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jaxon justin bieber selena gomez 2012

Justin and Selena take Jaxon and Jazmyn out for lunch in Los Angeles

I guess we can now confirm he isn’t in Stratford lol.

Justin and Selena Gomez brought Jaxon (and Jazmyn) out for lunch at the Benihana Japanese restaurant today (Feb 18, 2012) in Los Angeles.

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  • cray cray

    lol i saw beyonce wearing that exact same outfit last year except different jacket, nice try selena “i dont wanna be anybody else”

    • Emma

      Well. Beyonce Can Actually Work It With Her Curves

      • name

        stalker muchh?……

        get over it. you WIISH you looked like her:/

        • Kirstie

          You guys are just upset because Your body probably sucks… One another note, why wouldn’t he take them to a kid friendly resterrant? You can tell they both haven’t had that much experaince with toddlers. Unless they like that food then it’s all good.
          I think him spending a lot more time with his siblings is great birth control lol

        • Emma

          bitch please i dont wanna look like her, she looks ugly without all that make up on, make up isnt beauty

        • EXCUSE ME. Selena is GORGEOUS without makeup. If you feel like you’re so much better than her, try having camera’s down your throat everyday of your life. Think about how often you would go out without makeup on…

        • you might think she hot cuz ur some lesbo! jus sayin’

        • Kirstie

          The fact your trashing someone proves that you’re exteramly ugly inside and out…. Make up doesn’t have anything to do with make up and I never once said anything about it… So just shut up you ugly troll…

        • Ozzy

          Yeah right whatever your just jealous because she’s a better person than you can ever be. Quit hating on her, she hasn’t done anything wrong to you. Get a life.

        • katie


        • katie

          man someu guys get a life like sena gomez but he’s dating a ugly troll jb he is butt ugly selena can do better

      • dear justin bieber shrine blog ,hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that just incase that trhe real justin bieber come,s to this web site , please tell him that i have some thing to say to selena gomez , im leaving her not to be her fan , any more , love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      Lets face it, Selena is very beautiful and words won’t change that. But who says your not beautiful too?? There isn’t one type of pretty and there is no such thing as ugly. Being ‘ugly’ can only mean your diffrent and being diffrent is something to be proud of. Who says being pretty means long hair, skinny, … blah blah blah.


    • Rhona

      Lets face it, Selena is very beautiful and words won’t change that. But who says your not beautiful too?? There isn’t one type of pretty and there is no such thing as ugly. Being ‘ugly’ can only mean your diffrent and being diffrent is something to be proud of. Who says being pretty means long hair, skinny, … blah blah blah.


  • Anonymous

    Wow his shoes <3

    • Kirstie

      I have those shoes!

      • Anonymous

        No you don’t.

        • uh yes i do….. how the fuck would you know….. I have 6 pairs of supra’s exactly and those are one of them…. i have purple and gold , black & lime green, blue and yellow, navey blue, those white ones , and a black pair…… i buy them either in Toronto or i go on ebay….

          but nice fail… idoit

    • Anonymous

      ididn’t like them

  • name


  • johail

    Justins purity ring in the 4th pic πŸ˜€ p.s they look so cute! <3

  • johail

    Justins purity ring in the 4th pic πŸ˜€ p.s they look so cute! <3.

    • gabb

      its awkward, they already had sex like a million times

      • johail

        nahh, you dont know if they had it or not cause your no speacialist. Now why in the world will he wear it all the time? he has said it in interviews so..why? maeby he is a virgin meaby he is not…no one will ever know until he has a kid or something. he said he will settle down when he is 24 or 25 so for now i believe him. (this is just my opnion).


  • Emma

    where’s pattie? oh right pattie doesn’t like selena

  • gabb

    tie your shoes justin :p

  • nikki

    where’s Jazzy???

    • anonymous

      In the first picture, they cut it.. on Justins side, his father is there, and he had Jazzy on the other side of him.. But for some reason they didnt show the whole picture…

      • justin bieber is so sexy

        do u know were I there?!?!

        • justin bieber is so sexy

          How do u kno were u there?!?!

  • Mia

    They’re always together. Why does it look like Jaxon’s falling off Justin and Selena’s just looking? :))

  • Anonymous

    Yuk SELENA is ugly!!!!!!

    • Saraline

      haha tsk tsk so much jealousy on this site… no true beiilbers

      • dorky belieber

        Its Beliebers and you dont have to like Selena in order to be a true Belieber its about supporting Justin ok

  • Me

    What the fucking FUCK is he wearing???????? Ryan Goooood, come baaaack! *gets down on knees and buries face in hands because of cruel fate*

  • Patricia

    Wow I can actually say that I love Selenas outfit. I have one just like it that I wear, except its not a vest, but a black leather jacket. It looks like Justin is upset/pissed off about something again. It also looks like lil Jaxon is giving Justin a hard time πŸ˜€ Justin isn’t even holding him right in the last picture.

  • JelenaRoxs101

    1. I Love Selena’s outfit!!
    2.Jelena is soo effin cute!!!!
    3.Selena is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Justin and Selena take Jaxon and Jazmyn out’ Justin is technically taking Jaxon out and selena is just standing there being useless. OMFG GUIZ SELALA WILL BE SUCH A GOOD MUDER AND JELENA WILL HAV CYUUT BBYZ XOXOXOXO

    • Cheyenne

      Lol, Selala xD Selena and Justin are………………………… AWESOME

  • ...

    i love how she won’t even help carry one of them…she’s so fucking lazy.

    • Gaby

      why don’t you like her? like, what did she personally do to you? You don’t know she wasn’t holding one of them. These are just a few pictures. lol chill out

  • Xtx

    You guys should really chill. Lord, Selena is pretty! Its just u because you all are the ones who can’t except her (after sum years)! They’re always together cuz they love each other. You guys don’t have to love her. But plz show sum respect. If you all were in ACTUAL relationships (and not 1 week of love in middle school), then you’d understand. So please just be happy that Justin is happy.

  • someone

    omg selena is so fucking skinny, i cant believe ppl who say she’s got an amazing body shes skin and bones. i rather be thicker but have curves and shape and not chicken legs.
    justin’s bday is going to be just a repeat of last year. spent with selena and paparazzi, and then more shopping with selena -.- i just hope he doesnt flip off anyone. he’s getting old for that ish

  • Gaby

    They look like parents. fighting. also, I thought he had like two foot braces/casts on.. YOU GOIN TO THE MOON JUSTIN? LOL love his shoes always though

  • Gaby

    p.s. Where does he get all of these huge keychain thingys? they’re kinda cool but also weird? loooool, only justin

  • MirelaJelena

    Yo! Fuck you Selena haters and Jelena haters! If you hate Selena, why you wasting your stupid time on a fansite and post comments about being ugly and shit? You’re fucked up! Give me one good reason why you do that! She doesn’t give a fucking shit about you’re unwanted comments, because she more importants things to do rather than caring about you! Grow up! Hate on yourself. How old are you? 11?! Like seriously, if you’re a kid just stop already. Grow up now! You’re childish, rude, idiotic, morron and stupid. Kay! She has better life than you: she has a career, earns money each year, is in a relationship with a famous singer… so yeah. She has a better life than you bitches. Grow up already!

    • Patricia

      Lol you need to calm down. I can tell that you’re a selenator. FYI this is Bieber shrine, NOT Selena shrine. Most of us are here cause we wanna read about the Biebs. Selena has nothing to do with being a belieber. Personally Im not a fan of her, but I respect her. What are you doing on this website if you’re a selenator? You should go complain about haterz on a Selena website, not here.

      • MirelaJelena

        Actually yeah. Selena is part of this site because she is his girlfriend. Between 1/4 to 2/3 of this site has Selena in it. Soo pretty much yes. And I can complain wherever I want to.

  • Gaby

    I don’t understand why Selena is getting so much hate? I don’t even want to talk about it really, but… what did she ever do to you? you don’t even know her lol. get.over.it. if justin is happy, you should too, right? jeeeeeeez!

    • Anonymous

      u don’t know her either.

  • Gaby


  • I hate when people say your not a true jb fan, if you don’t
    like selena gomez, there are some people who like selena and dont like justin, its olny an opinion, if you guys were “true beliebers” then you wouldn’t really care about what people say about justin. Just move on.

  • Yu Lee

    they’re always in LA, never in Atlanta these days!

    I think Scooter has moved their main HQ studio from Atlanta to LA?

    anyone know for sure?

  • Always there For JELENA

    What a lovely couple:)

  • Always there For JELENA

    Its not Selenas fault that Justin Chose her,,,

  • dorky belieber

    It looks like Justin is upset and having a hard time holding Jaxon. Why doesnt Selena help him?

  • Hanna87

    They are praticing for their future πŸ™‚


  • [=

    I love his jacket!

  • aracely

    has anybody noticed that Selena has a cigarette?

  • angelica cahilig

    advance happy b-day bieber

  • TimBelieber

    No, don’t bother Selena! He’s obviously doing just fine with his little brother ¬¬ you stupid lazy bitch!
    Oh and btw stop stealing outfit ideas from Miley & BeyoncΓ© ‘cuz you know they’re much better than you and it makes you look pathetic.

  • I love justin face looking at sel in the 1st and 3rd one. Lmao, and why dont justin just put shoes on him and hold his hand lol But these are cute pics(:

    • Sel outfit is cute too!

  • Marka_15

    Justin really needs to learn now to hold a child…
    (no offense to Justin) but seriously it’s embarrassing to see these pics with Jaxon and he’s half falling out of his arms….

  • sotiria

    selena and justin is so good pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!:)

  • jb sucks

    tell jb that selena is losing most of her friends cuz she’s dating a ugly dooshbag troll
    jb as some good songs give him created

  • tifanny

    selena est-ce-que justin biber parle espanol

  • Ariana fakeacc

    Selena and Justing are awesome your just jelous because she is beutiful,good singer, good actor, has the guy and is ritch well it is her life leave her alone and yooh should get a life and stop judging other people losser :p

  • Ariana fakeacc

    Selena isnt steling outfits from Miley and Beyonce if she is she looks way better in them so shut up

  • hassna

    Hi Silina you are very beautifl with your boyfrinde justin πŸ™‚ i like you swtii ^^’

  • hassna

    i love your shose πŸ™‚

  • hassna

    i love you silina <3 <3


    JEEESSH SELENA! HELP HIM OUT!! she’s just standing there all like, “Oh, do you need help justin?Well i cant because my hands are full.Im holding my phone and purse… sorry.But you can handle it.” WWOOWW.. what a future mother… poor justin.. but,he sees something in her that he likes so.. thats all that matters. LOVE JDB! XD

  • elianny

    I love justin talk about your fans step k k loaded so rare that child ‘!

  • romeo_avdo@yahoo.com

    you are beatiful .we love you

  • ilove justin bieber but i hite selena gomez

  • et je crois que justin bieber dois etre loin de selena gomez car elle est trΓ©s belle comme la poubelle

  • i love justin bieber<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • heather michelle long

    is it wierd that i find justin sexy even with the baby

  • muthyam

    selena gomez nice

  • Erika

    Follow me in my new twitter please, @jusdrewbiebmall πŸ˜‰ thank’s

  • gabriely

    o justin nao ten vergonha de faser sexo com selena gomez e nao se faz de santinha selena

  • tanya

    hey justin,,,ur theeeeeeeeeee best,,,,,and u r above all………
    may u alwayss succeeeeed in life,,,,,and always b with ur love selena…..
    u r rockingo buddy….
    I ALSO LOVE U A LOT MAN…. <3<3

  • tanya

    i’ll be ur no.1 fan…and i should be ur one n only girl……
    hey just kiddin,,,,,i jst wana be ur frnd,,,,,
    selena is the best girl for u…..
    just make me ur frnd,,,thats all i want for my birth day gift,,,,
    its on 23rd october….plzzzzzzzz justin

  • tanya

    i and my lil sis…..both r ur great follower,,,,
    i’m in class 12,,,
    and she iz in class 8…..
    u know wat,,,she iz veryyy cute,,,just like u….
    har name is shaily….

  • tanya

    my mom also admires u a lot….
    she wants that i should get married with a boy like u….
    when i grow older…. πŸ™‚

  • tanya

    bbyeee gunnyt justin….
    may u have a brighter morning….tmrow….
    take care

  • justin bieber is so sexy

    Everybody needs to back the FUCK off the only thing that matters is that there happy it not ur life so don’t try to fucking live! Don’t hate them cus u ain’t them!!! Live ur own fucking life

  • Anonymous

    Mayra ok like yuo justn beber happy ok kiss