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Far East Movement featuring Justin Bieber – Live My Life

Two days ago I posted that Justin did a song with Far East Movement on their upcoming album DIRTY BASS. Now we know the song is called LIVE MY LIFE. If you listen carefully you can hear Justin do the chorus of the song. Red Foo of LMFAO debut the song during their concert in Las Vegas yesterday. (Thanks Toni!)

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  • Lilly

    brb while i fangirl….. FGYSDUHJFSDFUJDFHI. His voice…. So sexy…. oh god i think hes trying to kill us. Imagine if Believe sounds like this… ID DIE.

  • Biebersgirl135

    Oh god! So hot! Amazing! I can’t wait until believe!! Omg!

  • anonymous

    This song won’t be on his Believe album! Its going to be on Far East Movements album, because its their song.. Its jsut featuring Justin Bieber, cause he only sings the chorus parts!! But its still going to be a big hit!!

    • justin biber.. is the best:) lol

  • TrueBieber Babe

    I wanted all that noise to stop so I could hear Justin. Can’t wait to hear this song without all the party noise.


  • this video would be a lot better if the person filming this kept the damn camra still..

  • CS

    This is in Sweden you guys, they are on tour in Europe and Tuesday it was Sweden, he even says so in the end “We love you Stockholm, Sweden”..


    • baha

      there aren’t such words “we love you stockholm, sweden”!! I didn’t hear!!!

  • hi