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selena gomez loves justin bieber 2011s

Does Selena Gomez love Justin Bieber?

If you’ve been reading my posts for the last year, you would know that I’ve been very critical of Selena Gomez. I spent a lot of time to put my words together so you would understand where I was coming from when I wrote the Jelena article. I still believe she might not have entered the relationship for the right reasons but what’s most important is whether she truly loves Justin because it’s obvious how much he loves her.

I have to admit. From what I’ve seen in the last six months I am now convinced that she loves him. There’s no denying it. And that’s the only thing that matters. So I thought I’d salute Selena my own special way by posting my favorite SG song “Love You Like A Love Song”.

“Woo Woo” lmao!

Just wondering….

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  • vie

    actually i more notice and care abt justin. he looks like really love her so much. well,i just wanna see him happy ryt?

    as long as she doest hurts justin, its doesnt matter. i dont like selena, but i olso dont hate her either.

    i just pray happinest for justin
    i hope u guys agree w/ me. (:

    • dskjfciosd

      How come it’s always “But if Selena hurts Justin I’ll…” How do you know it wont be the other way around?

      • nonono

        If Justin hurts Selena, its called karma. She is teasing and torturing him since he was 15 years old.

        • selenafan

          no no no hee is not good justin is becoming a bad boy and hee calld hee’s manager just to go out with her i mean who does that?

        • ikr

        • i hate selena of everybody justin had 2choose her no offense

        • Anonymous

          I hate her so much and I hate Justin bieber he is 18 and he has 3 tattoos

        • yasamin in iran

          me toooooo i hate selena

      • TrueBieberBabe

        Because from Justin’s actions we know he is truly smitten by her. She is his world. When he landed in Brazel and Selena was not there, Justin went ape…sh_t. The way he cares for her and makes sure she is protected when they go out. He hid all his other gfs, but now he wants the world to know that she is gf.

        • Anonymous

          hello i love J B 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I love Justin Bieber, I love Selena also, there very cute together, and I hope they last long. I mean, there might be some jealousy, and probably every girl want’s too be her right now![:

    • Anonymous

      i do 100 %

    • shut your mooth

      • Anonymous

        i hate her so muc h she can suck my bim all she wants is justin bieber

  • Hannah

    Daisy, you cant be a belieber for Jelena. Beliebers are for JUSTIN. Selena has no part of the definition belieber. that really bothered me that you put “Belieber for Jelena” on the poll. if you could change that that would be great.

    I dont think Selena loves Justin as much as Justin loves Selena. he’s probably spent 1million dollars giving her gifts and taking her places. AT the VMA’s he kissed her and she backed away. that i know of, she doesent do alot for him.

    And dont you dare “Jelenators” say “YOUR JUST JEALOUS OF SELENA’ cause im not. I liked her in the begginging but then i realized shes kinda using him for fame because of an article i read on here that convinced me. And if a Selenator says “i hate Justin” its fine but if a belieber says “i dont like Selena” they’re a fake belieber? really guys?

    i just want Jelena over, its super annoying how they go overboard with the PDA. I get that they’re a couple and all and they can spend time together but think, when was the last time you saw a new picture of Pattie and Justin, or Justin with one of his friends? And notice when Justin is with his fans he seems alot more like himself and happy.

    • ur r so right i agree!!!:)

    • Anonymous

      Ur so right!!!! I can’t wait until they break up

    • omg u r soooo rightt!! i 100% agree with u! especially the lasst paragraphhh!! its weird cause he seems happier with us than selena…hmmm

      • love jelena

        you are so stupid having your last name as Bieber on this! He is way happier with Selena than he is with you lot! He loves her and she loves him. SO GET LOST AND LEAVE THEM ALONE> YOU ARE JUST JELOUS OF SELENA BECAUSE SHE’S DATING HIM. DON’T BE SO SAD. YOU ARE S PERTHETIC AND DUMB IF YOU THINK THAT SHE DOESNT LOVE HIM. SO JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sarah

      actually no because for one the only reason selena backs away is for her not to get hate and 2 u just said u get annoyed from there PDA Selena reads this stuff that’s why she backs away u don’t know what happens when there are no cameras around them so stop hating and btw what do u expect there’s a difference between fans and girlfriend they don’t show there true selves when cameras are around what do u expect for them to act sooo normal when there are paparazzi surrounding them like that course they won’t act normal Selena is known for being uncomfortable around the paparazzi so don’t judge her or them as a couple when u don’t know whats going on !!

      • rayanna

        omfg “sarah” you made no sense how is she “uncomfortable” she looked pretty comfortable in hawaii almost dry humping him so its pretty funny how she just cant give one little kiss too justin is stupid, oh and she says she wants to be treated right “grabbing a girls ass in public isn’t respectful at all too girls no offense to justin but it’s very disrespectful and especially when he and she knows theirs camera’s around, sarah think before you speak because kissing too them isnt pda, pda to them is humping eachother lol

      • love jelena

        I totally agree Sarah. They shouldnt judge them, I mean Justin and Selena obviously love eachother. I am 100% a Jelena fan. I love them oth. And you know what if you really are a belieber then you wont say this horrble nasty stuff aboout Selena. I f you do then you are just imature, imagine what you would feel like if people did that to you. Also if you really love Selena then you wouldnt be nasty about Justin either. So just LAY OFF AND GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!!!
        Just think how you would feel if you were Selena right now and you were reading all the hate comments and everything. JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! I love Selena and I love Justin. How dare you judge people. Why don’t you take a look in the mirror before you judge next time. YEH?!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Justin is protective of his girlfriend. I am surely he is completely happy with her. It is a completely different happy though. When he is with your fans he is just having goofy, silly fun “Justin Bieber”. With Selena, he is having happy with her a different completely way. He is just happy with her in the Justin way. If he was always smiling around her I would be more concern about that because that means they are faking the relationship. Plus there is always camera around them. Would you be happy if the media seem to be more concern about your relationships than your art or your work or what you are trying to promote? If he don’t look at cameras or look happy or looks bored than that is less pictures of them being taken. Now if he is smiling and crazy things with his fans than that is more pictures being taken to promoted himself or his music. He is got the best pr team in the business. They most likely tell them him to do this. I bet it is security team that tells him to lie sometimes about places he is going or doing when he is with Selena so he less likely to get a surprise attack from cameras.

      • nonono

        His PR team ruins him. Being himself is the best PR for him.
        They need to stop with that faked PR crap and forced relationships. He is not happy with Selena, Period. Photos from Brazil proved it.

        • love jelena

          Yes he is happy with her, you must be blind to not see how much they love eachohter. You idoit. They love eachother so much. He is happy with his girlfriend and he loves her much more than his fans. Have you not seen them around eachother. Selena loves him and he loves her so give them a break and get on with your own life instead of messing with theirs. you wouldnt like it if you were Selena and people were saying this nasty crap about you!!!! would you? So just shut your massive pie hole for a mouth will ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • nonono

      I’m a belieber and as long as he is happy, i dont care . Nothing wrong with helping his gf. Its the same thing as when he is helping promoting other artists.
      And dont worry about spending money on dates, he gets most of it for free. They just happy to see his name attached to those places.

    • TrueBieberBabe

      I feel that we need more time with Justin without Selena. We all get the fact that he loves her, but we WANT Justin and not Selena. Problem is that he spends so much time with her it is hard to find time when he is alone. I have not heard of or from Pattie in a long time. I am sure she is not happy with Justin sharing hotel rooms with Selena and being very open about it. He is only 17 and she probably objects.

      • i wishh….thats why i was looking forward to justin touring again, so he can connect with us even more, and leave selena for a little while. but god forbid that they spend more than a week apart from eachotherr, it gets really annoying. and it seems like justin only has a huge smile on his face when hes with us, and when hes with her, it seems like hes pulled around like hes on a leash, just because he doesnt want to lose herr….:(

    • Patricia

      Gurl I agree with you 100%. Its like you read my mind. Im so tired and bored of Jelena already.

    • Anonymous

      OMG,I completely,100000000000 % agree with you!

  • anoniem

    Justin’s manager was the one who called Selena’s mom but i think she saw him as a little brother at first i think her mom pushed her a little because she couldn’t be an acctress because she was pregnant of Selena. She’s like a stagemom every parent that is a manager of there child is. And Selena is definitly doing it for the fame and money

    Justin is paying her clothes hotels and dates and trips Selena has only 4
    milion and Justin has 56 milion.
    I ones read that Justin didn’t have enough for ice cream so a fan bought it for him were was her money at the time.

    Since she is in Brazile he’s taking her to expensive dates and hotels why can’t she let him be with his friends for a while. He wasn’t with her all the time when she toured he even spend some time in Atlanta and Florida with his friends.

    I think she is doing it for the fame beacause before Justin and Selena dated she wasn’t on the Bilboard and now she even beated him ones.

  • nonono

    This is not for publicity and money at this point. Selena is obsessed, like all other beliebers, lol . She doesnt even tweets anymore, all her time she spends around him.
    They are good looking couple and i like them to stay together.
    But i’m afraid, there are other girls in background. Its kinda sad, because i think Selena’s love is genuine. But he doesnt’ trust her, because it started for publicity mostly and grew over time. He just seems so confused what is real and what is a publicity .
    Why the hell would he sing “trust issues” in Brazil ? That was just weird.

    • rayanna

      lol i agree, but it seems like justin loves selena more then she loves him, in the brazil pictures tell my why, selena is the only one smiling and justin isn’t, he was just smiling before she got there, he started singing to his fans from the balcony again, he loooked super happy 🙂

  • Lilly

    umm… I think Justin loves Selena with all his heart but i dont think she loves Justin that much… ik someone said this already but im saying it again just to get my point out. if she really loved him like “ill die for u” love then she would do alot more things for him. She barely does anything for him but he does & gets her anything. & “like the person up there said” she backs away when he kisses her in public, if she really loved Justin then she wouldnt back away, even if ppl send her more hate, she wouldnt care because all the matters is him. Yes they are cute together & stuff but she isnt the 1 for him. Justin looks for certain things in girls & everything that he looks for, she doesnt have. Not to be mean but i cant wait til they break up. I just cant stand seeing them everywhere i go. & he’s changed ALOT since he started dating her. 1- He started lip syncing “one less lonely girl” 2- he flys her EVERYWHERE he goes. Example. He flew her to rio to be his “special guest” but while she was there, he only paid attention to her. yea he waved from the balcony but i dont think he signed autographs or anything. & then when he was supposed to go down, Scooter came & said he was sick. psshh! sick my ass, he probably didnt want to go cuz selena was there with him. I thought the tour was about spending time with the fans who barely get to see u, not with someone who sees every single freaking day/week/month. we only see u once a year maybe less. 3- have u ever seen selena talk about JB? i havent… well this is what happens: Everytime she gets asked a question bout JB she says its an interview about her life & career so she passes it. OK i understand but isnt he a part of your life? Yea he is cuz he’s ur “Boyfriend” so i think u should respect him & talk about him, even if the interviews about u.
    Plz dont hate me… my opinion.. OH! & Daisy? i didnt really like how u said “Belieber of Jelena” there is no such thing as Belieber of Jelena. Beliebers belong to JUSTIN not jelena, not selena. to JUSTIN & him only. 🙂

    • nonono

      Well, in one interview she said that she will do anything for him.
      But i agree, she is taking too much of his time. She should just chill and wait several minutes, while he greets his fans. No point to follow him everywhere. no hate.

      • i think that they need a long break from eachother, and see how they do….i think justin will be smiling more and be crazyy like hes always been, and just let loose:) and selena, she will probably fade away and everyone will forget about herr:)

    • Bieber Fan

      im crying

    • he did not lip sings at rio and he love he fans and maybe he was sick you dont no

    • Patricia

      I totally agree with you.

  • just exept jelena people selena makes justin happy isnt that what u want.i love and support jelena and i am happy selena and justin both found eachother to love

  • Anonymous

    no matter how hard i tired to like their relationship, it just doesn’t work. she makes him happy, that’s great but i will never support them.

    • amen for that anonymous october 8 th 2011 11:24 am i am with you anonymous , love david conway

  • christina

    i love seeing justin happy, some of you guys say “no he’s just annoyed with paparazii” uhm guys when he was hanging with christian caitlin and his dad like 3 or 2 months ago he was waving at the paparazzi and throwing peace signs up, yeeeeah im pretty sure paparazzi isn’t the problem here

  • abby

    LMFAO, sorry but i have to say this, Justin: haters are my fans they love me, demi lovato: psh whatever their just bullies, miley cyrus: f*** the haters i love the people who support me, jasmine villegas: i dont care the more hate you get the more love you get, selena: i always get hate it hurts it really does *tear* *tear* all she does is complain, even though i like her. not her singing but her acting i agree with some haters she complain tooooo much

    • its actually really true, she needs to stop complaining, and just ignore it….my gosh u would think cause shes 19, almost 20, she would be more mature about it….guess not!

      • Anonymous

        SHE DOES TRY TO IGNORE IT!!! What would u do if almost all the world is hating on you?!?! its gonna be pretty hard… Just let them be.. our job as belieber is to support him in every choices he makes. It doesnt mean you have to love Jelena just respect that they r together and be happy for him!

        • abby

          uhm if listen we aren’t talking about he ignoring it were talking about how much she complains, she needs to stfu and grow up, demi got bullied when she was like little and still is. and you dont see her going around complaining about it, smh -.-

        • Anonymous

          Yeah,but if she was actually,truly trying hard to ignore it,she’d be like Justin,and Demi,and Miley,and Jasmine when it comes to haters.Every single person in this world

        • Anonymous

          is gonna have their haters.You just gonna learn to not let it phase you.

        • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway , i have some news flash just for the disney star actress name selena gomez , selena , said just in the interview , that she wasn,t born in new york , and i just what qute her that she have to come from new york how else can you come from the states selena gomez , just if you are not came from new york , you are the one was adopt , love david b conway

  • Anonymous

    almost every time i come on here you guys are always questioning if selena loves justin. that’s not your place to judge if she do or dont, your not with them 24/7 and if you guys ask me i think your obsessed with her.

  • Anonymous

    I like how people are saying we are not going to support Jelena. Yet, you are buying every Justin comes out with! If want to not support Jelena than don’t buy Justin bieber stuff. Think about it. You buy his stuff, he gets the money, he spends the money on Selena. If you really want to show that you dont support Jelena than dont buy his stuff or trend his twitters or make top news.

    For the record i am not a hater

    • yeah we dont support the relationship or his gf, what kind of fans would we be if we didnt support him???? seriouslyy thats some pretty crappy fans, beliebers are here to supprt justin, not selena or jelena!! we dont buy HER stuff, of course we buy his, we r HIS fans!!

      • Anonymous

        But here is deal. You buy his stuff, and he supports her so you are still supporting her. You are the reason why they got to spend the night together in a pretty expensive hotel room the other day. You are the reason why she is getting all these gifts from him.

        • nonono

          Oh shut up already. You’re just a jealous hater. Find yourself your favorite artist and support him. I will support him whatever he does and whatever he promotes, because it can’t be bad. Bieber fan for life.

  • we should just let selena and justin be happy and let time take its coures (^_^)

  • JustinsOnlyGirl

    Look guys. In the pictures, im gonna agree justin doesnt look as happy with her then he does when he wasnt dating her. And I personally think that it started for publicity. But we arent here to judge. We dont know if she loves him or not. I love Justin so much that it hurts to see them love each other. Because I feel like im in love with him. And i want it to be me. But we cant change reality. And personally I wouldnt take this relationship to sceriously. I mean cmon you have to realise something. Selena get over 1000 death threats a day. JB fans probably come to her concerts and go backstage to tell her she is a whore. Like I’m sorry but no matter what the issue is. NO ONE can live like that. Its horibble. I feel bad for her. And not only cuz im a huge fan of her. And if it is for publicity, its her MANAGER who set it up. NOT HER. So why is she getting the haate. ANd not only her. Justin is the most beautiful, amazing talented boy ive ever ever seen. I love him to death with all my heart. But you guys have to realise he is also getting death threats. Selena fans arent liking him. So really, like it must be hard for 2 young people to handle. I support JB no matter what. I want him to be happy. But I hate this relationship. But unfortunatly its not up to me. Its up to god and you never know he might wind up marying a fan ! And ask yourself this question, why do you hate selena? Its because your jealouse. And I get it. I feel the same. But were beliebers and he is our hero, our idol, our inpiration. And if he decides to be with her. We all just need to deal with it.

    • JustinsOnlyGirl

      and also you cant take this realationship sceriously because, they dint even come out and say they were dating yet so… i mean how much can they love each other if they both keep on deniying it.

      • abby

        uhm yeah, im not even jealous i just hated selena since 2007, honestly i would hate to date justin in my opinion

      • i agree with u completelyy, we have like the same thoughts!! lol except im not a fan of selena at all….lol

      • do,nt blog me here , love david conway

  • Amanda,qaqamba ndzo

    I cnt wait 4 the jelina to end tjo excited

  • coney

    Selena owns a second InstaGram, @mooncadillac. Go check it and you’ll see there’s no denying their love.

    • hi jls i love youm we ahe baby with you anbd be nice

  • JelenaSupporter

    i LOVE selena gomez!! I also love justin!! 🙂 I am jealous of there relationship because i want a relationship like theirs. I LOVE jelena i think there sooooooo cute together. I hope they last really long, even though they have been dating for almost a YEAR which is really long. Since they have been dating for a YEAR i think its safe to say that selena loves justin. we already know justin loves selena because she is like everything to him (Except beliebers were everything to him too and his family). i believe that selena loved justin from the start (or really liked him) I never believed people when they said Jelena was fake because i knew it wasnt. i mean just look at the way he smiles when he is around of looks at her. Look at the way she smiles back at him. They have been dating for almost a year and i still dont see how anyone could say that jelena is fake or selena doesnt love him. OBVIOUSLY she does because if she didnt why would they be dating for so long? i just think jelena is adorable and as long as justin and selena are happy, well im going to be on there side and im going to support them no matter what! Because they are both my insperations/idols/role-models. (i have been a fan of BOTH selena and justin from the start. I love them so much!)
    P.S if you were a TRUE fan you would be happy for justin and selena and you would support them no matter what. Some selenators dont like justin but as long as selena is happy there fine. And some beliebers dont like selena, but look if justin is happy that should make you happy. You dont have to like selena or justin but as long as there happy you should be happy for them too.
    #TeamJelena #StopHatingSelena #StopHatingJustin 🙂

    • JelenaSupporter

      P.S I love the song you put up 🙂
      I love you like a love song baby…. <3

    • Patricia

      Wow you’re so pathetic and sad. Haven’t you ever heard of fake relationships for publicity? More than half of the relationships in hollywood are fake. Newsflash!!!!!! I read all these secret insider hollywood websites, so I would know. And yes they do say that Jelena is fake.

  • Patricia

    Daisy Im disapointed in you gurl. You started out so well, and now you’re saying that Selena loves Justin??? Show me the proof, cause theres way more proof that she doesn’t. I don’t care what anyone says. Im here for Justin and ONLY Justin. I have never supported any of his girlfriends, cause none of them have appealed to me in any way. I don’t hate Selena, but I will never support Jelena cause I just know way too much shit about them. And anyway there supposed to be over by the end of this year, cause they signed a one year contract to be ” together “.

  • elena

    I love so much Selena and Justin!!!They are amzing…<3<3<3So cute together!!!..

  • i think neither judtin bieber nor selena love each others

  • candice

    ya’ll need to stay out of there love life. you dont know anything about them your just crazy obsessed jelalous fans.

  • Nia

    Not to be mean but this goes to jb lovers sg lovers and jelena lovers.THIS IS PATHETIC!!!!!!!!! jb lover say u will die for him.scary thing is ….u dont know him.TRULY.u think u do but u dont.u might not marry him mabey u will sending hate ain’t gonna do nothing and make them stronger! u should know that calling selena names is just going to make u a bully. not a hero.sg lovers.. whatg did justin EVER do to u.just think about it.jelena supporters just because someone is making a statement about justin or selena dosn’t make them a hater. And u dont have to like Justin’s realationship to be a true beleiber. u don’t have to like justin to be a true selena lover. i mean c’mon what they do to u?????? Answer that. I am not that much of a fan of their realationship but they will break up when thay want to and feel like it.some of u on here are teens.Start acting like it. If u dont like this then give me hate comments but I don’t care.Plus,u guys are saying to some people to shut up and get a life…really?????????

  • ashleylovin

    um jelena is so fake like its made up like justin say go see monte carlo and she never gets all the atten and those private pictures of them laying and the bed their crew takes them and post them not pappariz so its made up and i never liked her anyways and she follows hem every were give hem some space and just never told his fans to leave her alone cause if he would have said that he will have no fan and shes being nice so people can like her

  • Nia

    Only some of what u said is true but you don’t know if it is a fake or not. And if you heard about about their relationship being a fake by some website….then u may be wrong because most of them sites are just looking for a way to start a rumor.YOU don’t know if it is a fake. Nobody knows if it is a fake than the people in the relationship(selena and Justin) and the people that live and work with them and close friends.

  • belieber

    i love and always have loved justin from the first time i saw him and i loved selena from the beginning too, i liked them both before they where together and now they are together that hasn’t changed anything. i think the belibers who hate on selena just for dating justin are sad because they dont even know selena and are too stubborn to realise that she hasn’t actually done anything wrong.

    • Nia

      YES!!!! That’s what I’m trying to say!

    • Anonymous

      YES!!!!!!! I agree bcuz selena hears everything dats being sed abou her nd she even started cryin over it as i saw on youtube.

      • herpderp

        she cries about everything negative. she expects her life to be rainbows and lollipops but u cant get that with fame. and its so stupid that she wanted fame then hides her face from the paparazzi. its the price of fame. she does nothing for justin and justin showers her in expensive gifts and dates. whenever she sees a camera, she either hides (looks ridiculous) or has justin kiss her or whatever to get the photographer’s attention and then they start doing an awk pda. selena wants justin for a fame boost. shes always done that. its how she keeps her fame, and to me its like shes just cheating. im a belieber (theres no selena in belieber so u cant tell me nothin about not being a true justin fan) and i’ve noticed how justin’s changed over the course of one year… just one year. how long have they been dating? a year. ppl say he changed due to fame. well, lets see… he became famous over the INTERNET. that was years b4 selena. he was an amazing person throughout his fame years as the cute, silly justin he was. then selena came along and BAM. Our justin was gone. so u tell me. do u rlly think jelena is real or that justin hasnt changed or whatever or that it was fame that changed him? cuz i saw a difference in our justin once he started dating selena. and he only kinda goes back to the old justin when hes not with her for a while. he smiles at cameras and even answers their questions and rlly connects with his fans. hes with selena and its like hes become selena. doesnt pay much attention to fans, he gets ticked off when cameras take pics of them or even flips them off and gives nasty attitude, sometimes hides from them, and grabs selena’s privates then it gets all over the internet. doesnt change? HA! think again. i honestly cant wait till the day they break up and hes freed from her clutches!

  • JB and Selena lover

    I love justin bieber and selena Gomez sooooooooooooooo much and I want them to be together forever because I’ll cry if they broke up.
    I wish them all the best now and later and till I die!!!!!!!

  • JB and Selena lover

    I want them to be happy
    Support Jelena

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