but Jelena is a fake relationship for publicity. Theres so much proof that its fake.

        • thank u patricia!!!

        • SB

          so agree that the selena lovers should gtfo. I’m ok with ones who don’t care good or bad about her, but these firece supporters of her are so lame and in the wrong place. Believe it or not you can still be a fan of someone without mindlessly loving anyone they day or are friends with and I never liked selena. This does not change just because she is with justin

        • SB

          meant anyone they date not day

        • well obviously, its not “selenagomezshrine” it “JUSTINBIEBERSHRINE”!!!!!!!so selena fans, GTFO!!!!!!!
          stop obsessing about her on the JUSTIN BIEBER site!!!!!! we can talk trash about her because….u ready for it…… its A JUSTIN BIEBER SITE!!!!! stopsticking up for her, because we can talk about her as much as we wanttt!!!!!

        • and not in the good way like u selena obsessorsss!!!!

  • GomezLOVESBiebs

    i don’t think they are together for publicity! when they aren’t together they talk about how much they miss each other & they always let people know that they are the happiest they’ve been in a long time. i get that everyone loves Justin and we all feel that kind of ownership towards him but he’s 17, he’s gonna date & he’s gonna fall in love (which has already happened) so we can all just get the heck over it. Selena was famous way before anyone even knew Justin Bieber existed…She’s was on barney, and she had her own show, WOWP, and her first album was released before she dated Justin. Yeah, she gets more attention because she is in a serious relationship but don’t give justin all the credit! Selena works her ass off to please her fans! She loves what she does and she does it for her SELENATORS. If you don’t like her, the world doesn’t need to know about it! Keep your rude comments to yourself and grow up! Let Selly and Biebs live their life. What they do is none of our business. We don’t have to know every little detail about their PERSONAL LIFE. I will always SUPPORT Jelena (: they are my idols and i’m glad they fell in love. They are meant to be… I’m happy for them & if you love Justin or Selena then you should be happy for them too! End of story.

    • Patricia

      No offence but you sound like a naive little girl who doesn’t know how prevalent fake relationships are in hollywood. I can’t wait for Jelena to ” break up ” so that all of these annoying jelena lovers can go cry themselves to sleep in their little irrevelant corners. You sound so pathetic lol.

      • Justme

        Look, you complain how jelena supporters put you down when you say that it’s a fake relationship & that they should respect your opinion, but when someone calmly posts their own opinions you jump on their back and insult them. Let the girl state her feelings without you alienating her. Thank you. Honestly, focus your time & energy on Justin’s or Selena’s talent… Not their personal lives.

      • SB

        most of the idiots only love jelena because they think its supportive of bieber to do so. They will hate her when the pair split. They are stupid.

  • GomezLOVESBiebs

    they started dating 9 months ago… & you guys are still saying it’s for publicity.? GROW UP!

    • SB

      lol like there’s an expiration date on PR dating, moron. they would do it as long as it works. And i’m not even one of the people who said they were. You grow up asshole.

  • GomezLOVESBiebs

    I LOVE THIS SITE BUT I LOST SOME RESPECT FOR THE OWNERS BECAUSE THEY POST NEGATIVE STUFF ABOUT SELLY! She’s my life and when i see people saying disrespectful things about her, it pisses me off! (i know her from texas, she lived down the street from my aunt…selena is the sweetest person ever!)

    • SB

      good for you loser now run along to the “tards who like the pig faced ho” website

  • Patricia

    I used to be a huge Selena hater who converted into a semi-fan ever since I met her a month ago. She really is nice and gorgeous in person. But reading articles like this makes me remember why I hated her in the first place. Its so obvious that Jelena is benefitting her so much more than Justin. Its sad to hear that Selena is more popular than Justin, when she got most of her fame from him.

    • so true!

    • SB

      I agree, he deserves to get more from it but she gets it all. She was just some disney nobody who no one but disney fans knew, til she got with the biggest star on earth. He gets nothing out of this while she leeches his fame

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but those fans some of you said that justin will get them back as soon as he breaks up with are just true fans . Sorry but you don’t stop beeing friends with someone because you don’t like the person his dating , that’s the same thing for justin , you may not like Selena but if you’re a true belieber than you won’t stop beeing a fan and then be a fan again .. GROW UP people ! I’m not a fan of Selena but still. We don’t get to insult her . Imagine what it must be for her seeing all over the internet disrespecting thing’s about her .
    It’s been nearly a year since they started dating , you really really really really need to get over it ! AND STOP BEEING RUDE !
    You know what who’s gonna lose is us because we’re gonna end up losing Justin’s respect . You people make so sick !

  • Anonymous

    *with her are just not true fans * sorry

  • SB

    lol selena is nothing really. so she had wowp and has a crappy autotuned album full of kid pop that was written mostly by other people. and some lame movies. Thats about it. she is famous only for dating bieber and has done nothing to deserve it and is not that talrtned. she will not end up an A list actress but will fade into obscurity when her 15 minutes of undeserved fame is up. of course she will probably keep clinging to hot famous guys for fame but that will only get her so far. Most of the world only know her as the disney kid that dates bieber lol

  • SB

    “justin was the most famous megastar while selena went totally unnoticed by the paparazzi”

    that quote from the magazine makes me sick because it really highlights how this little bitch has got so much fame all because of him. I will LOL so much when she fades into nowhere when he finally dumps her ass and he will sooner or later trust me.

  • Monica

    im not saying Selena isn famous or doesnt derserve the attention but lets face it Selena became more famous in the spotlight when she started going out with Justin…. Now of course she done alot in her career since she been with him to be more famous but if she didnt go otu with Justin honestly i dont think she would have the same amount of papparrzzi attention or fame she has now
    JUSTIN got her the attention and if they ever break up i think she should thank him he has given her so much

  • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i do have a big favor to ask here just about this issue here , is that can you just send this same isssue and the web page just about selena gomez on this topic , and to send it to walt disney production company just after you are done here just on this topic as well ,, love david b conway

  • dont you guys wont justin bieber to be happy girl;s im a bi g fan i have his num

  • Anonymous

    i think jb made sg more fames!

  • Anonymous

    i em jb number1 fan!

  • Clara

    When will he dump her? When?? , I’m not a fan of bieber, but I am sick of seeing her everywhere. She stole Nick from Miley, and people loved Nelena. I don’t understand why, because in truth, Miley was the one who truly loved Nick. Selena just used him for fame, but then it’s unfair how they all think Selena is the genuine one(I mean look how she disses him in songs). I’ve known her true colors even back then.

    She will finally fade into obscurity after her disney show, (she isn’t even that famous), she’s a b-list actress who makes d-list movies. ugh. But then she hatched up a plan to date stupid Justin Bieber..and she hit the gold with that one, since he’s really really famous, and that is the publicity she needs. I was so mortified, I don’t even buy tigerbeat anymore.

    It makes me sick how her plan is working. I don’t know how people can think she is sweet? she is using even Demi and Taylor Swift. She is like so manipulative. And nobody freaking notices it. She tried getting known via Nick and Taylor, it worked a bit, but dating Bieber proved to guarantee her success, thus she’ll never leave him alone. I don’t want to see her everywhere, I wish the old Miley was back(to take her crown,haha). At least she can shine on her own.

    Or wait, who I really want to see on tigerbeat, is genuinely talented actresses, who don’t use guys for fame. Maybe Chloe Moretz, Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld. They’re really pretty and are actually good at their craft. Why does it have to be disney stars anyway?? why??? Most of them are fake as hell.

    I can’t wait till Hunger Games gets big, I’m sick of Selena’s undeserved front cover. Wish the cast replaces her.

    And Bieber, dump her sorry ass, coz there is no way she’ll dump you. What with the fame you give her. The sooner she gets irrelevant, the better.

  • Dem

    My opinion is, Selena does not have her own star power. Simple as that. Imagine if she didn’t date Bieber, she’d be gone by now. But this Bitch is smart. she made sure to date Justin Bieber at the very height of his fame. So when people talk about him, she gets talked about. When there are articles about him, there she is as well. And she makes sure that in almost every photo of him, she’s up there kissing him or something. And that is publicity.

    Dating Bieber, there is no way people wouldn’t recognize her now. And I’m getting tired of all her shit, so my advice to Bieber : dude, wake up, your stupid girlfriend is using you to have her face in every magazine, and thus get people annoyed, not because she’s dating you (as she likes to think), but because we are getting sick of her, and her alone.

    Also find a new girlfriend. You know Demi needs a boost in her career, it’s about time we see her in front page. But she’s too naive to use your fame. So just do it yourself. Date her, that would be cute. Your just as low as Selena nowadays anyway, what harm can it do? Goodluck. (plus Demi seems genuine enough)

  • Bonita

    Hey Justin. you think you’re girlfriend is so cool and famous? um No she’s not, but you made her. So it is all your fault we see her stupid face everywhere. Nobody cared about her before. But now everytime you are mentioned, she gets mentioned. And that makes her famous, stupid. Get this, her movie and album is a flop, her show is ending. But why is she in the headlines?-because you are.

    You know, if you are going to give anybody fame and success, give it to someone who is not a manipulative bitch, I saw someone wrote Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz or Hailee? I thought they are too young, but I’m a big fan of Elle, so i don’t care, wish you date her. just kidding. But still, people are getting sick of your publicity, like really sick. So better get a new one. It’s getting old.

  • Amanda Mae

    Ugh she’s horrible. what a user. And to those stupid beliebers: jesus stop sucking up to Bieber and pretending to like his girlfriend. ugh. we all know you hate her. no matter how much you say otherwise. That only helps her career and she’ll never leave us alone. Never!!!. So better stay true, and don’t buy any of their publicity, the sooner they realize it’s not working for their careers, the sooner they’ll break up.And the sooner we’ll all be free from her. wise up people, don’t play their game.

    • tami_aka_TRUEBELIEBER

      PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I NEVER LIKE GOMEZ AND JUSTIN’S NOT EVER GOING TO CHANGE MY OPINION. IF I DON’T LIKE SOMEONE I DON’T LIKE THEM. PPL GOT IT ALL TWISTED UP LOL tami_aka_TRUEBEILEBER don’t kiss up to nobody for anybody!!!! Justin may have an amazing voice to me and he is extremely sexy to me lol BUT not even that is going to make me change my feelings toward her or anybody he dates or hangs around with. like i said and this is my last time saying this… I. DON’T. KISS. ANYONE’S. YOU KNOW WHAT lol i hate curse words and stuff so *shrugs* >:)

  • Jerry

    Haha Amanda Mae, that is soo true. That is the only way. When they feel people don’t give the fuck about their relationship, their so-called “love” would fade into obscurity.

    • tami_aka_TRUEBELIEBER

      it should have been faded then lol ’cause i never gave a crap. at first i did but then a little common sense hit me on the back of my head and said “hey tami_aka_TRUBELIEBER, girl u got finals coming up. ACTs and a constitution to do girl. leave these celebs alone and pass junior year lol” so *shrugs* now i just don’t give a crap. may the force be with them is all i have to say. what annoys me though is that non-bieber fans feel ppl like me are just hating. Selena can have her fame, her money, her Justin. enjoy it ’cause it only lasts so long…. i have my privacy, my own poor ppl cash, and my family. who’s winning????

  • nicol

    selena i like u are more better than justin bieber justin bieber distroyed ur life he is horible and u are the best i like u so much and my name is nicol and iam a polish but i live in england and i love the progeram wizards i just love u and like u plz selena read my coment !

    • tami_aka_TRUEBELIEBER

      sounds to me like someone is a little too obsessed O_o i mean i like Justin but you sound like one of those fans who would kill someone to meet Selena. stop acting crazy kid 🙂 she’s a person, odds are you’d probably want to beat the mess out of her if she went to ur school. who knows how these celebs rrly are ya know? they’ve never experience real high school with hardcore noncelebs. that whole I’m perfect attitude would get her beat down at my school lol not saying she feels that way about herself but I’m just saying if she DOES have that attitude it wouldn’t fly at my school lol

  • IDK

    She is only dating Justin to increase her fame. Remember when she was dating Nick Jonas when the Jonas brothers were really famous or Taylor Launtner when Twillight was a massive hit, but when justin bieber came into the picture and became the worlds most famous and adored teenager she immediently went to him, no surprise. She also sucks at singing, should’ve stuck to just acting

    • Anonymous

      She’ll fade when wowp ends they always do….

    • tami_aka_TRUEBELIEBER

      she should’ve stuck to acting!!! i like I Promise You, I Got You, Off the Chain, Who Says, and Falling Down BUT THAT’S IT!!! I was never a fan of her though. i think she’s a good actress but singing isn’t for everyone and it’s sad because Disney made her believe that she’s the best at everything :(. they’re doing the same to China Anne, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Bridget Mendler, and Debby Ryan (WHO SUCKS AT SING HARDCORE XXXXXX O_o) that girl sounds–there’s not even a word for how bad she sounds lol. the only ones i like are my girls Demi and Miley and then the rest are from like when That’s so Raven was out -_- i like the old Disney star singers like Raven and Hilary, but Demi and Miley are also awesome and i like Ashley Tisdale too 🙂 glad Brenda song chose not to be a singer, her and Dylan and Cole played their cards right!!! i mean look at Mitchel Musso. he thought dying his hair black, getting piercings and tattoos and smoking was going to make him Blink 182 hardcore… DUDE YOU MADE THE MICKEY MOUSE EARS WITH THE WAND, music wise U. R. SCREWED. lol gee what do you know, now he’s on freaking Disney XD’s pair of kings >:)

  • tami_aka_TRUEBELIEBER

    First off, i NEVER liked Gomez. A lot of ppl think Bieber fans hate her ’cause of Justin. I don’t hate her, i don’t hate anybody, BUT i was never a fan of her lol. She’s a good actress, but I’m not nor will ever be a fan lol smh NEVER. i only like a few of her songs but besides that she’s just another Disney star trying to sing and personally, FAILING MISERABLY!!!

    Second, just because I’m a belieber doesn’t mean i have to like their relationship or freaking kiss Selena’s butt. not liking their relationship doesn’t mean I’m a hater or that I’m jealous or not happy for Justin, i like seeing him smile but I’m not gonna worship Gomez lol yaw got it twisted lol. i read a comment that said that us beliebers are jealous ’cause she has Justin and we don’t…. SHE CAN HAVE HIM ROFL SMH SHE.CAN.HAVE.HIM!!!! Justin may be sexy and delicious and have an amazing voice lol but she can have him. At least i can go to the beach without ppl taking pictures of my every move >:) so in a sense I WIN ;D

    Third, i think this relationship is a publicity stunt because there was a picture surfacing around the internet of them at a store or something. Selena was backed against a vending machine or something and Justin was kissing her….. O_O WHAT THE FREAK rofl I’ve seen teen couples in stores before and even they don’t just randomly start making out. heck I’ve seen couples both teen and adult at the beach and they aren’t groping each other or pretty much getting ready to get it on lol both her and JB are overdoing it. so this is all just for the cameras. they might like each other but c’mon it’s Hollywood.

    like i said love JB and was never a fan of Gomez. and for all u who think all Beliebers worship Justin? i don’t kiss anyone’s you know what!!! >:( once again YAW. GOT. IT. TWISTED lol >:) smh *says to self* what’s wrong with these ppl lol crazy i tell ya *says to self*